"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands........" 1 Thessalonians 4:11

Thursday, December 29, 2022

The last space of this years calendar

will soon be marked off and a new calendar with serene photos.....
each with a hope filled verse, will be hung on the nail in the wall
for the new year.
I glance around at the still, dry, brown, areas of the yard and to where everything
lies in winter slumber.  In just a few weeks the tiny cheery yellow blossoms of 
the Italian Jasmine will be in bloom and just a few weeks after that, the fragrant
purple blossoms of the stock flower will be growing tall. It seems that nothing 
stays asleep for too long.
The usual excitement and activities that occur for the "sending out
the old year and welcoming in the new" happens all around in the
scattered cities......miles away from our home. For us, the new year arrives as 
quiet and calm as the old year leaves. We may play a game of cards, watch
fireworks and celebrations on the television, and maybe end the night with  a toast and a clink
of glasses when the time arrives.
New years day will have us enjoying a home cooked meal with the
"traditional" side of black eyed peas and we move on with the 
unfolding days with hope of good things to come.
The first days of this new year are predicted to be pleasant and sunny. 
Not too cold with just enough warmth from the short day of sunshine.
We had extreme low temps a few days ago before Christmas and now the trees have
let go of their remaining leaves but still have a winter loveliness with 
their gray limbs and moss patches on their rough bark.
On the bare limbs, I can now see empty bird nests and dried wasp nests that
were filled with life just a few months ago when the weather was warmer.
I reflect back on the year that is almost gone. There has been some 
worry, some sad moments, and some trying challenges.  But there has been
much joy and contentment in this quiet life that we are blessed to know, 
away from the maddening chaos that unfolds in front of us on the television. 
What this new year has in store and what it's days may bring to us, only 
time will reveal.
In my heart there is hope for peace filled days ahead and the prayer
for courage and strength to endure the challenges .....
come what may.
This is my wish for you as well and for the new year unfolding.
Wishing you all a very blessed new year.

" Winter does her own pruning. And I think that, as the new year begins, 
I might well do some pruning in my own life, keeping the essentials, the real values, 
and letting go the part that is no longer contributing to the growing time of my 
                                 Gladys Taber


Wednesday, December 21, 2022

The colorful lights from our Christmas tree


shine through our front window.........giving our home
a pretty Christmas card look..........
although there is no snow........it still looks nostalgic.
We, as probably all of you, are weathering extreme cold
days and nights. 
Wishing you all warmth and comfort as 
these hours fly by into a wonderful
Christmas day.

And, so, Christmas comes to bless us!
Comes to teach us how to find
The joy of giving happiness
And the joy of being kind.
~Gertrude Tooley Buckingham, "There Will Always Be a Christmas," 1940s