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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This is the view of my back yard

and all around my garden spaces, and the sweet smell of all of this blows through the open door and windows of the house.

The evening primrose...........buttercups....... along the back ridge of the grounds are so sweet and fragrant, that they are full of bees.  

Even a trip to take out the trash is pure enjoyment .

The prairie acreage of our farm is completely covered in bouquets,

and a thick carpet of flowers of every color. The smell is heavenly!

Even under the mesquite trees the flowers blossom.

Speaking of mesquite trees, this is how the woods now look............
going from the dark and grey barren, to the green and leaf filled.

(click on photo for a better view)
One thing about mesquite trees is that their sap starts oozing out and dripping everywhere. You don't want to park your car or place your chair underneath a mesquite tree during this time. It is very sticky and hard to wash off. This tree bubbled and hardened in the hot Texas sun that we have been having lately.

The sap looks like orange marbles this way and is semi hard on the outside, but still soft and gooey.

How about you? Are you enjoying the blossoms and buzzing around you?
I would love to hear!
****** On a special note******
Have you ever wondered what Stephen King or Vanna White likes to eat??
Well, our blogging friend Nancy Huggins knows!!!
Because they personally told her!
And now she is telling all of us!!
That's right!
Nancy, at Inside Nana's Head blog has just completed and published a cookbook with not only Stephen King's and Vanna Whites, recipes, but many more other celebrities as well.
The cookbook also donates a portion of proceeds to animals in need.
How much better can it get?
Much more!
There are also photos and notes written to Nancy by these folks!!
Go over to visit Nancy and wish her the best will you?
You might even want to get yourself a copy of that cookbook!
I did...........it is amazing!
Just click onto to this link to visit her!


Glenda said...

Love your pics! I had no idea the prairie had so many blooms; it's absolutely beautiful - and so are the mesquite trees. I didn't know about the sap oozing from them, either.

TxFarmhouse said...

God's painting is beautiful!

Hill Top Post said...

The prairie is so beautiful! I would love to drive through Texas just to see the wildflowers.

grammy said...

Flowers flowers flowers
beauty all around.
Roosters fighting ( i do not think I would like the crowing part (o:
That cake looks divine... will have to check out the recipe.
We have had wonderful flowering trees all over town. I have tulips and the Iris are coming up.

Country Gal said...

Lovely photos ! I can imagine the wonderful fragrance ! Cool how the sap does that ! Have a good day !

Connie said...

Your view there is absolutely stunning, Kathleen. It's all so pretty and different from how it is here. Thank you for sharing your pictures. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow, your prairie certainly is alive and well. Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing.

blessings, jilly

Michaele said...

Such beauty on the prairie. I would love to walk among these.

Betty Lou said...

Beautiful wildflowers, a far cry from when the ground was cracking from the drought and heat.

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

Wow! This is indeed a masterpiece of God's creation. I love the flowers and can just imagine how sweet they smell. I love flowers. Our dogwoods and snowball bushes are blooming now. I love spring. This cookbook sounds great.

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

Your grounds look wonderful Kathleen! I did not know that about the mesquite sap. Always interesting to visit you.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Our lawns have lots of colorful and very tiny wildflowers, but these are not fragrant at all. How fortunate you are to have both color and fragrance, Kathleen.

Mini said...

A treat for the eyes...Kathleen you are so blessed! It's summer in Bangalore now & the Gulmohur trees are painting the city red:)

Mini said...

A treat for the eyes...Kathleen you are so blessed! It's summer in Bangalore now & the Gulmohur trees are painting the city red:)

A Colorful World said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I love all these beautiful blooms! I know it must smell heavenly! I can sure bet you are enjoying spring!

Agrigirl said...

What beautiful photos! I just have never figured out why so much of what Nature chooses is yellow.

HeidiInHolland said...

What a lucky lady you are to be able to live your dream! I have to live in the city suburbs but try and bloom where I am planted. The prairie flower garden is so beautiful and inspires me to get quilting. Thanks for sharing.

Hugs from Holland ~

Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

I love the title of your blog, Eggs in my Pocket". Having a few "girls" (chickens) of my own, I know how precious and fun they are. And fresh eggs everyday, is so special. Your land is beautiful. I wonder.....do they use that mesquite sap for anything? Have a wonderful week. xo Lynn @thevintagenest

Plumfield House Gardens said...

Beautiful! Are these blooming now? what is the yellow daisy one? guess it is very warm where you are.

deb said...

Simply gorgeous!

Dreaming of Vintage said...

Your land is beautiful! I would love to live in a space like yours!