"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands........" 1 Thessalonians 4:11

Monday, May 24, 2021

The early morning air is still cool............

but there is now a fragrance in the blowing breeze, coming from the fields and road sides 
that are covered in vibrant, multi-colored wildflowers. 
As the day warms up, the fragrance gets stronger.........
it is May.
Recent, welcoming, rains have brought life to the grounds and to the surrounding 
woods. The mesquite trees, which were ragged and bare just a few weeks ago,
are now fully dressed in their vibrant green leaves.  The woods look dark
and cool with all of this greenery.  

At this time the mesquites are covered in blooms which look much 
like fat, yellow caterpillars.  They are soft as such, and have a sweet fragrance.
The large cactus bushes that I selected to remain for my dry garden
are in bloom, 

They have large cabbage style flowers in vibrant yellow with
rose colored buds. They are at their prettiest this time of  year.
The month of May has awakened not only the flowers and plants,
but rabbits are selecting their hiding places for their nests of
warm tiny bunnies,
and the  same kind of wild bird, with the long beak and vibrant orange
eyes, has come back to build a nest  in the old metal tub 
that hangs on the wall of my vintage dishware shop. 

No matter how much activity is happening in and around the shop, 
it feels perfectly at home. 
Speaking of my shop...........
I have spent these past weeks working at rearranging 
shelves of vintage dishes and glassware for display.
I also painted and designed the floor. I hope to 
open to the public for sales, now that the virus has
seemed to be calmed down.  I have a tour of my shop
if you would like to see on my embroidery blog. You can visit by clicking onto
this link     Yesteryear Embroideries

I want to thank you all for still checking and leaving comments......
asking about how our son Zack is doing.  He is doing very well. 
He is back at his work and feeling like his normal self. 
He has been very humbled in knowing how many of  you have asked about him
and have prayed for him........he and I both say 
"thank you" 

May is also the start of "stormy season"
Sometimes the clouds give the sense of 
hope and relief of welcoming rain...........
sometimes they give the sense of dread
of hail and high wind coming.
Here's wishing for you....... pleasant weather and with pretty things
growing in your backyard.