"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands........" 1 Thessalonians 4:11

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The beginning of a country cottage garden

is forming in the back corner of our back yard
When we first moved out here........I was creating large gardens far out 
away from the yard.  It was a lot of work to drag watering hoses
and to keep varmints out.
Plus......I could never actually enjoy the garden's beauty sitting out on the back porch in the afternoon because the gardens were
too far away to see.
I started the garden around the already existing roses bushes. They grow 
and bloom so well here.
I want to grow more roses, Lantana, and Chrysanthemums as well as
Zinna in this space. 

My husband's building is the perfect wind block and this section of the yard can
be seen from the back patio

I dragged the ornamental iron archway from the back garden and 
am using it for the entrance to my cottage garden.
I have a Queen Elizabeth Climbing rose......in the container....
hoping for soft pink roses to soon grow up and over the entrance.
My husband also placed the antique fencing that we found a while back
at a junk store. We had just enough to go around the garden area!

I have been busy removing the grass and weeds.
I plan on making a cement/stone path that winds around
in the grounds

and I have also planted a few lantana.

I had my first visitor.....this large horned toad.......
it has it's eyes closed........playing dead.

Speaking of visitors......the yellow headed
blackbirds have made their annual visit to the 

They make their loud squawking noises and give us a wonderful
show as they enjoy the feeders.

And we have a temporary house guest......this is Ellie.
She is my daughter's cat.  Ellie will stay with us for 
about a year until our daughter returns for her.
Our daughter has taken a job in Afghanistan......
please keep her in prayer......as a parent......
I worry for her safety.
I hope this finds you all safe and out of harm's way 
from all of the storms that are crossing the country!