"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands........" 1 Thessalonians 4:11

Friday, March 24, 2023

If one can get past the high wind and suffocating dirt

 and look close enough,

beauty can be found in these wild days of March.
Our back property has large dunes of wind swept sand
that gives the false sense that a body of salt water lies on the other side
but no........
 all that can be seen is the large acreage of the bare cotton field that stretches for miles as the 
dry dirt blows across it and forms these high dunes. We are in much need of rain.
yet, even in this dry climate.......the tough little
prairie wildflowers are starting to pop up and to show their color.

Some of these early spring days have been warm and pleasant, 
others have been chilly.  The wild birds are starting to fly in ,
some, like the woodpecker,  are native here. Some are migratory who come to rest their wings,
fill up on seed and water, and then , in a few weeks fly on their way.
In the woods, away from the sand dunes,  where the trees are still bare,
the gold color of the budding conifer 

shimmer in the sun.  These small buds will soon turn red.  This 
kind of conifer is a tasty treat to the wild deer who walk along the grounds
in the late afternoon.

The red berries of the Turkey Pear cactus look
so cheery and vibrant. 
This is a "look, but don't touch" plant... as it 
is filled with hundreds of tiny barbs and thorns.
Closer to the yard, the fragrant stock plant is blooming.
Taboo kitty loves sticking his face deep into the blossoms 
each morning on our walks. 
When the wind and dirt is not blowing, I have been outside,
planting flower seed and clearing garden spaces. On the wild windy 
days I am content to stay in and stitch the hours away.
So tell me.........how is the weather in your corner of the world?
Are you planning large flower or vegetable gardens?
I would love to hear!