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Monday, April 22, 2019

There are so many different wildflowers and native plants blooming here on the grounds

that if I show you all of the photos.....in one post....it would be a very lengthy post.
So I will share just a couple of lovely native shrubs, that often
at a glance, people  do not know that they bloom........or even exist.
There is so much natural landscape disappearing due to
the "oil bust" here in Texas. So many beautiful plants
are being destroyed........so many meadows and prairies are
being dozed over.......all of it lost, forever.  Look closely at the shrubs
beside the cactus in the above photo.  When the sun shines just right,
this plant has the loveliest lavender color..............

because it is blooming the prettiest ,purple, lavender ,and yellow, flowers
that have a "feathery" look.
That is why they are called
Feather Dalea 
(Dalea formosa)

It is a shrub that grows 2 to 3 feet high. 
It blooms in April, is deciduous, and grows in full Texas sun.
And it has a light flowery scent, which Sophie approves of.

Across the prairie grounds here, it springs up and is so pretty to see! 

Next, I have posted on this plant before........and a few months back, it
had tan color berries.........now that spring has come......
the berries have turned red.
This is the Joint Fir
(Ephedra antisyphilitica)

It grows about a 3 foot high shrub, is an evergreen ,and 
likes partial shade.
The deer love to eat this, and I love creating gardens around this.

At this time, the woods are filled with color from this
shrub that grows everywhere. 

It is such a beautiful and peaceful time .....here on the prairie
and I am hoping that this finds you under a blanket of natural beauty 
instead of snow!

I stood in the Maytime meadows
By roses circled round,
Where many a fragile blossom
Was bright upon the ground...
Volkslied (German folk song)


happyone said...

Beautiful photos!!

Granny Marigold said...

I feel the same way, that it's such a shame when natural landscape is cleared. Out here it's usually to make room for yet another subdivision.
You have very interesting native shrubs that seem to thrive on your farm. I like that Sophie appreciates the scent of that particular bush.

Prims By The Water said...

I so love flowering shrubs. Great pics. Janice

The Wykeham Observer said...

I'm glad you're preserving the native shrubs and cacti on your land. It's sad when people don't appreciate what they have around them and don't even notice when it's gone. Phil

Nancy J said...

I so enjoyed a stroll through your garden, and the close ups of those flowers, they are beautiful.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

It's nice to see such lovely colors in your yard, Kathleen. At times, it makes me "miss" our VA yard, but then when I think of the yard work I'm not missing, I feel better :-)

Karen said...

I love seeing your native plants, Kathleen, they are beautiful and so different from what we have. At this point we still don't have any color yet except for the rhubarb just poking up through the ground.

Karen said...

Oh, and I forgot to add, that is a gorgeous butterfly in the last picture!

Hill Top Post said...

I am always amazed at how your Texas prairie can just suddenly burst into a kaleidoscope of brillant colors. It is such a lovely time of year. I can hardly make myself stay in except on rainy days, like today.

Connie said...

You have such beautiful wildflowers growing there, Kathleen. I always enjoy seeing what is in bloom in Texas. Sweet pictures of Sophie.

Pam said...

Beautiful. A different look from my TN spring. Thanks for sharing.

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

Nice photo of Sophie. I love all the photos of the beautiful wildflowers. It sure is lovely in your neighborhood.