"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands........" 1 Thessalonians 4:11

Monday, January 30, 2012

It's been a little over a year

since I walked away and quit my job as head cook only cook at a country cafe in a little town which is barely a dot on the state road map. Burned from wrist to elbow, burned out emotionally and physically,  and tired of being taken for granted, I vowed that I would no longer accept these conditions just to make a few dollars.
I decided to finally tackle my dream of writing and publishing my book of embroidery designs and patterns and I set to work, stitching and writing up into the late hours where only the howling wind outside was my company.

The more projects I designed and completed...........

the more designs would pop into my mind.  I had made a goal to finish and publish by mid to late spring. Here I am, a few projects and weeks away to reaching that goal.
HOWEVER................there is always a "however" it seems................. and I am putting my rose colored glasses aside................
after being alerted by blogging friends and doing some extensive research on the Internet, I found out that the publishing company I had chose to work with is not as reputable as they claim to be. Too many red flags with so many complaints about this company has made me disappointed and in search of another publishing house.  The publishing world is not so easy to slip into........it's very challenging and hard to get accepted into. I'm not giving up. I am going to finish my book..........
and keep positive...............and turn every stone I can to see it to it's success.
How about you?
Ever have big dreams or plans and have them crushed?
Did you overcome the obstacles?
I would love to hear.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Just down the hall...........

the door to this bedroom, now , remains closed. Not a sound comes from the other side..................
 Just yesterday, at any given time, one could hear the sounds of a guitar being strummed, bongo drums being paddled, or Mozart or Irish music being played.
And now.............there is nothing left, but silence, and the belongings of a tall young boy who used to call this room his space.

My youngest son has left today to start his life's journey in the Navy.
The next 8 weeks will be boot camp................although I have another child who has gone through this whole process and loves her Navy life............the word........
"boot camp"
strikes worry in my heart. I know he will do fine..................
it's just that he is such a good kid and his heart belongs to the Lord.........
and I don't want anyone yelling at him..............
which will happen in boot camp.
He is the brave one and has looked forward to this day, ready to begin his adventure.
Could you please keep Joseph in your prayers?
How about you?
Have you had your young ones go off to boot camp?
 I would love to hear

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I've Gotta Crow!

It's just that I am what I am
And I'm me!

When I look at myself
And I see in myself
All the wonderful things that I see
If I'm pleased with myself
I have ev'ry good reason to be.
I've gotta crow!

If I were a very ordinary
Ev'ry day thing,
I'd never be heard cock-a-doodling
'Round like a bird!

I've gotta crow!
"would you crow and let me go back to my nap??"

I'm really a rare thing,
Such a fair thing,
I can't keep still!
I'm bursting with pride
And I just couldn't keep it inside
If I tried so...

That I've gotta let go and crow!

" They may crow, but I do all of the work!!"

(lyrics from musical Peter Pan)

Hope you all have something to feel good about and to crow about!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The snow has finally melted away.................

although it took a while in doing so..............

during the time I could not get outside to piddle in the yard,
I stayed inside and crocheted...............

quilted and embroidered............

now the sun is warming up the earth and the wind is not blowing as bad..........
maybe I can convince Sophie to come out of her blanket and go take a walk with me this afternoon.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What's a chicken to do

when her west Texas home gets hit with a gigantic snow storm???

Stay in the warm  nest and lay beautiful eggs!!
Hope this finds all of you tucked into your nests and staying warm.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Milk...........it does a body...............umm...plant good??

I'm not kidding.  Feeding you plants a mixture of milk will give them nitrogen building protein.
In my greenhouse, these petunias are in full bloom, even though at this moment ,there is snow falling  outside.
I bought and planted these in the hanging basket of March 2011. They survived the hot Texas dirt and wind in the drought we had this past summer.  They are still growing and blooming because of the milk and other feed I have been giving them. I feed the plants in the greenhouse on a regular schedule.

I feed the outside plants as well. This is an ornamental kale that I have had since the year...............
 No kidding. It has stayed out on the front porch in the winter, where it is right now and in the summer when it was assumed that it should die,  it lived on and sits out in the shaded flower garden. It even managed to survive the hot dusty winds of the drought this past summer.  Again......it loves to get it's drink of milk.

