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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Floating around in flood waters........

 If you have read my blog through the years........it seems I always talk about

how dry and in need of moisture our area is in...........

all of that changed a week ago........

you can click onto this link below....

Western Texas Flooding

We were safe from this kind of flooding.........though we have gotten inches of rain everyday
for a lot of days.  The above photo is a highway we use to go to Lubbock Texas.
The highway at this time is still closed because it has not stopped raining and the 
cars are still stuck in the middle of it all. 
For us, things have been much calmer.  Because of the constant rain
many of the wildflowers are in full bloom.  This seems to be a favorite of the bees.
They are always buzzing in and around them.  Of all things, this is called "hog potato"
Who really names flowers??  I cant imagine something so pretty being called hog potato.
The lovely Indian Blanket
Mountain Zinnia
Ox eyed Daisy
Prairie Aster
 We have so many different types of 
yellow daisy.  You think they are all the same type until you stop
to look at them.  Then you notice the difference. Some like
the Stiff Greenthread daisy
the Huisache daisy 
    and the Asteraceae daisy.....which I have to say is
one of my favorites. It's very tiny and so cheery!

The ground is also pushing up wild mushrooms,
They come in all shapes
and sizes with distinct features.
My own garden flowers are doing well......but that 
will be for a later post.  Because of the wonderful overload of rain,
there is an abundance of weeds and strong grass that has been overtaking
the garden spaces.  So for a good part of the morning and afternoon
I am bent down tugging and pulling.
So tell me.......how is your weather?  What is growing in your back yard? 
I would love to hear.
Here's wishing you the best of beautiful days ahead.