"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands........" 1 Thessalonians 4:11

Monday, November 30, 2009

Almost Gone!

The cold spell we are having made me go out into the garden to gather up the remaining bell peppers as well as the red and green tomatoes. I rummaged through old recipes until I found 3 of my favorite relish and salsa recipes.
One is from my husband's grandmother. It basically has everything crunchy and green tossed into it along with vinegar and spices. It's not just the taste of this wonderful relish , that makes me love it so..........you can always find many varieties at local farmer's market stands......

it's the memory of this sweet elderly lady......the way she cooked....the way her kitchen smelt......and her bits and pieces of wisdom she handed down in everyday conversation. I have a "chow chow" recipe and a salsa recipe that conjure up similar memories of other sweet women I have known in my life time. I will be working on their recipes this week. How about you??? Do you have a favorite relish or salsa recipe that has been forever in your family? What do you like about it most?? I would love to hear!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I am thankful for.....
cherished family and friends that gather......

and for the peaceful life I live each day.....

for the sweet, simple things in this life that cheer me.....

and the surprises that come along the way.....

And my wish is that you find your cup running over
with all good things to come your way.....

and that you find yourself surrounded
with love and blessings
on this very happy
Thanksgiving Day!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Life's Lesson # 1

One fact in life I have found true.........
No matter who we are...........
No matter where we're from.............

No matter what we do in life...........

We all............ at one time or another..........

How about you??

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Woods Have Eyes

The trees are finally surrendering to the cooler weather

and have put on their yellow leaf dresses.

Now tell me....doesn't this tree look like it is saying hello??
Since we first moved here, I have gone out about the woods, making paths here and there, twisting, turning back. I also stick little statues underneath bushes, halfway hidden, waiting for someone to come upon them in surprise. Something fun, for someone, someday to discover. I have also noticed the many trees with holes drilled in them by woodpeckers or some other creature making a sheltered home. They always look so whimsical and full of character. I can always imagine a pair of eyes to go above that open mouth...............

like this...............

and finally this.
Only a few trees I have painted this way throughout the woods. They always make me smile. No one else who lives here has even noticed them......but one day.....

when they might happen to take a walk.....they will feel like they are being watched!

When I am not hanging in the trees with a paint brush, as you know, I am busy stitching .Come visit my embroidery blog to hear about the latest embroidery project I have done! Click on the link http://yesteryearembroideries.blogspot.com to go to Yesteryear Embroideries.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Place In My Heart

There is so much I love and will remember about the time I have been blessed to live where I live................long after I have been taken away and left at a nursing home......not seeming to remember or recognize. While many things might escape my old fragile mind by that time, there are many things my heart will keep and not allow to be erased.
One such thing, is a field that is off of our property. When we first moved here, it looked like this......33 acres of mesquite trees and brush, a comforting blanket surrounding our home. Not long after, the farmers made a decision to tear down the trees and clear the field for planting. I remember the day I heard the trees snap and buckle under the heavy machine, that looked like a dinosaur, chomping it's way through the woods, and the snap and pop of the fires that the trees surrendered to........a very sad day for me.......how I did not want to see this happen.
But I have found that even in things that I think are bad, good things come to surface. Because of the clear field, I now can see the early morning fog......coming towards the house......with the shadow of a lone deer walking through.....so still and quiet......breathtaking. No matter how many times I have come to this field, every day, it shows me something different.

I have witnessed the power and beauty of storms that come and go, raging through the grounds and leaving in the same moment with calmness.

In the still quiet darkness of early morning,with the calls of the coyote all around me, I walk to the field where it greets me with the beautiful colors of hues that my camera just can't justify. I am thankful to be able to arise to such a work of splendor each day. This I would miss if the trees were still there.

And as the day draws to an end, a large old harvest moon comes dancing across the prairie, promising a night full of light and shadows.
Deep in my heart.....among all of the images of the smiles and the light in the brown eyes of my sweetie, the many toothless smiles of the babies, the dear ones who have flitted in and out of my life, the sweet furball companions who once brought me joy...............there will be the image of this field, taking me back home.....to the home...........
where I belong.
How about you? What will remain in your heart forever? A sweet baby, a loved one, a place visited on vacation perhaps? I would love to hear!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Meet Mirella

During the long hot summer months, Mirella lounges in the warmth of the small garden that surrounds the greenhouse. Now that the nights have gotten quite chilly, she has taken up residence on the far corner shelf inside of the greenhouse.
Mirella came to live here a year ago, handed down to me by a dear aunt who was moving. I have had a small Alovera plant now and then, but nothing quite as big as Mirella. I could tell she had been taken good care of. My lessons in the care of succulents would soon be taught to me by Mirella. The first thing I learned was that Alovera plants bloom. As Mirella showed me with her beautiful long orange spike. The next thing I learned, that even though hardy, these plants can still freeze, which most of Mirella's offspring did, because of the greenhouse being too cold this past winter. Mirella, herself, almost did not pull through.
She did, however, growing quickly and sprouting 20 offspring, which I spent a good part of the day separating from her and planting in other containers. I did not realize how many of these plants can come from one plant! Now, the back shelves of the greenhouse are full with Mirella and her clan. I have no idea what I will do with all of them........decorate the porches in the spring and summer perhaps, find other homes for them maybe. Have any of you worked with an Alovera plant like Mirella? I would love to hear!

With October passed, I feel that fall has already gone, even though there are still warm pleasant days here. The garden has pretty much died away. All that is still hanging on is the wall of morning glory that surrounds the garden grounds......although it is also looking tired.

Even with the cold nights, many of the flowers are still budding and blooming here on the farm.

The large patch of Vinca, my husband brought home to me in early April, is still crisp and budding with colorful purple and white blooms.

The marigolds are showing off their fall colors in every flower garden and container.

The garden grounds look tired and weary. It is time for me to till and turn over the earth and give the spaces a rest.

Only a few small pumpkins remain to decorate until Thanksgiving. But there is still a garden growing in my mind! Plans on what is to be planted and where are forming in my imagination for next year's gardens. How about you? Are you glad to just get some rest with these long cold months ahead? Or are you looking forward to new plants, new gardens and new possibilities? I would love to hear!