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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

For the longest time

Abby has been sitting in the window,........................ quietly,
........................... motionless, looking at something. ................What can it be??
Is it the pretty primrose I have just potted and placed in the windowsill below her?

It's this speckled lovely that must have been fluttering about and finally came to rest on the outside wall.
I love the way it appears to have a long shaggy hairdo.........don't you?

So full of color when only yellow seems to be the brightest color it has.
Whoever thought that white and black spots would go well with black and white stripe legs??
God and mother nature are truly the artists!
I really need to take some lessons from them!
How about you?
Any color sprouting or fluttering around in your corner of the world?
I would love to hear!
*********Also, I have just posted a wonderful hearty soup on my cooking blog to warm you up from the winter chill! Click on this link and enjoy!

My Country Kitchen http://countrykitchenkat.blogspot.com/


Patty H. said...

That is a beautiful moth! Yes, God is a Master Artist. I think He had alot fun creating this universe. I also think He had/has a sense of humor too!
Patty H.

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

Its amazing, all those patterns on one moth. It almost reminds me of a royal robe seen in Africa in a movie.

God sure knew what he was doing.

If you have ever seen a lunar moth, the lime green... breathtaking.

Great photo!!

Michaele said...

Pretty moth, pretty kitty, pretty plants!

Connie said...

I love the intent look on Abby's face. Such a pretty moth. Lovely pictures, Kathleen. God is indeed the most creative and talented of all artists! :-)

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

Kathleen, you do such a great job of capturing the things around you with your camera. Just beautiful!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Kathleen, tjhat was a colorful little moth(?). I haven't seen anything yet, not even a hibernating ladybug which we usually find in our old home. There have been a couple of flies when warmer temps came last week, but they are not worth a photo.
Abby has a good eye for sure!

Paula said...

That's pretty amazing, Kathleen- it actually looks like it has fur on it's head! Yes, God is the ultimate artist!
Thanks for the recipe- I'm headed that way to check it out.

peggy said...

Kathleen, the only color in our world at the moment is WHITE. I always love your pictures, God is so good.

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

I think that's one of the prettiest, most unusual months I've ever seen. It's beautiful! I love the black on white and that bright splash of yellow. God is definitely the ultimate Artist!!
Patricia :o)

Ps: I do have a little color in my back yard. Yellow daffodils and bright blue hyacinths. I should post them on my blog...

Bill Yates said...

Kathleen, a little award awaits you at my place. I enjoy reading your blog very much.


grammy said...

so sweet
my cat does that stare thing..then she gently paws at it
if it is a cat outside she is NOT gentle....she goes a little crazy (o:
No color reports yet

Jennifer said...

What a beautiful moth and I love that shaggy hairdo! lol So cute!
Your cat is beautiful as well. Isn't it amazing how still they can be when they're intent on watching something.
Yes, God is the most amazing artist of all!
It seems that spring has arrived here in my neck of the woods, as well. I walked outside Sunday morning and noticed that the flowering shrub in our front yard is blooming! I was a little shocked since I'm used to the seemingly endless northern winters. I must say, this is a very pleasant surprise! I posted a pic of the blooming flowers in today's post if you'd like to see them.
Happy Spring! I'm going to go check out your recipe right now :)

KathyB. said...

The last picture looked like a caped man with long white hair. What a beautiful moth. You are right about God being The Artist... even the best artist cannot compete with His creation for beauty and imagination.