"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands........" 1 Thessalonians 4:11

Saturday, March 27, 2021

All Is Well

 We  made it home late yesterday afternoon.........with Zack. It is amazing at how no one stays in a hospital after serious surgeries these days! Even brain surgeries. We learned that brain surgery patients go home usually after 3 days.  The doctor felt that there was no need for us to stay in Dallas with Zack at the hotel, because he would heal better here at home. Zack was very much in agreement with that . LOL  He traveled well......and instead of sleeping all the way, he chatted more.  He is the same Zack we have always known........the surgery did no damage. He has a good while to heal and to recover, but so far , he is doing well.  We are so thankful! And we are thankful to you all for your thoughts, prayers, and comments of supportive words..........

from our hearts.............thank you

The hospital  itself was like an art gallery.  

The building was beautiful and each floor had it's walls covered with art from artists who donated their works .  
Along each piece was a bio telling about the artist and how they created their piece.  I spent some of my time walking the hallways looking at the images and reading about the artist. 

The drive to and from Dallas was nice.  We traveled through some of the prettiest countryside with large hills, foggy meadows with ponds and cattle grazing. 
Although Dallas was a busy and loud city .........as any other city.......to me it was still pretty.  The trees, the landscaped streets..even the tall buildings, had a charm to them.  I would not like to live there..........but I can see how one could find their own piece of heaven there..........they may have to work a bit harder at it. 
I had such a sense of relief and gratefulness leaving Dallas, when the 5 lane turned into the 2 lane and the skyscrapers turned into green pastures of grazing cattle.  It was so good to pull into our drive and to be home. And although, in Dallas,  we had a nice hotel and we slept well..........I  slept so much better last night in our own bed and the quiet of our house. 

I had left my tulips in my vintage shop to stay safe from harsh
wind and weather while I was away

They were just beginning to bloom
What a cheery welcome home I got 
when I found them all in full bloom
in different vibrant colors! 
 There have been so many storms across the county........
I hope this finds you 
enjoying pretty and peaceful weather.
Stay safe and happy


Thursday, March 18, 2021



Our family room wall is covered with photos from the 
years of all of our lives.  From our wedding, fun family times,
babies being born, 
milestones as the children grew and then into
the wonderful adults they have become. 
It is the first thing I see as I start my day......with the not 
quite risen sun casting it's early morning glow
onto ...........our memories.
I hope......with all of my heart.......that there will 
be more memories to add to this wall.
I first want to thank all of you for your supportive words,
concern, and prayers for our son Zack.
As you read this........we are traveling on our way
where Zack will be having his surgery in just a few days.
My faith is strong...........but my heart is full of dread , 
anxiety.......and worry.  Not knowing what the outcome of this surgery will 
be has been just as hard to wait for  as the wait for 
the surgery process to be finalized has been these past long days. 
Still not sure how long it will be before I return to post here.
But I ask for your continued prayers for Zack's surgeon 
and for Zack.
Enjoy and love all those you have around you,
and take time to enjoy everything with each day you 
are given.  Hope to return here soon with
much happy news!  

Monday, March 1, 2021

A dark cloud has come over our lives this week..............


Our oldest son, Zack,  (only 33) has been having some issues these past few months 
which led him to have an MRI.  The MRI has shown that he has 3 tumors
on his brain and that he will need surgery as soon as possible. 
We are in the stages of awaiting word  and getting things lined up
with a neurosurgeon.  
The worry and heartbreak from this devastating news
is all that we can bear........as we do not know what the outcome of this 
serious surgery will result in.  
We cling to our faith and are thankful for the comfort that supportive words and prayer
from family and friends has brought to us.
It may be awhile until I return back here to post..........
hopefully with happy news of Zack's recovery.
Your well wishes and prayers are always appreciated
and we thank you.