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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Farm Fresh Eggs for Sale

Hello everyone! How was your Easter? The baby bunny, Hercules, is doing well and is the delight of the farm. I have gotten to know one of our "neighbors" down the road about 4 miles away. {: We don't visit often, but stop to say hello and catch up once in a while. I had offered a free dozen eggs since I am now getting 6 eggs a day. She told me she would like to have a dozen each week and purchased a dozen and a half yesterday. Also, she has friends who would like fresh eggs and she will be telling them. Not a large income, but a sprouting seed for my dream of selling things from "the farm". The pine trees I had sprouted last year are growing and I have more planted. I still have the dream of selling pine trees and pumpkins! Hopefully, this is the small step I need to make the "dreams" a reality. Do any of you sell things from your farms? Do you live 30 miles from town as I do and do you travel into town to sell, or do people know how to find you? I would love to know! A friend once told me, that she would help her grandmother make butter and then they would go to town on Saturdays and sell the butter along with fresh eggs. Do you have any memories like that? Please share them! I would love to hear from you!


Jen's Farmily said...

Thank you for visiting my blog(s). I love finding new farm blogs to read.

We're getting between 8 and 15 eggs a day from our 22 chickens!! We've been giving them away to family and friends for now. We may sell them for $1.00 a dozen to people who want them.

Have you ever visited the site www.backyardchickens.com? There are a lot of people on there who sell their eggs various ways. A lot of people seem to have luck with posting a flyer on the bulletin board at feed stores or places like that.

This is turning into a long comment, but I'm sort of like you...I lived in the country, moved to the city, and am now back in the country and happy as can be! My boyfriend introduced me to growing our own vegetables. This year will be my first year at trying to can. It could get scary! :)

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Hi Jen, thanks for the information! Good Luck on canning, it will not be as scary as you think and once you have learned, you will can everything that doesn't move! Blessings to you, Kathleen

Julie said...


This just sounds so dreamy! It's amazing, to me, that I found your blog!
I have the same dreams of having a farm and growing Christmas trees and pumpkins and raising animals... I just know that I'm going to learn so much from you.
So please, remember that no detail is too small to share!

Many Blessings,

LindaSue said...

First - congratulations on becoming an entreprenurial egg (er?) Wonderful how people will pay for something you were willing to give away! J&J - canning is very simple or women wouldn't have been able to do it for a couple hundred years now! If I can can - any one can (OK I'm tired and trying too hard here) again - it is wonderful to hear how the egg business and the pine tree business are growing (groaning at my own humor - g'night!)

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

How lucky you are to have fresh farm eggs. We use to have chickens and I want to get some again. We will need to build us our henhouse again.
I also am a first time gardner. I grew my first gigantic pumpkin last year. It did not grow as big as I thought but it did get big. I have a picture posted on my blog. Please come and visit sometime.

Mel said...

we are getting ready to place our spring order(minimum of 25) for more chickens. In the past we had 6 hens and received approx. 4 eggs a day; boy, do they add up fast. I used to take them and give them away to my elder clients whom just "loved fresh eggs". They started asking if I had another dozen saved up for them. We are down to 2 hens that are 3 years old and have slowed down on laying. With the increased number of hens we will be selling our eggs right here on the farm. In our area brown eggs sell for $2 a dozen.

Pumpkins, well kinda-sorta by accident we started our own pumpkin patch when I dumped my left over pumpkins (end of fall) into our "old" manure pile. We have real good luck and they replant themselves each year from the ones I don't feel are fit to pick. Give them to family and friends but, may in the future sell a few.

We also just last spring planted 320 some grapevines plan to sell them to the local wineries. Thousand Island Viticultural Association is just getting under way in our area, so we have some potential buyers. Hubby, would like to purchase at least 300 more; soon, for planting this spring.

Good luck to you, from one farmer to another.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Hi everyone! Julie, welcome and thanks for stopping by! I'm not sure how much you can learn from me since I am just beginning also. Just follow your heart and jump into the dirt! Come back to visit!Lindasue, I love your sense of humor! Keep it up!Hi Irma, welcome and thanks for stopping by. I will go take a look at your pumpkin!Mel, you inspire me! Eggs in our area are also around $2.00 a dozen. Everyone here seems to love getting fresh eggs. We tried grapevines, just a couple, but the ground where we planted them I think needs mending. They did not do well. I am thinking of planting blackberry bushes, as I love baking with blackberries. Thanks everyone for your comments! Blessings, Kathleen