"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands........" 1 Thessalonians 4:11

Friday, May 17, 2019

If anyone were to look for me these days.............they won't find me instantly answering email or phone calls.......

much of my time has been spent.....outside.
 I have spent so many early morning hours walking........
where I get lost on all of the acreage, completely losing track of time.  Right now
the prairie meadow, the woods floor, and the surrounding grounds, are covered in white and yellow daisies,

and other colorful wildflowers. 

I do have a small container garden sprouting......
but the flowers are capturing my attention the most.
I am completely in bliss as I gaze at just how many white daisies there are!

of course,, where there are wildflowers.......
there are lovely butterflies

by the hundreds.  
Out of all of the years we have been here,
this is the year with the most flowers and butterflies that
we have ever seen! They dot the entire landscape. 

It is also the time of other small creatures.  There was a heavy dew on the 
grounds the other morning and I was awe stricken with the sight
of hundreds of spider webs.......
(one would never have known they were there, if not for the dew.)
They were all over the yard, 

all through the woods.........

and in every nook and cranny there was!

The roly poly rain frogs are enjoying this 
over abundant bounty

as well as the lizards.

And of all things..........this mole somehow found it's 
way into our living room.  My cat, Taboo,  spied it and was holding it hostage
underneath a teddy bear that belongs to our dog Sophie.
I scooped it up

and took it out to the woods. Such a whimsical looking
creature, don't  you think so?

This is also the time for the many song birds to make their nests.
I love spending as much time as I can out where all of this 
beauty lies.  I am delighted to find a new type of flower, or 
creature, each time I step outside. 

So tell me.............what is blooming and creeping around
in your backyard? 
Are you spending much of your day inside........or outside?
 I would love to hear!


happyone said...

The wild flowers are beautiful.
I start my days walking too as you probably know already!!

Pam said...

Oh I loved your blog! Thank you for jumping over and checking on my babes. I can also be found at https://pam-lifethroughmyeyes.blogspot.com/ which is my main blog. I love all the wild daisy's blooming. So cool and different from my TN home and sites. Also have to say I love the name of your blog.

Granny Marigold said...

How odd that the tiny mole found its way into your livingroom!!
The spider webs are so delicate and beautiful. The countryside around your home seems to have an abundance of wildflowers. No wonder you spend extra time outside enjoying it all.

Nancy J said...

The test of a real writer, as I walked with you along through the flowers, saw all sorts of creatures, and marvelled at the wee mole. A beautiful time with nature showing so much at the start of the season.

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

I'm shocked that you were able to have that little mole (?) vole(?) in your hand like that and it didn't want to run away! Your wildflowers are so beautiful. -Jenn

Faith said...

Thank you for stopping over and leaving a comment. I enjoyed your blog with all those lovely flowers so pretty. That little mole is kinda cute. Out in the country everything has it's place in nature...here in the city no so much. People get annoyed by the deer, and the squirrels, the birds...everything. I would love to live in the county. ah....the dream....have a beautiful day.

Sally said...

Not much blooming here yet, and of course I'm hoping the grasshoppers 'hop' somewhere else this year.

LOVE you photos with so much beauty you're surrounded by!


Prims By The Water said...

Loved strolling through and admiring all of the flowers and landscape. Me dont like spiders though and that mole is an unusual creature. Reminds me of the voles we have here in Michigan. Janice

The Wykeham Observer said...

Beautiful. Right now there are cowslips (marsh marigold) blooming in the meadow and ditches, and I saw trilliums were starting. Flowering crab trees will probably be blooming by the end of the week, very late this year. Phil

Henny Penny said...

So glad I scrolled down and found this post. It is beautiful, like turning the pages of a calendar with pretty pictures. I would be in heaven looking out at all the wildflowers around you. That tiny mole is adorable. So glad you rescued it. Sometimes I find one that Smokey has killed and left, and it breaks my heart. Poor little creatures. We have a neighbor who hates lizards and snakes, well, just about anything that crawls or hops outside. She tries to run over them with her car on the dirt path we live on. We see baby snakes, lizards, and frogs that have been killed, and we both know who did it. Didn't mean to get carried away. :)

Connie said...

Wow, the wildflowers you have there are so amazing! I could get lost out there walking amongst them too. Beautiful!!

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

Kathleen, you always have the most beautiful and interesting posts! Thank you for sharing all the wonderful things you see and do!

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

What a beautiful place to walk. I love the wildflowers and the butterflies.
So lovely!