"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands........" 1 Thessalonians 4:11

Friday, May 17, 2019

If anyone were to look for me these days.............they won't find me instantly answering email or phone calls.......

much of my time has been spent.....outside.
 I have spent so many early morning hours walking........
where I get lost on all of the acreage, completely losing track of time.  Right now
the prairie meadow, the woods floor, and the surrounding grounds, are covered in white and yellow daisies,

and other colorful wildflowers. 

I do have a small container garden sprouting......
but the flowers are capturing my attention the most.
I am completely in bliss as I gaze at just how many white daisies there are!

of course,, where there are wildflowers.......
there are lovely butterflies

by the hundreds.  
Out of all of the years we have been here,
this is the year with the most flowers and butterflies that
we have ever seen! They dot the entire landscape. 

It is also the time of other small creatures.  There was a heavy dew on the 
grounds the other morning and I was awe stricken with the sight
of hundreds of spider webs.......
(one would never have known they were there, if not for the dew.)
They were all over the yard, 

all through the woods.........

and in every nook and cranny there was!

The roly poly rain frogs are enjoying this 
over abundant bounty

as well as the lizards.

And of all things..........this mole somehow found it's 
way into our living room.  My cat, Taboo,  spied it and was holding it hostage
underneath a teddy bear that belongs to our dog Sophie.
I scooped it up

and took it out to the woods. Such a whimsical looking
creature, don't  you think so?

This is also the time for the many song birds to make their nests.
I love spending as much time as I can out where all of this 
beauty lies.  I am delighted to find a new type of flower, or 
creature, each time I step outside. 

So tell me.............what is blooming and creeping around
in your backyard? 
Are you spending much of your day inside........or outside?
 I would love to hear!

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Now is the time, when I can open the doors and windows of the house

and the fresh air comes in like a welcomed guest.
Outside, the whiffs of home baked bread, along with 
dinner cooking on the stove makes it's way out the open doors,

while inside, I can smell the fragrance of the abundance of wildflowers, mixed with the scent of  fresh cut grass,
softly blowing in through the doors from my husband's 

It is a pleasant time of cool mornings,
warming daytime,
and shady evenings. 
Everything is at it's loveliest, and I could be happy
if every day would stay like these pretty days of