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Monday, April 4, 2011

The dream of creating fruit orchards

is starting to take form.

I planted two apple trees...........well........twigs, last week. They are starting to leaf out. It will be a small orchard..........for now,

I am starting out slow and taking baby steps...........but one day........it will be complete. I plan to have peach and pear trees as well. I love apples most of all and can't wait to be able to pick my own someday!
If you love apple pie.............well, any kind of pie..........visit my cooking blog.......... My Country Kitchen.

I have just made these wonderful small hand pies...........so flaky and tasty! They are so easy to just pick up and eat with your hand..........almost like fried pies,..........but baked and so easy to make! You can hop over by clicking on to this link........

We also had a visitor to the farm. My son spotted her sitting on the edge of our property. When I approached her, she was so sad and alone. She soon cheered up and followed me home. I had plans to keep her.........if no one answered my ad...........no one did..........
I already had a name for her............Bell.

However, she stayed one night...........got rested up and was gone the next day. I really am relieved............I really do not want another dog. Sophie is just fine and enough!

In between my embroidery work............I like to take on something different. I dug out my crochet hooks and decided to work away the weekend on this. It is not quite done, but I am enjoying the process. You can visit my embroidery blog, Yesteryear Embroideries, by clicking onto this link.

So how about you??

Do you have fruit trees growing? What is your favorite kind of pie?

Do you have four legged creatures visit you from time to time?

I would love to hear!


Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Sometimes it seems forever foryour new Fruit trees to grow and bear fruit, but when they do it's sheer Heaven.

Unknown said...

Hi! I started an orchard four years ago. I started with two apple trees. The next year three pear and a cherry. I got enough cherries the first year to make one small pie, happy! I now have plum, cherry, apple, and pears. Looking back I wish I planted it all the first year as it takes time for fruit. I found sprsying with dawn dish soap in the spray bottle hooked to the hose that it really does work to keep pests away!
I love any pie except mincemeat. I hope that cutie dog finds home.

DayPhoto said...

YAY! For Bell! She needs you and you need her! I'm glad you have both found each other!


LindaSue said...

I had wonderful results from almond trees when I lived in Midland - and plums - nice plums. Everyone loves apples though - a true staple in a prairie/plains garden. Sweet border collie - hope she is safe and on to a family who loves and needs her. We have visitors at times - usually cats but occasionally dogs - sad - so sad for an animal without a loving family

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

I gather Belle just needed a stop over on her way to where she was going. Its good you were there for her.

Oh, I do hope your trees do well. What kind of apples did you plant?
I love Fuji and Gala apples.

YOUR mini pie looks mouthwatering.

I hope you have a super week.

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

Oh, that pie looks delicious! Best wishes for your orchard. We have planted vaious things over the years, but not all of them succeeded. I've lost apple trees and a peach and a pear, but I planted another pear, a plum, and another peach. We have two different kinds of fig trees - a Celeste and a very large black fig, blackberries nad a sort of wild plum that looks like it will have lots of fruit this year. What I'd love to have is pecan trees. Those would really come in handy!

grammy said...

What a cute tiny orchard (o:
Cherry... but a pain to pick I would think.
No fruit here.
I don't have visiting dogs....leash law here...if they are visiting, it is not good.
When I was growing up and living on the edge of a tiny town...next to fields...we always had visitors. That is how I ended up with a long line of dogs (o:

Connie said...

Those apple pies look delicious, Kathleen. I'd love to have some cherry trees or peach trees someday. Your crocheting is beautiful! I hope you have a wonderful week ahead. :)

Michaele said...

I didn't know about your other blogs. Thanks for the reminder. I always wanted to tell you that I felt a kindred spirit with you when I read your profile and it said you felt the streets in town growled at you when ever you stepped outside. Some of us just need our space : ) p.s. love the crochet

Paula said...

Sweet little Bell... I hope she finds her way home.
I have an apple and pear tree... I wish we lived closer, Kathleen~ I would love to share some of my special "sheepie" fertilizer with you... it does wonders for fruit trees!

Bev C said...

Hello Kathleen
Seeing your crochet made me smile. Will have to get back into that soon.
I can just about smell your apple pie.
Happy days.

Tink's Tinkerings said...

the apple trees what a great idea, i think I will plant some dwarf ones, Both my grandmas made fantastic apple pie. My one grandma had a huge green apple tree on her farm and I spent alot of time there with my salt shaker as a kid growing up. Thanks, you live in such a nice place. Tink

LindaSue said...

didn't say the other day - I miss that super sandy soil! My gardens were So much better in West Texas than here in DFW area. The mixture of loam and clay soil just doesn't work well for my overly casual methods of gardening. With all that sand - could weed easier and oh my I had the BEST potatoes and sweet potatoes!

Sue said...

Loved this post, Kathleen, Yes we have apple, pear, and plum trees, and enjoy them so much. Yours will soon be giving you so much fruit.
Apple and blackberry pie are my favorite.
We do have animals that visit unexpected here at the farm, some friendly and some not so friendly. The Border collie that visited you I would so love to have, but dh has promised me one this year.
I will now go and visit your other blog.
Enjoy your day.

Patty H. said...

No fruit trees but we do have a grape vine. No four legged pets but we do have bears and coyotes. Several years ago a bassett hound came thru, it's paws were raw from walking. It rested up for a few days and then moved on. Never saw it again.
Love your Irish Rose!
Patty H.

Penny said...

Congratulations on your new orchard!

I began my orchard last fall by planting a semi dwarf Nectarine. I've watched that tree all Spring for signs of life. I was finally rewarded with tight pink buds and pale green leaves that look like hand folded in prayer. I'm so excited to finally be growing fruit on my tiny urban homestead. =)

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Kathleen, we have peach and applie trees growing and 1 sad looking pear tree. We both like apple pie, but peach pie and other treats are on the horizon this year (hopefully). We do not have any pets right now, formerly had cats and dogs.

Jody Blue said...

Oh peaches!! It is just to cold for them up here. We do have alot of apple orchards around here and have an apple tree in our yard. I haven't crocheted much this winter, my brother on the other hand has crocheted circles around me and has been texting me pictures of his huge finished doilies. I have never tried a doily, just scarfs, hats, and rugs.

Tink's Tinkerings said...

i love the apple post yum,Tink