"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands........" 1 Thessalonians 4:11

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

I had told myself, long before the chill of February had passed,


that I was not going to plant one seed or one blossoming plant from 
the nearby nursery in the upcoming spring and summer season.
The reason you may ask?............
For years I always have dreams of blossoming flowers, gigantic pumpkins, 
maybe a few cucumbers, onions, and tomatoes...........
each year I scrape, dig, plant, water, and drag a heavy water hose around...........
only to be beaten by a harsh climate with sun that bakes the land into
a brick,  along with tough hardy insects and ground squirrels.........who I know, 
watch with great intent and  happiness as I plant..........and then go
and eat everything I have managed to get to sprout.
I decided that I would be content to linger inside this sunny season and 
to simply stitch the hours away , letting my needle create the lovely and vibrant
flowers I have always dreamed of growing. 
However, there is just something about the fresh, warm, soil in spring
that reaches out to me as if to say "come........work with me"
And before I know it, I have the knees of my jeans dirt packed and
my arms and shoulders a shade darker than my face........
as I dig, scrape, pull weeds and push seeds into the ground ..........
with hope.
and now........how delighted I am  to try one more time.
With the recent rains and my constant looking over, the flowers are 
the prettiest I could have hoped for.
I decided to outsmart the ground squirrels by planting my pumpkins
in a large raised container, hoping they will dip down into the 
ground to produce pumpkins,
so far, it looks as if my plan just might work.
Now, here in July, where my garden once looked like this,
it now looks like this.
there are many flowers in the garden that cant be seen
from a distance
there are 4 o'clocks in varied colors
moss rose ( portulaca) ......growing everywhere
groups of happy daisies
Mexican petunia
and a mixture of morning glory, cosmos, zinnia and prairie aster.
The cosmos and zinnia I planted late and will be taller and 
blooming by late August.
among the flowers are lizards and little toads, who 
seem to always have a happy smile
and there is always a gathering of lovely butterflies

my dry garden that holds my cactus collection has a tranquil
little Buddha 
who looks as if he is happy to sit in the garden in peace.
That is how I now feel this year with my garden spaces.  
It goes back to the saying:
"If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again"
I am delighted that I did try..........just one more time.
How about you?
Have you tried over and over to grow something and feel 
like you are losing the battle with weeds, garden pests, or 
What have you been most successful with? 
I would love to hear!




Thursday, June 24, 2021

Spring has slipped into summer

 and the days are filled with extreme heat.

As I grumble and whine about how hard it is to just take a stroll.......

looking like a melted , wind blown mess, 

everything stands tall and lovely in it's

 vibrant color
and it all seems to sing a happy song of summer.
Making me glad that I take the time........to melt.....
and to see it's beauty.
every creature finds it's own place of comfort 
and carries on with it's daily life
and I stop to wonder...........how do 
they not just wither and crisp up in this
In all of their simple existence.........
they make me see how lovely each day can be
whether rain or shine.
Here's wishing you pleasant days with lovely things to see!
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Monday, May 24, 2021

The early morning air is still cool............

but there is now a fragrance in the blowing breeze, coming from the fields and road sides 
that are covered in vibrant, multi-colored wildflowers. 
As the day warms up, the fragrance gets stronger.........
it is May.
Recent, welcoming, rains have brought life to the grounds and to the surrounding 
woods. The mesquite trees, which were ragged and bare just a few weeks ago,
are now fully dressed in their vibrant green leaves.  The woods look dark
and cool with all of this greenery.  

At this time the mesquites are covered in blooms which look much 
like fat, yellow caterpillars.  They are soft as such, and have a sweet fragrance.
The large cactus bushes that I selected to remain for my dry garden
are in bloom, 

They have large cabbage style flowers in vibrant yellow with
rose colored buds. They are at their prettiest this time of  year.
The month of May has awakened not only the flowers and plants,
but rabbits are selecting their hiding places for their nests of
warm tiny bunnies,
and the  same kind of wild bird, with the long beak and vibrant orange
eyes, has come back to build a nest  in the old metal tub 
that hangs on the wall of my vintage dishware shop. 

No matter how much activity is happening in and around the shop, 
it feels perfectly at home. 
Speaking of my shop...........
I have spent these past weeks working at rearranging 
shelves of vintage dishes and glassware for display.
I also painted and designed the floor. I hope to 
open to the public for sales, now that the virus has
seemed to be calmed down.  I have a tour of my shop
if you would like to see on my embroidery blog. You can visit by clicking onto
this link     Yesteryear Embroideries

I want to thank you all for still checking and leaving comments......
asking about how our son Zack is doing.  He is doing very well. 
He is back at his work and feeling like his normal self. 
He has been very humbled in knowing how many of  you have asked about him
and have prayed for him........he and I both say 
"thank you" 

May is also the start of "stormy season"
Sometimes the clouds give the sense of 
hope and relief of welcoming rain...........
sometimes they give the sense of dread
of hail and high wind coming.
Here's wishing for you....... pleasant weather and with pretty things
growing in your backyard. 

