"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands........" 1 Thessalonians 4:11

Sunday, August 23, 2020

The early morning sun sends a golden hue through the lace curtains of the windows and July has melted into August.

The days are still filled with intense heat, but there is a welcoming coolness in the early morning hours.
  After I have tended to my small batch of chickens and have fed the pets, I go back out to a favorite outside chair and listen to the songs of the wild birds,  always so busy at such and early time. 
During the hottest part of the day,  many of the wild birds have started staying in the shade of the large front porch.  I leave water trays sitting in many areas to offer a little relief to these winged visitors. 
We , as well as Taboo, enjoy watching them. 
The morning glories hold true to their name and bloom in colors of soft blue, white, and dark purple.
As sooon as the sun starts to spread it's warmth, they quickly close up their petals for the day
It is the same for the moss rose ( portulaca), a flower I have really enjoyed for it's delicate flowers and lovely colors.
My other favorite is the lantana.  It is always a favorite place for butterflies and it always reminds me of my grandparents home of long ago and the large lantana bushes they had in the front of their porch.
There is a favorite spot I like to sit , underneath the canopy of the mesquite trees, where the shade stays longer and a gentle breeze blows through. As I sit in the stillness, movement catches my eye
I go and take a look to  discover a fairly large bull snake, making it's way across the warming ground .  It stops long enough for me to take photos, but soon gets weary and frustrated when my husband joins in the observation
It coils  up and breathes a long menacing hiss to warn us to leave it be
The past few days a humming bird has flown right up in front of me.... stopping, hoovering. Once when I was walking up the back walk way, and then again while I was watering my back corner garden.  
I am sure the feeder by the walk way or perhaps the water from the hose is why it flew so close,  I however, like to think it is as curious about me as I am of it and it stopped by to say hello.  
Soon it will be time to put the feeders away to encourage these little winged creatures to leave before winter comes
Amongst the constant news flow of uncertainty and turmoil...........happy news has come to our family circle.
Our new great niece, a small tiny bundle , has arrived.  Her name is Tobie Faith.
She has made our  Taylee a big sister and I hope they will alway be close as most sisters are. 
A new baby born is always the happiest of news I think.
Once again, a family of owls have hatched out in the old weathered well house out back.  A constant reminder that we have got to get the hole in the roof fixed to start keeping out the constant flow of wild critters. 
It never fails that a young owl always falls from the rafters and can't quite get back up to the nest.  With gloves 
I gently pick up the scared fluff of down and pen feathers and up the ladder we go.  I gently scoot the baby up toward the 
nest.....and I hear the warning hiss of it's mother..........sounding much like a 10 foot dragon instead of a bird of only feathers and bone.  
I have been asked whether the mother takes the baby back........yes, .......they always have in my experiences.  I always use gloves and try to not handle the baby much.  
In just a few weeks, we were outside, star gazing, and we heard screeching noises out past the old well house. 
Our flash lights shone on 4 owls , all sitting in a row on the corral fence.  I suppose they were taking their flying and food catching lesson for the night.   
Now the well house is once again vacant.  And we need to move fast and make repairs to keep another brood from moving in.
No matter how wonderful it is to see wildlife, they are better to find a more natural home than one's well house.
With the  days being as hot and long as they have been , I have found myself content to sit in my sewing space and stitch the hours away on my latest project.  I finally finished this piece......you can see more and read more about it on my embroidery blog at this link
Also, I keep everyone happy with the usual home cooked meals and baked treats. 
If you would like a great crispy cookie to go along with your iced tea on the  porch.....stop by my cooking blog for this
easy and wonderful cookie recipe at this link
Another sunset is about to end this month......and soon September will come along with my favorite season of all......
I hope this finds you with pleasant days and relaxing summer afternoons.