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Monday, February 28, 2011

I awoke Sunday morning to the sound of the wind

roaring against the house. Making the large wash pan I nailed on the porch wall to clang and bang. The smell of dust was everywhere inside of the house. I look out of the window..............this is how our drive looked, when the wind was just beginning to build it's strength.
I opened the back door and the wind smashed it up against me, and the sand from the distant cotton field stung my face. Winds blew at 60 miles an hour here and across our dry area. This caused many problems along the way, for folks near and far. The blinding sand from all of the cotton fields caused a major pile up on the interstate. The interstate was then closed for hours. Because of the winds and the extreme dry conditions, high line wires sparked, and the heat from passing cars caused the dry areas to catch fire. Many folks had their acreage burned and some lost homes. The fire fighters were fighting one fire after another and not able to get to them all at the same time. I have grown to love this prickly, thorny, and windy place. However, when times as these come about............it causes my soul to be unrestful. Worry seems to be a constant companion at times like this for many Texans. We get our hope and our joy when storm clouds form on the horizon.....................a hopeful glimpse of much needed rain to come.
What are you going through at this time? Are you still digging out from the snow?
Are you also going through high winds and dry earth?
I would love to hear.


Connie said...

I hope you get the rains you need, Kathleen. Ironically enough, the folks in my area are dealing with flooding problems right now. Snow is melting fast, plus we had heavy rains last night. Wish we could send some of the water to you to even things out a little! :D

aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

Kathleen Your picture looks very scary.. I don't like fires. I am in Alabama and we had thunderstorms today. I will try and send some your way!!1 lol

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

Goodness, I so feel your concern and will lift up a prayer you get rain. I talked to another person in Tx and they have those awful winds too.

WE have bad weather here and all around are storms bring hail and high winds and tons of rain fall in a matter of minutes. Much damage north of us but thanking the lord the trees did not fall around here.

grammy said...

Well up here in the middle of Colorado we had a lot of wind today too. Our snow melted off and now it is windy. I went for a walk and several times was almost blown over (o:
Sorry to hear about the fires and damage. We get that here when it is dry.

Bev C said...

Hello Kathleen

Hope your property stays safe for you. I would love some rain too, but I know it won't be coming for quite sometime.
happy days.

LindaSue said...

we've been having some strong winds - too dry this winter so concerns about grassfires/wildfires are high here in ranching country. I well recall spring sand storms - you learn to keep your mouth shut in West Texas - not diplomacy or secretive - but to avoid a mouth full of dirt!

Debbie said...

Kathleen, I can remember the sand storms from when I lived in Midland as a child. I remember how hard it was to breath; my mom used to wet wash cloths for us to hold over our nose and mouths. After the storm dad would go out and wash down the house and cars and remover the tumble weeds that piled up against our house during the storm. You're right; one of the things we learned to appreciate in Texas was rain!
Glad this doesn't happen too often. It takes it's toll on your nerves!

Paula said...

I thought about you Kathleen and hoped everyhting was okay... those fires are so scary!

DayPhoto said...

I've been wondering about you. The Texas fires are in the news. I hope rain finds you soon!