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Monday, January 9, 2012

Milk...........it does a body...............umm...plant good??

I'm not kidding.  Feeding you plants a mixture of milk will give them nitrogen building protein.
In my greenhouse, these petunias are in full bloom, even though at this moment ,there is snow falling  outside.
I bought and planted these in the hanging basket of March 2011. They survived the hot Texas dirt and wind in the drought we had this past summer.  They are still growing and blooming because of the milk and other feed I have been giving them. I feed the plants in the greenhouse on a regular schedule.

I feed the outside plants as well. This is an ornamental kale that I have had since the year...............
 No kidding. It has stayed out on the front porch in the winter, where it is right now and in the summer when it was assumed that it should die,  it lived on and sits out in the shaded flower garden. It even managed to survive the hot dusty winds of the drought this past summer.  Again......it loves to get it's drink of milk.

Yes, a good shot of milk can do wonders
for beast, man, ..................and plants alike.

Successful gardening always begins with good soil. All plants need to eat..........just as you and I, in order to be healthy and productive.
Sometimes I will use store bought food, but  I have really turned to making my own organic food and fertilizer. It certainly is much healthier and it reduces the cost in garden care. Below is a list that might help and inspire you to create your own mixtures.
Your kitchen is the best source for such things:
****Please note:    When adding anything to your plants, store bought or homemade, watch your plants carefully during the process. If your plants flourish, use regularly , however, if they tend to react negatively, discontinue use. Just like anything......don't overfeed.

Milk:  Milk mixed with water  will give your plants nitrogen building protein. Mix 1 part milk with
            4 parts water. You can feed this to your plants once a week.

Egg Shells:  Dry empty shells and grind them up before sprinkling into your garden. These are a rich
            source of potassium and calcium.

Banana Peels:  Wonderful to place underneath outside plants or shrubs. Promotes healthy growth and
Coffee Water:  Mix one part used coffee grounds after making coffee with 4 parts water. Spray onto
            the soil of your plants. A great source of potassium, nitrogen and magnesium. You can do this 
            once a week.

Epsom Salt: Mix 1 tablespoon Epsom salt with 1 gallon of water. A good source of sulfate and
            magnesium.  Wonderful for potatoes, tomatoes, roses and more. Use once a month.

How about you? Are there other special remedies that you like to use in your gardening?
I would love to hear.


lil red hen said...

This sounds like a good idea, and by the looks of your plants it must be. Just may try it!

Loved the picture of the barn cats getting their milk!

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

That's a great looking plant, Milk seems to hit the spot that makes them thrive..your a regular body of information on the health of the gardens :o)

grammy said...

Good to know (o:
Works for you I guess cause you always have a beautiful garden (o:

Vickie said...

Hi Kathleen - thanks for your prayers for Kristen! It is really appreciated.

I hadn't thought of milk as a fertilizer, but I think you're right! Cute pic of the kitties! I'm gonna have a greenhouse one of these days...

Sue said...

I have used all of the tips except the milk, Kathleen, and now will try this, thanks for sharing.
love the cute photo,

Michaele said...

Nice to know. I always considered it, but was afraid it would sour. Isn't kale just and amazing plant? I love how it is always stays green in the garden long after everything else has died.

Hill Top Post said...

Thanks for your tips on feeding plants...guess the wild critters won't really miss those banana peels! I do remember my mother feeding milk/water to her houseplants.

Connie said...

Your flowers are so pretty, Kathleen. You know so many good tricks to make things grow better. You have a real talent for that. :)

Paula said...

Your petunias are so pretty, Kathleen... and that kale plant needs to be in the Guinness Book of world records! :)
Thanks for sharing your "secret recipes" with us!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks for the tips, Kathleen. Grenville used eggshells around the tomato plants this year and it really gave us a better crop. Also, we have a compost pile and every spring he dumps it and turns it over in the garden area.

Mini said...

Your petunias are beautiful & such a pretty pink too! Thanks for posting those useful tips.

Conni said...

Thanks so much for this information! I'm adding it to my gardening notes. I knew about the egg shells, but all the rest is new to me.

Ladybug said...

Hi Kathleen Some great garden tips
I have used milk,always save all the eggshells washing them and crushing very fine.. Your such a
great source for info..

Happy Gardening :-)