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Monday, June 23, 2014

Just a few short weeks ago,

my garden looked like this..........

and now the black eyed peas that I planted have grown to be very healthy. They haven't started blooming yet, but it wont be long..........I hope!

My tomatoes have done well this year, but I am not giving them a chance to turn red............

they get plucked when they are still green and turned into a delicious plate of fried green tomatoes.
If you would like to make these for yourself, just wash and cut off ends of green tomatoes. Slice about a quarter inch thin....... roll them into a mixture of cornmeal and flour mixed together, dip them in buttermilk,  and then roll them in the cornmeal and flour mixture again. 
Fry them in a deep skillet of hot oil until golden. Drain and serve hot with a side dish of ranch dressing! 
So good!

I had company the other day as I worked out on the grounds. This vulture and a few of his friends stopped by to take a look around.........

and I saw this from a distance

got closer to discover a Coach-whip snake coming out of it's hole. 

It was as curious about me as I was it and I was able to get a good close up picture........
see the dirt still on it's head? 

It is also a time of lots of zucchini on the vines, and time to make wonderful zucchini bread.
For a great recipe, visit my cooking blog by clicking onto this link

So tell me.........what is growing or watching in your back yard?


Terra said...

I like the idea of your fried green tomatoes. It takes a LONG time for any veggies to ripen at our house due to the temperate climate and not a lot of sun in our yard. So your garden looks fantastic to me. All those black eyed peas.

Sally said...

Love fried green tomatoes! Yours look wonderful; I'll have to try making them the way you do. :)

Connie said...

Wow, your garden is looking great! It won't be long until you have black-eyed peas to pick. That snake would give me the willies! The zucchini bread looks delicious. I hope you have a good week! :)

lil red hen said...

I'm so glad you've had enough rain to have a good garden. We've also had rain, and that makes for lots of grass with the veggies, lol The snake ~ well, too close for comfort for me even though he isn't bad.

peggy said...

I love your garden and wish I had room for black eyed peas. Fried green tomatoes are also a favorite. Never tried them with ranch!

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

We've only got leaf lettuce so far with garlic scapes and onions very soon.
The fried green tomatoes sound yummy... I haven't had them in years.
Zucchini I usually save for pickles but if a few get too big the bread is a great idea.
Hope you're no where near all that rain and flooding I see on the news.
Take care and enjoy the Summer.
Susan x

A Colorful World said...

Oh, wow, your garden is doing fabulously! And I love the photo of the snake. Oh, yum, those fried green tomatoes look amazing! Wish I had some! :-) The garden is still pretty pitiful out there. I didn't plant very much this time. I feel like I have to waste so much water for so little yield.

Debra said...

I've got to hop over to your cooking blog-I didn't know about it. My hubby LOVES zuke bread. My zucchini has not flowered yet-I keep looking at the plants and hoping it will happen!
The snake is-well, I want to be nice....I am fascinated and scared of these creatures at the same time. Not sure if I'd want to see one come up out of the ground too close to me!
We have vultures too-they are ugly and beautiful at the same time.
We love fried green tomatoes too-but I have to find other flours besides wheat, as I'm gluten sensitive. Hope it's not terribly hot for you-we're going through some humidity and heat right now....Take care...