"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands........" 1 Thessalonians 4:11

Friday, June 26, 2020

I still have eggs in my pocket........

with a chick, chick, here

and a chick, chick ,there,

here a chick,

there a chick,.......(and.....a rooster or two) 

everywhere a chick, chick ........

and the wonderful sound of an early morning crow! 
and in case you are wondering........yes.....there is always a needle 
in my hand. 
I have been making very tiny hand stitched quilts.
You can read about these on my embroidery blog at this link
Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Well, my goodness, this year just can't seem to get on a good start......

the sickness and death from the COVID virus,  the hardships that many people are facing, 
the unrest, the injustice, the hostility, in our country......and now in other areas
of the world, is about the only "news" on the television these days.
 Like most of you, no doubt, 
my mind has been overwhelmed with it all and I just want to 
run and stick my head in the sand and hope it has all passed when I surface.
However, I have faith that we are a strong people who have a deep love and respect for
our country and each other.....and that somehow......through all of this,
we will come out of this, and see calm and happier days ahead.  
That is my hope at least. 
I try to avoid posting things on this blog , such as this, and I try to keep it 
cheery and light........but , 
I feel, we are all in one way or another, touched or affected by the past few weeks events, and 
I just don't want to seem that I am ignoring what is happening around us. 
So with this being said, wherever you are, what ever you are going through,
my prayers and good thoughts go out to you.
and now................
one can never know what lies ahead on a back road in Texas. 
And I can tell you that I was just as surprised as you probably are 
right now,  to see a herd of Gemsbok antelope and zebra calmly grazing underneath
mesquite trees in a field outside of a neighboring town. 

I have asked friends about these unusual ......and displaced
animals.  It seems that ranchers raise these animals on their ranches 
here........not all ranchers......but a few.  I still do not know if 
there is a reason.......but it is a pleasant sight to see.
As much as I have complained about prickly pear cactus taking 
over the acreage and am constantly trying to remove it.........
I actually love cactus and have a very nice "cactus garden"
growing in containers. ( I know........the house needs a coat of paint....sigh)

This is not the prickly pear, but a cactus that is called "Devil's Claw"
or as ranchers call it "cattle killer"
It is cactus that ranchers will kill and remove because it has hard thorns that
can cripple a horse or cow when stepped on.
I love them for their round shape and have found that when 
grown in containers, they get very large and beautiful.

I also have some growing in a small "ground cactus garden"
but they seem to grow better in containers. 

another round cactus I dig up on the acreage and transplant to containers
is this round cactus that is very pretty when it blooms.
I also purchase any unusual round cactus when I come across
it in nurseries. 

Although it is not round, this cactus blooms so beautifully
that I have to have it in my collection. 
I have found myself enjoying just to walk around the grounds, enjoying what
is blooming and growing at this time.  It gets me away from the dreadful news
and gets my mind to focus on other things.
So dear friends, I hope this finds you all well, 
safe in your homes,  and that your area is at peace. 
  Look after yourselves and keep close to each other.

Monday, June 8, 2020

“The moon is a friend for the lonesome to talk to.”
Carl Sandburg

Friday, May 22, 2020

Fresh and cooling rain

has come several times......leaving us with much needed moisture,
a fresh fragrance, and lovely rainbow afternoons.

As much as you have read about my dislike for the cactus
that is trying to take over the acreage......

this time of year......I have to say.......I enjoy
it's unique beauty.

Cactus rose blossoms in the prettiest colors of soft yellow,

peachy orange,

and vibrant yellow, cover each thorned paddle and are
 filled with busy, buzzing, bees. 

These past few days, I have kept my hands busy making 
miniature decor for my miniature kitchen scene.
I have to say........I can get completely lost in making
miniature things!

 I want to invite you over to my " My Country Kitchen"
blog to share a wonderful cool and delicious recipe with you.
This is such a wonderful dessert/fruit salad for those hot days of summer
and for get togethers.  It would be wonderful for this Memorial Day 
weekend!   Just click onto the link below
for this wonderful recipe! 
Have a safe Memorial Day Weekend.

Friday, May 8, 2020

Sometimes we come to life's crossroads
And we view what we think is the end.
But God has a much wider vision
And He knows it's only a bend-
The road will go on and get smoother
And after we've stopped for a rest,
The path that lies hidden beyond us
Is often the path that is best.
So rest and relax and grow stronger,
Let go and let God share your load
And have Faith in a brighter tomorrow,
You've just come to a bend in the road.

(Helen Steiner Rice- The Bend in the Road)

wishing you a clear view and happier days soon!

Friday, May 1, 2020

Pretty days......and hopefully......happier days ahead?

