"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands........" 1 Thessalonians 4:11

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

The cold winds of winter

 and the bareness of the surrounding trees are now just a memory as April has faded and May has made her sunny, warm, entrance.

There is now a warmth that blows in the wind....that on some days, can be very strong, carrying the dry dust of the neighboring fields............along with  the faint fragrance of the newly blossomed wildflowers that have pushed up across the prairie.
The woods....as I like to call it......which in reality, are acres of tall crooked mesquite trees......have lost the gray bareness.....and now, barely a twig can be seen........each limb is covered in billowy, light green leaves....thick and lush. 
On one of my walks, I came across this whimsical lizard...enjoying the warmth of the cement patio,
yet insisted on running ahead of me as I walked along....escorting me, in it's on way....I think it liked getting it's photo taken. 
The air is filled with the songs of so many wild birds that have come for feed and water.  The yellow headed blackbirds......I have to say , are one of my favorites.  They stay only for a short time and soon take to flight.
Large storm clouds have colored the evening sky bringing welcomed drops of rain.  With these rain showers, I always feel delighted that we have gotten so much......but the next day, I hear those who measure and know....talk about how little there was of it.....and how much more we need.
But for myself, I feel thankful.
This is a time for late evenings spent out on the back patio........to watch the sun grow weary of the day
as it lets the large glowing  moon and the bright stars take over the black canvas of the night. 

The mosquitoes have not yet found us as we sit out.......so for this small  span of time......we enjoy these late, quiet, nights.
Thank you all for the sweet anniversary wishes.  Mark and 
I have had such a long road to walk together.....with 
so many twists and turns.........and a lot of wonderful
paths on the side. 
Here's wishing you are having pretty and pleasant spring days
with much color and loveliness sprouting up in every space.