Sunday, April 18, 2021

It is April


now that the wild winds and dust storms are over...........
I open the doors and windows to let in the fresh spring air, and along with it come the melodic sounds of the wild song birds.......all drifting delightfully through the house. 
(yellow headed blackbird)
The feel of the coolness and the sounds of the birds, make me want to go out and either take a long walk amongst it all  with Sophie or to get my garden tools and to find a spot of earth to create a lovely haven..........somewhere.  
 Taboo has even been enticed from his perfect napping spot by the lure of the birds chatter and the smell of fresh earth and grass.  He looks out and chatters back to the birds.

No matter how dry and crackled everything has been through this particularly harsh winter,  there is nothing better than the outside awakening to life after a spring rain. 
The wild flowers are starting to cover the grounds
and the antelope are lingering in grassy places among the fields to graze.  They are amazing graceful animals.  I see this group almost each time as I head to the post office. 
I have named this fellow Pharaoh. 
He stands proud and majestic with his flock of females as I stop to take a photo. 
This pretty weather also makes me want to work on garden spaces in the dry gardens.  I am all excited about the process at this time of year..........then as the cool weather turns to heat and dry ground........I am less energetic to proceed.  So I get busy and hope to get finished before that time gets here.  
 I picked a perfect hot day last week and worked with my cement ideas.  I have previously made cement planting bowls to make the gardens of cactus more welcoming.
I have been wanting to make spheres for these garden spaces. I am thrilled at how these turned out. 
 I used cement dye for the colorful ones. 
 Now I am trying to figure out the perfect spot for each one. 

I am not sure as to what I want to plant along the grounds and flower beds of the house.........the ground squirrels, also being awakened,  have made their presence known.  They are a challenge to me and eagerly rid my gardens of any thing I am successful at getting to sprout.  They have ruined each pumpkin patch I have tried to get going for the past 3 years.  However, I am not giving up.............. I am working with containers this year.....hoping to be able to grow things and to keep them growing this way without pests bothering them. 
For this time, I am simply enjoying nature and freshness of the new earth pushing up the colorful wildflowers.
I hope this finds the spring rains and fresh air have awakened you to days filled with the beauty of nature and the energy to get out amongst it all for a walk to just linger and enjoy!  


Saturday, April 3, 2021

Wishing you a blessed Easter


See the land, her Easter keeping,
Rises as her Maker rose.
Seeds, so long in darkness sleeping,
Burst at last from winter snows.
Earth with heaven above rejoices...
Charles Kingsley


Saturday, March 27, 2021

All Is Well

 We  made it home late yesterday afternoon.........with Zack. It is amazing at how no one stays in a hospital after serious surgeries these days! Even brain surgeries. We learned that brain surgery patients go home usually after 3 days.  The doctor felt that there was no need for us to stay in Dallas with Zack at the hotel, because he would heal better here at home. Zack was very much in agreement with that . LOL  He traveled well......and instead of sleeping all the way, he chatted more.  He is the same Zack we have always known........the surgery did no damage. He has a good while to heal and to recover, but so far , he is doing well.  We are so thankful! And we are thankful to you all for your thoughts, prayers, and comments of supportive words..........

from our hearts.............thank you

The hospital  itself was like an art gallery.  

The building was beautiful and each floor had it's walls covered with art from artists who donated their works .  
Along each piece was a bio telling about the artist and how they created their piece.  I spent some of my time walking the hallways looking at the images and reading about the artist. 

The drive to and from Dallas was nice.  We traveled through some of the prettiest countryside with large hills, foggy meadows with ponds and cattle grazing. 
Although Dallas was a busy and loud city .........as any other city.......to me it was still pretty.  The trees, the landscaped streets..even the tall buildings, had a charm to them.  I would not like to live there..........but I can see how one could find their own piece of heaven there..........they may have to work a bit harder at it. 
I had such a sense of relief and gratefulness leaving Dallas, when the 5 lane turned into the 2 lane and the skyscrapers turned into green pastures of grazing cattle.  It was so good to pull into our drive and to be home. And although, in Dallas,  we had a nice hotel and we slept well..........I  slept so much better last night in our own bed and the quiet of our house. 

I had left my tulips in my vintage shop to stay safe from harsh
wind and weather while I was away

They were just beginning to bloom
What a cheery welcome home I got 
when I found them all in full bloom
in different vibrant colors! 
 There have been so many storms across the county........
I hope this finds you 
enjoying pretty and peaceful weather.
Stay safe and happy