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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Peroxide Soak

Hello everyone. I am not sure if after reading this post, you may have questions about hydrogen peroxide soak... or maybe some of you are aware of this procedure. So I will explain this, as this is what I do to some of my seeds to get them ready for sprouting. I used this method last year the very first time for me to plant pumpkins, and my pumpkin patch was beautiful. I had found this on a forum on the Internet and decided to try it. Has anyone else heard of this or has done this before?

STEP 1: In the photo with the cups, I have pumpkin, cantaloupe, zucchini, and watermelon seeds soaking in peroxide, straight out of the bottle for 18 hours. Why peroxide? Peroxide has extra molecules of oxygen which oxygenates the seeds and also disinfects the seed coating, thus protecting it and aiding it in the germination process. This in turn, has healthy sprouting plants.

STEP 2: After the soak, place the seeds on paper towels that have been wetted and then squeezed of excess water, leaving the paper towel moist. Fold the other side of paper towel over seeds.

STEP 3: Label ziplock bags for the seeds and place the wet towel with seeds into bag and zip closed. Place the seeds where they will remain warm. Keep them covered and unexposed to bright light. I place them in a box, cover them with a towel, and either lay them on top of the refrigerator, or outside in a warm, but not hot spot.

In a couple of days, you should see the main root sprouting. Carefully separate the seedling sprout from the paper towel and plant them root down in cups of potting mix. I hopefully will have a photo in a couple of days. I let these plants grow until about the middle to the last of May, assuring a good root system, and then I transplant them to the garden areas I have prepared. This is the way I enjoy sprouting seeds and it may not be a good way for others. The best advice I can offer anyone, is try different things and find what works for you the best. This is what makes gardening so enjoyable.


Julie said...


I have never, never heard of this.
Thank you for sharing -- I will tell my daughter this (she's 13, our younger daughter) and wants to grow flowers. We've let her start a few and she also picked out cantaloupe and watermelon -- out of all the seeds, only 1 of each has sprouted (so far.) I wish that we had heard of this earlier.

See, I told you that I have much to learn from you!!!!


Eggs In My Pocket said...

Hi Julie, I have not used this procedure on flower seed, and I hope you have success! Blessings, Kathleen