"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands........" 1 Thessalonians 4:11

Monday, March 9, 2020

I stepped out at 7:30 in the morning to see a full moon??

I was in absolute awe........to see such a gigantic moon.....
so late in the morning, situated in the west morning sky right above the workings of a substation. 

This is the full moon of March, called the Worm Moon, , which will occur in the eastern U.S. during the afternoon hours of March 9, about 13 hours before reaching perigee, the nearest point from Earth in its orbit. This will create a "supermoon," a full moon that appears slightly larger than average.

The moon will look full to the eye on both March 8 and March 9, 2020. The crest of the full moon falls on March 9 at 17:48 UTC (1:48 p.m. Eastern; 12:48 p.m. Central; translate UTC to your time). In North America, we call the March full moon the Worm Moon, Crow Moon or Sap Moon. This 2020 March full moon presents the first of three straight full moon supermoons. Overall, the full moon of March 9 is 2020’s second-closest full moon.
I felt so excited to be able to witness such a beautiful wonder!

It seems that everyday , here on the grounds, there is something "in wait"
to surprise and delight me, and I feel blessed. Even though this is a predator, this red tail hawk was 
just a beautiful giant in the tree of the front yard the other day.  I am always surprised to see how large some of these birds can actually be.

This is the time of year that the fragrant stock flower is showing off
it's beautiful blossoms. I always look for their blooms in anticipation for warm 
spring days to soon follow.

Sophie is always my constant companion.....witnessing all of the wonder
and beauty as we walk along. Although I have no real idea about what she 
is thinking.........I really think she loves the gifts of nature as much as I do.

There are other "gifts of nature" that I absolutely love.
I have collected seashells since I was a teen and have kept collecting through the years. 
Some of the best collected shells are from our family trips to the beach with our children when they 
were small.
I came upon this large box of seashells on the bottom dusty shelf,  in a garage at an 
estate sale.  The sales lady offered the whole box to me 
for just a handful of dollars.

There were so many piled in the box......some still full of beach sand. 
My task began with cleaning and then sorting the many different varieties,

 all along, wondering who the people were who gathered all of these beauties, and wondering
at what place were they found . Did they go to Florida each year?  or take a few days down to Corpus Christie or Galveston?
After sorting, I researched and labeled the different types of shell,
and I counted them all up..........  1,174 seashells in all. 

 Many of the odd and prettier shells I placed in  
 vintage jars and glass containers from my shop

and displayed them along with my collections that were gathered
by me and my little family on those wonderful beach trips of long ago.

With the abundance of rain that has staggered through the days,
I have not been able to do much outside work.........the dreaded overgrown  
cactus patch is still waiting for me.  
I have kept my hands busy making things
from strips of old flannel shirts.  "Wear it out, use it up, make it do" has always been a motto
to live by.  
You can read about the things I am currently creating on my 
embroidery blog at this link

I also managed to finish decorating the old vintage 
dollhouse that I found at an estate sale years ago

but as I have been told by many, dollhouse work is never 
really done.  That is true.......

And just as Sophie is my outside companion...........
I have an inside companion Taboo.  Who I think ,likes
the title of "creative supervisor" .
He constantly looks through my threads, fibers, and fabrics. And is
constantly perched above me on shelves or the couch, watching every 
stitch I make.  
In the photo above, he is inspecting the fabric of my latest project.
Life is good to have such sweet help and companions!
Here's wishing the same for you!


lil red hen said...

The moon was beautiful this month for sure. I did get to see it Sunday morning, but Monday morning was too cloudy to see it. Oh how I wish there was a kitty to sit with me while I work. There are lots of cats, but all in the barns.

Sandi said...

Beautiful moon!

I am your newest Follower.

Nancy J said...

