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Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's that time of year...........at least for me............

that I start thinking about the purchase of baby ducklings,
and new baby chicks...........baby hens, I hope.Last year I wound up with 2 roosters in what was supposed to be hens. I now have 3 roosters and not enough hens to keep everyone happy in the hen house.
The eggs are starting to show up in the nests in the most wonderful colors of Easter egg green, farm house brown, and whites. How I would love to make a box of crayons with the names of farm house brown, corn field yellow, and pumpkin patch orange! Wouldn't you? I always wonder who gets to make up colors for different products and then gets to name them. What would you name a crayon color , if you got to?? I would love to hear!

I currently only have 9 hens............which are giving me a good amount of eggs each day. If I did get more hens, I can always easily sell the eggs. Now that I am staying home full time.........(and loving it!) I, once again, want to throw myself full time into raising different farm foul, and working on a field for my orchard.
I would also love to start raising peacocks. I have loved these beautiful creatures from the first time I saw them. They are so expensive to start out with and the worry of losing them to predators is what is making me not to make the commitment to get any. However, I have the pull of my heart to just jump in and get started.
How about you? Is there or was there something that you wanted to try your hand at, but kept putting off? Have you given it a try yet? Perhaps raising sheep or a horse? Maybe going back to school? I would love to hear!


grammy said...

Baby chicks seem a long way off to me...I always take the little ones to the feed store to see the baby chicks and ducks. Little 3 asks every time we drive by there if we can stop and see them. I have to keep saying they are not there yet (o:
About peacocks...they are so noisy. We had one family in our small town when I was growing up...and I swear you could hear them all over town. They are pretty (o:

How about rooster comb red???

Connie said...

I've never known anyone who raised peacocks. I've only seen them at the zoo. I hope you can make it happen, Kathleen. :) Nice pictures. It looks so warm there. We're getting more snow today. I'm really tired of the cold. Hope you have a nice weekend!

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Rooster Comb Red!!! Perfect Grammy! blessings,Kathleen

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

Oh my, those eggs are beautiful. Is that a pink egg? Save me the shell... how lovely.

Peacocks are tempermental, the male is quite bold acting. A lady I once knew had a farm with several and she said her male is like a watch dog.

I dont think my neighbors would love me turning my backyard into a farm, that is what I want. A small place with a few goats and chickens.

So for now, I will come read your blog and daydream.

Ladybug said...

Would love to have Chickens but its
a bit warm in the Southwest during the summer months for them. Wonderful Photos too,Peacock sounds
for the farm, hope you can find one.
Thanks for nice commnet on my Blog
Kathleen :-)
Blessing ....

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

When we first moved into our house more than twenty years ago, there was a house maybe a half mile away that had a flock of peacocks. It was so much fun to drive by and see them all over the yard and even on top of the house. Startled me the first time I saw them!

Where do you get your baby chicks? Locally? I get mine through the mail.

Bright Winter Sky Blue. The sky just never seems to be quite as blue as on a cold sunny winter day.

Michaele said...

If you don't live close to a busy road you might have better luck with the peacocks than I did. They are like pheasants - always wanting to cross. How about John Deere Green? Oh ya, that already is a color. lol

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

We are still having cold spells here in NC (which is a surprise to me, never expected it to get and stay so cold here).
I wish I could have some baby chicks, but the developement I Live in doesn't allow it. I'm sure your going to be able to enjoy them now that your at home :o)

DayPhoto said...

Although, Peacocks are beautiful they are a pain. They sleep in trees, or on the porch railing, or on the truck or car. Thier claw nails are very long and will scratch whatever they jump on and they will jump on lots of stuff...including children. They have HUGE poop because they are BIG birds and they love to eat. That said I love to hear them cry (sounds like HELP, HELP), see them showing off (Tail feather fans) and loving the moult when those tail feathers become yours.

Have fun, if you get some, and keep all of us posted.


Suma Subramaniam said...


The idea of peacocks seems very beautiful. With all the lovely colors you already have in your yard, I can imagine how beautiful it would be to add a peacock to the cluster.

I've been thinking about renewing the daily walks with my dog and your post is inspires me to do that.


Verde Farm said...

I love getting new ducklings or chicks too. As for a crayon color (great question) I am thinking barn house red, blue bird blue, sunflower yellow or asparagus green :)

I have peafowl--a cock and a hen and I was worried about how I would be able to take care of them safely. They are no problem at all. I do have a dog that keeps predators away for the most part but they roost in my barn and eat with my ducks and chickens and wander around the farm but not too far. We have had them for almost a year. If you love them--go for it. You won’t be disappointed.

Jody Blue said...

I have heard peacocks can really hold their own. They were used for centuries around palaces as they sound the alarm if anything is out of the ordinary.

KathyB. said...

Chickens and eggs, I love them both! I know a lot of people look forward to their flower, seed, and garden catalogs arriving in the mail this time of year, but it is the poultry catalogs that get me excited.

Paula said...

You know how giddy I get along about springtime over baby chickies, Kathleen! *giggle*
I think we are going to raise some more Silkies, but will have to wait until warmer weather since they are not very hardy in cold weather.

Nancy M. said...

I would love to have some new hens and some more guineas this year. Coyotes got all but two of our guineas and I really miss them pecking around the yard. We haven't really gotten many eggs this winter, hopefully come spring it will pick up.