"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands........" 1 Thessalonians 4:11

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving


Dear Lord; we beg but one boon more:
Peace in the hearts of all men living,
peace in the whole world this Thanksgiving.
Joseph Auslander

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Just one minute of forgetfulness and taking for granted that everything

and everyone I hold dear, 

is going to forever be  in a "happy" little corner of my world......... 

really stings when a cold slap by the hand of 

the twists and turns of life 

change everything in a heartbeat.

The forgetfulness part?.........is all my fault. 
In taking care of my chickens in 
the late afternoon......I forgot to put the latch onto my chicken house door.
How could I have forgotten???  I keep asking this question over and over.

Because of my "forgetfulness", 
my two sweet tiny roosters and 3 of my tiny little hens
were all killed in the night by raccoons, who found their way into the pen
and then were able to open the unlatched door. 
There will be no more "eggs in my pocket" from my chickens.
 I took my 3 remaining hens to a friend who
has chickens.  These poor 3 remaining hens were in total shock...from the attack
and now that they are okay, it is time for them to be among
other happy chickens. 
I have kept chickens for 17 years........and year after year
so many things have happened.  Coyote attacks, stray dog attacks, bobcat visits,  rattlesnake bites,
and now raccoon invasions.  I am weary of heartbreak for these 
creatures that give such joy to my day, and such pain
when they leave.  I need a break.  And I am not sure if 
I will ever get more chickens later. 
and now.............the part about taking for granted that those you 
hold dear will always be in "my happy corner of the world"
Without sharing personal and private details, 
a family crisis sprung upon us and I found myself, in shock, worry, and unbelief,
as I sat all night in an ICU ward and visited throughout a week not completely sure of the outcome.
All is well now, and what could have turned out to be a tragedy,
has turned out with good news and many thankful hearts for prayers answered. 

But with this happening, it makes me more aware
 that none of us is guaranteed tomorrow, and none of us is immune to pain or grief. 
The ones we hold dear can leave us, without so much of even a goodbye.
Life is extremely fragile in beast and man.
Life can call death upon us without a warning.
With Thanksgiving just a few days ahead,
we, this year, will have much to be thankful for.
Hold tight to those you love, through action and kind words........
Wishing you all a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving.  

Sunday, November 1, 2020

The days of October had brought a rushed "busyness" to the days

 before the chill of November set in.  Yet, there were many slow down

and enjoy days as well.

The last of the wild flowers bloomed brilliantly
as well as the remaining garden flowers. 

Bees of every kind busily collected the offering of each available flower

The Monarch butterflies made their annual migrating trip,
stopping to rest for a few days before heading on.

The many migrating birds came to visit as well.
This year we had a group of Blue Jays..........
something we have never had visit here before.
Their loud squawk was so different than the usual 
song bird in our area. 

We have also had an abundance of deer coming into 
the yard in the late afternoon to eat the remaining bird feed 
left on the ground. I quietly followed this buck in the 
woods for about 40 minutes.  He knew I was following, 
yet he slowly walked, stopped to nibble grass, and look back 
at me, allowing me to take his photo.  

We often surprise each other when we round the corner of the 

yet this one, was not frightened of me, and allowed 
me to get very close to take his photo.

I told all of my friends that I "shot" and 8 point buck..........
"with my camera" .........only
ha ha
October left us close on it's last days with a taste 
of the cold that is to come.  First came the ice storm,

then the soft, falling snow.

The woods always seem so magical and peaceful in a blanket of snow.

I stepped out into the early morning to capture a beautiful 
sunrise......and after looking over the photos on the computer
I was surprised to see an angel in the clouds. 
Do you see her?  Look to the left of the top of the electric 
pole. I see flowing hair, a head, neck and flowing gown
and wings. 

Here is a clearer shot.  My husband also noticed a face looking 
down.....do you see that as well?
I believe in angels............do you?