This is a delightful story, love the shells in the glass jars, lined up to see every day.They have done their work, and now show off their beauty,. And to have a cat for company is the best, in my eyes, Moxy, the little boy who has come to live with us, loves to be close, or even CLOSER. At the back of my chair, on my knee, and walks across my pillow to say " Time to get my breakfast" A long story about how he came to live here, I must post a photo of this lilac boy.

happyone said...

I saw that moon this morning too. WOW! Last night it seemed like a flood light was on.
That is a lot of shells!!
Nice job on the dollhouse!!

NanaNor's said...

Happy Monday; I always love seeing your photos and blog. That moon was incredible this morning; I didn't see it but hope it will be just as awe inspiring tonight. I have collected sea glass since we were a young family and also shells; still have some. Our weather has been so unusual this year-two days warm, one day cold. I'm so ready for spring.

Granny Marigold said...

I didn't think to look for the full moon in the morning but last night the moon shone so brightly into the skylight over my bed that I got up for a better look. My but it was lovely.
Among the many things I collect are some sea shells that I display on a long black shelf in the powder room. I also have a very big shell on the floor of that room, too big for the shelf. What a good idea, displaying them in old jars.
You've done a great job decorating the doll house. It looks totally different now.
I'm glad you have Sophie to help you with your crafts and projects. What would you do without her?

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a beautiful moon! Thanks for sharing. Your shell collection is wonderful. Love the photo of your sweet indoor kitty. Our felines are such a comfort to us.

Happy Living ~ FlowerLady

The Wykeham Observer said...

You've been very busy. I think it's important to keep busy inside when you can't go out. I have quite a seashell collection, but not organized. I want to also put them in big jars. I like the flowers around the tree. Phil

Henny Penny said...

Those are the most beautiful moon pictures ever!!! Wish I could have been there beside you, seeing it in person. This is such a wonderful post. The seashells are beautiful too. I've collected them over the years, but after a while when they get all full of dust, throw them out. Wish now I had kept them all. I do have two baskets filled with pretty shells. Poppy and I love nature and being in the country too. We were talking about that just yesterday. He said, can you imagine living in town and missing out on all this. We have red tail hawks here.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Oh beautiful pics of the moon....and the Hawk. I never cease being elated with a visit from my Hawk or my Crows. We have had rain so not even a glimpse of the moon here. My nephew has posted wonderful pics of the moon over Seattle and the Space needle and also over Mt. Hood. Your shell collection is beautifully displayed.
xx, Carol

Faith said...

Enjoyed the nature walk with you. Isn't that moon stunning? We had some clouds here so I wasn't able to see it. I do love me some sea shells, what a find. I've collected mine from a variety of ways, ( not from the beach unfortunatly) but I love them just the same. I'd like to go beachcombing some day...

Prims By The Water said...

Great seashell collection. I saw the moon in the morning and it was really awesome! Janice

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

What awesome photos of the Full Worm Moon. It was huge.
The photo of the hawk is great, too.
What an enjoyable hobby collecting sea shells.

Happy Spring!

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

Wow! What a great shot of that beautiful moon! I am still not used to the "springing forward", but it's getting better.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos of the worm moon, Kathleen, so enjoyed seeing these wonderful ones you posted. It was indeed very large and colorful too! I hope that hawk doesn't capture anything around your yard, like birds or chickens. Your flannel creations were beautiful and you do know how to re-use and make things lovely. I dont know whether or not I would have been as dedicated to count and sort all those shells, but they did look lovely in jars on the shelf.

Sally said...

Wow that moon; you captured it beautifully! :)

You know, I feel downright lazy when I visit you and see all that you've accomplished and still do. You're an amazing soul, Kathleen!


Connie said...

Happy spring to you, Kathleen! I enjoyed seeing all your photos and "catching up" with all that you've been doing lately. Lovely work on your dollhouse and flannel pieces. The shells look lovely the way you have them displayed.

Natalia said...

Wow,the moon looks so beautiful! I love your photos and your collection of shells is so pretty. Have a lovely day☺