"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands........" 1 Thessalonians 4:11

Friday, May 1, 2020

Pretty days......and hopefully......happier days ahead?

I hope this finds all of you well and that you have not suffered from this dreadful coronavirus.
I hope you all have found a way to "hang on" and to get through this difficult time.  Sunny, pretty days always give me hope that things will be better..........I truly hope that this will be true when it comes to this virus.
Today.........come take a walk with me, and look at the crooked, twisted mesquite trees that are fully leafed out and make every space
look welcoming......even on the hottest days.

New paths have been made deeper into the "woods"
and now there are more spaces to create more 

Usually, everyone in this area knows the mesquite trees are 
small thorny bushes.......which , we have plenty of those. 

Here, on the grounds, we are also happy to have very old and 
large mesquite trees that are actually "trees"
even the large stumps that look dead
have new growth sprouting and twisting upwards

I love the way they bow over to each other, making a
natural archway. I am in the process of making a "sitting area " here.

All along the grounds, hundreds of wildflowers are in bloom.
Many have sprouted in the spaces I have cleared in the woods.

They seem to know exactly where to sprout and to show their beauty.

Wild birds are filling the air with their songs.  

Wherever there is water, they are sure to show up for a drink or a splash

As many of you have seen through the news media, one positive thing this virus has brought out......
is the spark of creativity in many. I hope after this has all passed, that everyone will still hang on to 
their imagination and keep creating.
From the grounds, there are so many "gifts" from nature. With just a little bit of time, 
you could create  rock flowers along some paths with the natural rocks that you find along your walk.

they also serve as a great decorative accent to the cement walk ways

The latest thing I have discovered is the beautiful color that
the flowers and plants give in the process of natural dyeing. 
I am not an expert on this.....so if  you are interested, you can find many helpful tips on
natural dyeing on the internet.  Go out and see what plants in your yard can give you an amazing color.

Even on the hottest days........Sophie still loves to tag along and 
 explore the grounds as much as I love to.

Now ......tell me.......what is growing in your backyard?
Have you found time on your hands and a new creative pastime?   
Whether it be in sewing, carpentry, gardening, or any other
creative outlet, I would love to hear about what  you are creating!


Granny Marigold said...

I love to see your old trees bending down and making arches. And the wildflowers!!!
This is the time when tulips are blooming here. I also have lots of Forget-me-nots
( note to self: remember to cut most of them down before they shed seeds or I'll have nothing but them next year.)
I have been isolating due to the virus threat but gradually I'm seeing more of my family. No one that I actually know has had it thankfully.
Keep well.

Nancy J said...

Safe and peaceful, in every photo you have today. And the way the tree branches create a leafy "bower" to walk below, that would be the fitting finale to a beautiful pathway.

Vagabonde said...

I think those trees have dramatic shapes. They would be a great inspiration for a painter. Just think what Van Gogh could have done with these trees!

Natalia said...

I love your beautiful pictures of nature, much needed this time! And your dog is so cute😊 Stay safe and healthy everyone!

Sally said...

So glad to see your photo's! I've always loved wildflowers, and as mentioned before I've tried to grow using seeds. I haven't seem to be creative much lately, and do hope before long I'll get my 'legs' back to work in the yard some. My daughter sold the back part of her property so before long there will be so me 'business' back there. :)

Take care, and thanks for sharing your pictures. :)


NanaNor's said...

What a beautiful area you live in~love the wildflowers and Sophie. We did get our Lacy Leafed Japanese Maple planted and hope to go out today for flowers, unless we get rain and thunder. Being outside really helps with our limitations, doesn't it.
Thanks for sharing your area with us.

happyone said...

What interesting and beautiful old trees. Don't have any around here. Love how they form canopies.
The wild flowers are gorgeous.
We still don't have flowers on our trees but it won't be long now.
I have so many things to do that I find the days just fly by. Boredom is not one of my problems. :)

The Wykeham Observer said...

The trees have a lot of character. A nice place to sit down on a bench. I've been taking all the geraniums out of the basement to get them going again. Also been working on an old dresser that was my grandpa's when he lived with the family in the winter. It will need a lot of work. Phil/Minn.

Connie said...

I love the wildflowers that grow in your area. Your rock flowers pathway is so neat to see too. I am hoping for happier days ahead too.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Well, of course, we don't have a lot growing in our city backyard, Kathleen. Your wooded walkways are quite lovely to see and all those colorful wildflowers surely brighten up any day. Thanks for showing the natural dyes and will be waiting to "see" what projects you complete with the dyes materials. The stone flower walkways are great and best part is that they require no watering.