I hope this finds all of you well and that you have not suffered from this dreadful coronavirus.
I hope you all have found a way to "hang on" and to get through this difficult time.  Sunny, pretty days always give me hope that things will be better..........I truly hope that this will be true when it comes to this virus.
Today.........come take a walk with me, and look at the crooked, twisted mesquite trees that are fully leafed out and make every space
look welcoming......even on the hottest days.

New paths have been made deeper into the "woods"
and now there are more spaces to create more 

Usually, everyone in this area knows the mesquite trees are 
small thorny bushes.......which , we have plenty of those. 

Here, on the grounds, we are also happy to have very old and 
large mesquite trees that are actually "trees"
even the large stumps that look dead
have new growth sprouting and twisting upwards

I love the way they bow over to each other, making a
natural archway. I am in the process of making a "sitting area " here.

All along the grounds, hundreds of wildflowers are in bloom.
Many have sprouted in the spaces I have cleared in the woods.

They seem to know exactly where to sprout and to show their beauty.

Wild birds are filling the air with their songs.  

Wherever there is water, they are sure to show up for a drink or a splash

As many of you have seen through the news media, one positive thing this virus has brought out......
is the spark of creativity in many. I hope after this has all passed, that everyone will still hang on to 
their imagination and keep creating.
From the grounds, there are so many "gifts" from nature. With just a little bit of time, 
you could create  rock flowers along some paths with the natural rocks that you find along your walk.

they also serve as a great decorative accent to the cement walk ways

The latest thing I have discovered is the beautiful color that
the flowers and plants give in the process of natural dyeing. 
I am not an expert on this.....so if  you are interested, you can find many helpful tips on
natural dyeing on the internet.  Go out and see what plants in your yard can give you an amazing color.

Even on the hottest days........Sophie still loves to tag along and 
 explore the grounds as much as I love to.

Now ......tell me.......what is growing in your backyard?
Have you found time on your hands and a new creative pastime?   
Whether it be in sewing, carpentry, gardening, or any other
creative outlet, I would love to hear about what  you are creating!

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Solitude with God repairs the damage done

by the fret and noise and clamor of the world.
Oswald Chambers

Sunday, March 29, 2020

I have started my long walks through the woods these days

an "escape" for my mind at the moment.......far from the worry
of this uncertain time with the problems the coronavirus has brought
to our nation/world's  health, well being, and stability.
How pretty it is this time of year here,  all over
the grounds!  On my walks I have discovered 2 new wildflowers that 
I have never seen bloom here before. 
The first one( in the photo above)  has grown abundantly and
spreads through the woods
and spills over the edge into the field next to us.
It has the most terrible name.......for such a pretty flower.
The Texas Wildflower directory identifies them as 
"Scrambled Eggs (Corydalis curvisiliqua) " 
 another site I found them to be called "Golden Corydalis"  which is a much worthier name, at least I think so.   
Anyhow, there are scrambled eggs growing in our woods!  
The second flower is also yellow and has fringed petals. The Texas Wildflower directory identifies them as
Puccoon (Lithospermum incisum)
I was so  thrilled to find both of these beauties.  The yellow primrose (buttercup) and the purple prairie aster are also blooming.   All of the rain we have had has made the woods come to life.  
The green thorny thickets of wild red berries are covered in tiny 
pale yellow blossoms........a sure sign of good food for the wild birds
in weeks to come.
another wild red berry that grows plentiful here and is now in bloom,  is known as algerita berry.
Both wildlife and humans can eat these berries.
On my walk, I noticed that all of the mesquite trees are leafing out.
For us here in this area, that means there will be no more freezing days.
I hope this to be true!
all through the woods, this wild bush is in bloom and looks golden in the sun
It is covered in hundreds of tiny blossoms. I have not researched this yet,
so I am unsure what the name of it is.  
So much of this wild land is disappearing around us with all of the oil and electric industry.  Much of the pasture land that is still  around  is covered in a sea of prickly pear cactus. 
I am still whacking away at the growth we have..........but I can almost see the light at the  end of the tunnel with it.
along with all of the blossoms, there has been an abundance of butterflies

and all kinds of song birds who fill the trees with their new homes. 

and there is a whimsical little woodpecker at the same spot in the woods, who seems to wait for me to toss bread scraps down.  As soon as I turn my back, he instantly flies down to enjoy his meal.

O, money can't buy the delights of the glen,
Nor Poetry sing all its charms:
There's a solace and calm ne'er described by the pen
When we're folded within Nature's arms!
James Rigg, "Nutting Time," Wild Flower Lyrics and Other Poems, 1897

I hope this finds you with pleasant surroundings and peace amongst the 
worry and chaos that has enveloped our lives.
May this find you and  your loved ones safe and well.