"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands........" 1 Thessalonians 4:11

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

An elderly friend once told me that when it lightnings and sleets in February,

it is  sure to snow in April!
Early in the morning hours........it did just that,
 along with much needed rain.
Not sure if this..snow...... actually might happen........
but did you know....
Easter falls on April Fools  Day ( April 1st) this year??
It would not be good to get snow!

My bare bones garden at the moment, lies in frozen
wait......as I plan the plots and spaces for flowers......
and for this year a small variety of vegetables.  
The roses in the large back corner container are doing well,
even with sleet on them.  I pruned them a few days back
and new growth has already sprung forth!

I read on the internet, how to take rose cuttings

with potatoes......to make new rose bushes.  
So with the 
pruned stems,
I pushed each one into a potato, 

then planted that into a container/pot

Have you heard of this method?

I now have 8 hopeful new rose bushes

It showed to place a clear soda bottle over the stem,
however, I don't drink soda, so, I placed them into seal
plastic bags......leaving the seal slightly open to prevent mold,
and then placed the pots inside......in indirect light.
I so hope.......they will sprout!

You may also remember that I  posted on Wednesday, January 10, 2018
(link here    trees)
about the small Arbor Day trees and Bonsai trees I planted. 

The Arbor Day trees  are still in my shop, doing well,
and to my delight.......one of the Bonsai tree pots 
have sprouted!  I hope the remaining pots will do the same!
We had gotten so used to the days here being in the 60s and up into the high 70s
and today.........in the 30s
everyone is enjoying the comfort of their beds

and blankets.  
Tomorrow.......and the rest of the week.....
in the 50s, 60s and 70s.......
Have you sprouted any kind of flower using the potato method?
If so, how long did it take to grow roots and sprout leaves?
I cannot find this information anywhere.
How is the weather in your area.........is your garden calling to you?
I would love to hear!

Monday, February 5, 2018

A Farewell...........To 2 Kitty Cats

Zelda has been with us 15 years. The remaining survivor, 
out of the 4 in the litter, that we brought the first year
we were here at the farm.
She loved roaming the grounds.........but spent the last few years in the bedroom,
making it her domain.
She started getting very skinny, but still enjoyed playing and eating.
I had planned to  take her to our vet last week........but just before the day came,
she passed away in her sleep.

This whimsical creature is Ellie. I have been babysitting her
for our daughter, who had gone to  Afghanistan last March.
Now our daughter is home and is about to leave us to go on 
to her busy work.  She is taking Ellie home with her.
It has been such a joy to watch over this sweet cat.

Although it is early February and the grounds are stark 
and grey........the cheerful Italian Jasmine is blooming.

It starts blooming in January and brings such 
cheer to the quiet dull grounds.
There is a big bush in the front

and another at the side of my vintage shop.
I do have smaller bushes trying to survive in my archway garden
but the deer seem to love to nibble on them

I love to see these cheerful little flowers as Sophie and
I come back from our walk.
So tell me............if you have had a cat......
how long did you have it with you?
What is starting to bloom in your backyard?
I would love to hear!