Yes, a good shot of milk can do wonders
for beast, man, ..................and plants alike.

Successful gardening always begins with good soil. All plants need to eat..........just as you and I, in order to be healthy and productive.
Sometimes I will use store bought food, but  I have really turned to making my own organic food and fertilizer. It certainly is much healthier and it reduces the cost in garden care. Below is a list that might help and inspire you to create your own mixtures.
Your kitchen is the best source for such things:
****Please note:    When adding anything to your plants, store bought or homemade, watch your plants carefully during the process. If your plants flourish, use regularly , however, if they tend to react negatively, discontinue use. Just like anything......don't overfeed.

Milk:  Milk mixed with water  will give your plants nitrogen building protein. Mix 1 part milk with
            4 parts water. You can feed this to your plants once a week.

Egg Shells:  Dry empty shells and grind them up before sprinkling into your garden. These are a rich
            source of potassium and calcium.

Banana Peels:  Wonderful to place underneath outside plants or shrubs. Promotes healthy growth and
Coffee Water:  Mix one part used coffee grounds after making coffee with 4 parts water. Spray onto
            the soil of your plants. A great source of potassium, nitrogen and magnesium. You can do this 
            once a week.

Epsom Salt: Mix 1 tablespoon Epsom salt with 1 gallon of water. A good source of sulfate and
            magnesium.  Wonderful for potatoes, tomatoes, roses and more. Use once a month.

How about you? Are there other special remedies that you like to use in your gardening?
I would love to hear.

Monday, January 2, 2012

The new garden method is not so new to some..............

but it is new to me.  I found out about this after a conversation with an elderly friend of mine, which led me to do some research.  My friend has just moved from her large home, which she could no longer handle alone, and into an apartment which has a small fenced backyard. She had commented about how she still would love to garden, perhaps along the fence border of her small yard, but did not want the task of digging up hard grass grown soil..................
the new method,............. maybe one you folks are already familiar with, is
"bag gardening"..........have any of you heard of this?

It is so easy and wonderful for the beginning gardener or for someone who wants to grow things, but does not want to have to dig up hard ground. You simply purchase a bag of garden soil, with fertilizer included in the mix,  and you have an instant raised, good quality bed, to grow whatever you might wish
. Here is how to get started: Please note, I have not started this as of yet............these are borrowed pictures from the Internet.

You can grow a plant directly in the bag your potting soil is sold in, eliminating the need to purchase a bucket or construct a growing box.

Select a bag of potting soil that includes fertilizer and is pre-mixed with an aerator like perlite. You can purchase either a small bag for growing an individual plant, or a large bag for growing a couple plants per bag or seeds if you desire. Purchase as many bags as needed to grow all your plants.

 Spread dampened newspapers along the area you wish to place the bags. Lay the soil bags in an area you have designated as your garden. Be sure to leave a pathway between the bags if you have several rows. Slice multiple slits into the side of each bag for drainage, then flip all the bags over so that the drainage holes face down.Cut square openings in the bag, leaving the sides and ends intact to ensure no soil leakage.
Sprinkle the seeds or insert the seedlings into each bag. Consult the plant or seed's packaging for the appropriate depth. Water the seeds or plants.

Maintain your grow bag garden the same way you would a normal garden. Water when necessary. Remove any weeds that may have been transmitted to your bags. Harvest the fruit or vegetables when fully grown. After harvesting, remove the plastic, shaking out the dirt onto the ground. You will have enriched soil to feed the ground over the winter .

Although I have my large garden areas tilled and waiting, I am still planning on using this method along some hard ground problem areas, where I want to see things to grow and bloom. I will be showing my progress when planting season comes to my area. I plan to plants flowers and vegetables using this method. Garden soil bags can be somewhat costly, if you plan to use a lot of them. I have a substantial compost pile ready for use..........I plan to use thick bags to put that soil in and have somewhat of a homemade bag....................I will find out how this works..............as well as you, as I post this garden journey.
How about you?...........have you heard of this bag method before?..........if so, have you worked with it?    I would love to hear/.