"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands........" 1 Thessalonians 4:11

Sunday, June 17, 2018

She did not start her work until she was 64........

and for 45 years, Ruth Bancroft had been enjoying and growing
her beautiful gardens up to the age
of 109.  She passed away November 2017
She did not start growing her cactus and succulents to become famous......no,
she simply loved these drought tolerant plants and created a lovely space
for all of them to grow. As the years went by, she drew attraction from the public
which, turned her gardens into a conservatory and nursery for all to enjoy.
You can find out more by researching Ruth Bancroft garden.
She has given me much inspiration for my own dry and drought ridden area.

For years I have been clearing and making paths and garden spaces in 
the mesquite woods surrounding our home. Everything I plant
and try to grow there either gets eaten or suffers from the extreme heat
and dry conditions. 

(photo borrowed from the internet)
I have been chopping down the only thing that seems to do well......
cactus.......because as you can see in the photo above.......
it can be very invasive and can take over the land........
which I do not want. 

However, I do love the way the cactus grows into large bushes

and how it blooms it's lovely flowers. 

I have been leaving a few bushes to grow

and creating a garden around them.  When I discovered Ruth Bancroft, 
I was thrilled to know that this could all one day, turn out to be beautiful as well.

I have a few small gardens growing along the walkway of the house as well.......

So far, everything seems to be very happy where I decide to plant it.
Now that I have found something that "works" without a lot of loss and 
a lot of watering..........I will continue working and creating new spaces.

A new batch of tiny chicks arrived a few weeks ago

and are quickly growing.  These are bantams......which will
be very small and hopefully be company for my very small
roosters, Tex and Gus.
The temperature here has been in the 100s,
and we have had a lot of visitors come for water
in our front yard

in our back yard

to hang out in the cool shade of the trees

or in the wet leaves of the flowers.
We did get a nice rain last night and into the early morning today and
it really helped to cool things down.
Now.........tell me...........
what do you find easiest to grow in your gardens or area?
Are you suffering from heat..........or are you getting good rain?
I would love to hear!