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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

violas and pink prairie grass

I love the golden hue that fills the house from the sun in the early morning hours. In the late afternoon, the sky is filled with a palette of color from soft butter yellow, flamingo pink, tangerine orange, cornflower blue and violet. There is always is different sky each day at sunset. This is one of the things I noticed when we moved out to the country. The neighboring houses in town always hid this treasure.This is one reason I love Violas. Their colors remind me of the evening sky. I am really going to miss these flowers as the weather heats up and they die away. Another thing I was thrilled to discover was that the prairie grass has purple/pink tops as they get ready to seed. When the sun hits them either in the morning or sunset, they give off a pink hue. When one looks across the field, they would think it to be a mass of pink flowers, and then are surprised to see the prairie grass waving in the wind. I am thinking about trying to gather some seed to sprout out into a container, maybe an oblong window box type?


J & J Acres said...

I love the colors of spring. They never seem to show up correctly in my pictures though.

Spring definitely makes you happy to be out in the country, doesn't it? :)

Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh, those colors are gorgeous. Yes, I think a window box filled with prairie grass would be the neatest thing. You have some terrific ideas, Kathleen!

Julie said...

Those pictures are just beautiful, Kathleen!
And your descriptions...... I feel like I'm there with you, sitting on your big porch sipping at a glass of sweet, iced tea........
Thanks for the visit!