"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands........" 1 Thessalonians 4:11

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Some very unusual dinner guests arrived at my front door

first, grabbing the screen door to knock, 

and being brave enough to stay when I opened the door to them.
Curious about  me and very hungry.

There were actually 4 of them.  They scurried away, allowing me to place dinner scraps onto the porch

as I stepped back inside, they hurried back and enjoyed their meal.

Of course, all of this, excited Taboo as he watched from the safety of the locked screen.
I know it is not really wise to feed these wild creatures........but once in awhile, it is a delight to be able to watch them.

The very next day, as I was working my gardens, I noticed a road runner coming out of my greenhouse. I had the door opened for the day to allow the spring air into the plants.

In no time at all, the road runner ran back into the greenhouse with a stick in it's beak.

She was a little concerned with me taking her photo...........I was concerned that she was going to topple and bust every plant that I have in there. If you look just behind her, in the top photo, 
you will see a large black container that has no plant, but still full of potting soil.

She had plans that day on making herself a nice cozy nest.  As much as I would have loved to have this new nursery.......the greenhouse is not the safe place she thinks it is. I have to keep the doors closed at night because raccoon and the neighbors dogs,  have in the past, gotten into the greenhouse and destroyed everything.  
She soon realized that I would be too nosy for a serene nest sitting period and soon left. 

During this time of year, there is a sweet fragrance to the air from the wild blossoming Algerita Berry bushes that grow abundantly across the prairie and ranch land.

The ranch land has a barbed wire fence post.........so aged with time, and has many of these beautiful bushes clinging to it .  

They are so sweet smelling that the honey bees are working all over them
These bushes will soon produce vibrant red berries that are wonderful to eat, but better to make jelly from........if you can gather them before the hungry birds eat them up.
I am thinking about digging up a few of these in the winter to transplant onto the damaged meadow that I recently posted about.
The meadow..........still lying in wait for planting..........still a bit of distress for me because of having to still deal with the people of the electric company......though as nice as they can be.
When it all boils down to the end.......
never, never, never, trust and sign papers with anyone to be on your land..........
did I say NEVER?

If you love meatloaf........and want to try a different flavor to it.........
stop by my cooking blog for this wonderful recipe.
Instead of the usual tomato sauce topping, this is an upside down topping, that is made from brown sugar, cranberry sauce, and orange zest.
Unusual sounding I know.........but so delicious. 
It is a recipe from the 1930's from one of my favorite cookbooks
The story of the author will also be on my post.
You can find it all here

Thursday, March 3, 2016

At every corner of the house............

there is something growing, blooming, or almost blooming outside.......
even in this early part of the year.
On one corner, the stock flower I posted about in my last post has gotten over 2 ft high and it's vibrant blossoms fill the air with it's heavy fragrance.

On another corner, the Yaupon Holly still has it's bright red berries.

One corner of the house has a large and very old mesquite tree growing, stretching it's twisted branches up to the sky........... but underneath lies 

a beautiful thick patch of Vinca.

It is in full bloom now with sweet lavender flowers and shiny green leaves. 

Another corner has a bed full of Larkspur. Thick and green and steadily growing taller until they will be tall stalks of pink, blue, purple, and white flowers. I placed my vintage flower cart in the center of it all. 

Never far away from my side is my now constant outdoor companion Homer, who loves to walk around the gardens just as much as I do.

Out in the yard, the Pomegranate tree is budding

and the daffodil patch is starting to bloom

Another bulb that I love is the fragrant Hyacinth 

and the cheerful Jonquil 

which look wonderful sitting in an old rusted tomato can.
So tell me..........what is awakening in your garden these days?
Has your snow left yet?
I would love to hear!