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Friday, June 21, 2024

Hello Summer!

 Awhile back, I posted on my embroidery blog , Yesteryear Embroideries, about a mushroom stitchery that I was currently starting.  You can see the post with this link:


and I wanted to add flowers and such to the mushroom design.

For weeks I stitched up a storm, thinking how wonderful this would all look when 
I finished......I was shocked at how awful it looked.......as you see in the photo above......the dark green thread, the beads, the over clustering of the pink flowers, took the eye away from the mushrooms.  Sometimes, 
too much........is......too much!
I never have a problem with ripping out stitches.....even days and weeks of stitches.
As you can see, decluttering the stitching now has made everything look pretty. 
I can now call this piece "finished" and get it ready to place into my 
Stitch Book.
I have been working and planning on a stitch book for quite some time.
It's not the typical stitch book where I show the work of different stitches in 
embroidery accomplished.  This is a book for the different pieces I embroider over
the years and ones that I do not frame.  I wanted a place to put them all......
so a stitch book seems to be the right place.
 I have always loved this design and 
embroidered it for the cover of my stitch book. 
This is the front
and when folded, this is the back.
I wanted the inside cover, front and back to have some 
of my favorite quotes, so I cross stitched these on 25 count, 
stitched it to the outside cover, and now when folded, it makes a great inside 
cover for the stitch book.
I only have a few pages, but am hoping to have quite a few more 
by the end of this year.  I am not sure whether I will complete the book this
year or maybe stitch more into next year. 
There hasn't been much else happening here.......our lives go day
to day at a quiet pace.  I did come up on a hognose snake
and scooped it up for a better photo.  No worries.....this little snake is quite
calm and nice........never tries to strike.
I also came across this whimsical toad......who seemed to smile at me as I said hello to it.
I hope this finds you are having pleasant weather and pretty summer days.  



Rose said...

oh, my...all those lovely stitches...I sure love the mushroom one, too. I really, really enjoyed seeing these. They are beautiful.

Nancy J said...

The stitching book is a wonderful thought , and the second mushroom photo shows just how delicate it can be, love it.

Mary, Windy Meadows Farm said...

The stitching is wonderful – and you’re right simplifying it made such a difference. You can see the beauty! And hats off to you for bravery, yikes I’d be stepping away quickly away from a snake never dreaming of picking it up. You officially get the title Buffalo Woman - around here that means strong and brave!

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

I love your mushrooms and your stitch book. What a good idea for storing your precious stitches!
The little toad is so cute. I'll take your word for the snake!

Granny Marigold said...

You've done some lovely embroideries. The first mushroom piece and the second, less embellished one are both lovely each in their own way. I must admit I would have hated to unpick all that painstaking work.

Marie Smith said...

Your embroidery is beautiful. It will make a lovely book. A treasure for sure!

The snake and toad are great finds. I am always delighted when I come upon some animals I don’t see every day.

Julia said...

All your stitches are done to perfection. Such lovely work.

I'm not a fan of snakes, even of the non-poisonous ones, I'm afraid. You are brave to handle it in your hand.
Take care, Hugs.


Bonnie K said...

What a great idea about the stitch book. I love snakes. Mainly because they eat mice!

Barwitzki said...

Your embroidery is beautiful... I like it very much.
It will be a wonderful embroidery book - great idea. Much joy to you.
And I didn't even know you were a snake tamer... thanks for the great photo
and no, I wouldn't have dared.
Beautiful frog too.
Many kind regards come to you from Viola

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Kathleen, your embroidery is beautiful and you were right that the first mushroom and flowers looked overpowering and the second one is so much better. You made a good decision to change the design. I have never heard of a book just showing stitches and the beginning of yours is lovely. It will certainly be a treasure when completed. Even thiugh the snake is harmless, I sould not hold it myself, but the toad was fun to see and also would not hold it.

Bonnie K said...

I agree sometimes less is more. I love the final mushroom. Your stich book is divine. I absolutely love snakes and toads. Unfortunately, we don't have toads here. Thanks for the post. That stich book is my favorite.