"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands........" 1 Thessalonians 4:11

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


One thing I have realized after entering the work world that there are things I miss terribly at home......things I used to do.........like taking walks with Sophie in the early mornings. But I appreciate things more also. I also realized, after today, that there are some things I do not like about my new job....................I love my workplace, the ones who work with me, and what I do..............however, it is the most unglamourous job ever. It does me no good to wear makeup,..........I get coated in grease from cooking over the grill...........and I have to wear a hairnet..........yuck. Today, I walked in from work and my son commented on how good I smelt..............puzzled........(he has never said that to me in my lifetime).......I said...........thanks, but I am not wearing cologne...........he said, "you smell like a hamburger".............sigh..........

This is the most pretty time of year. The grounds are covered in wildflowers of every color and plant form. Sophie and I take long walks now in the afternoon, and the fragrance is just wonderful. I am greeted with cheery wildflowers that are on each side of our road drive way. What a wonderful way to be welcomed home in the afternoon!
The blue bonnets have mixed in with all of the yellow wildflowers, as well with the purple prairie aster.

The red Indian blanket flower pulls my eyes away from the abundant yellow daisies. They grow in large clumps and I find myself wanting to pick bouquets to bring inside.

A cold front has moved into Texas and I wore my sweater while I watered my vegetable garden last night. I am also picking bouquets of onion..........

and radishes.................they are from the Hometown Seed company, who graciously sent me seed to plant in my garden. Everything this company sent to me has now sprouted, on time, just as their instructions state. These radishes are so wonderful tasting. As it is, I am still keeping up with my gardening and my embroidery..............however, I have slowed my stitch work down quite a bit. I have gotten to know the "regular customers" at the diner..........not by their face, I never see them, but by their orders. I don't have to ask what kind of jelly one might want, or do they want one or two pieces of toast. I now have a feel for the kitchen I work in , and it is almost like a home kitchen to me now. The lunch hours are hectic and stressful, ..................it's like a whole bunch of black birds coming in to eat at one, tiny bird feeder, and it's a miracle that they all get a few grains to eat................... I look up after the rush and find that it is almost 2 in the day and everyone has been fed and sent along their way. So for you who have asked, yes, I still love my job..............yes, I am exhausted on some days..............but coming home, lifts me up. How about you? Do you work and miss doing some things at home? What do you like to do best when you get home? I would love to hear.


Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Hello Busy Bee Kathleen, I'm delighted that your able to post at all...I'm sure you are enjoying feeding so many hungry people and that job is tough enough ..glad you cut the work load down a bit...can't have you wearing your self out...The veggies look wonderful...give yourself time to make up recipes for the harvest :o)glad to see you have blogged..

Connie said...

The wildflowers there are so pretty, Kathleen! I'm glad to hear you like your job. I think every job has its ups and downs, good points and bad. It does make you appreciate things at home so much more though, I agree.

Julie Harward said...

You smell like a hamburger...sounds good to me! It must be hard work and you must be tired when you get home, I see to it that I got lots of foot rubs at home! The flowers are so pretty and so are those veggies! Come say hi :D

grammy said...

I feel like you work to hard (o:
as if that helps in anyway. Would it be better to be a waitress and see the people? I guess you love to use your cooking skills.
I looked back to see if there was a picture of you or the family... Is your son a teenager? That would explain his love of the smell of hamburger (o:
Enjoy the wildflowers (o:

Debbie said...

Hey, I like hamburgers! I'll bet Sophie can appreciate that good smell, although I'm sure she misses her time with you. I worked out of the home from time to time and I did miss being home. Now I miss having a paying job! Just can't find my niche!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear from you, sorry your so busy in a tough way.

Will post your pillowcases soon, as Mr. Wonderful does not want to lay his head on something so frilly;-) I'm making him some fish pillowcases, which will work out better as he won't be able to "steal" my pillow.

Love the flowers, are blue bonnets and lupine the same?? We have what I call blue bonnets along our freeways, but Mr. Wonderful keeps calling them lupine.


KathyB. said...

Wow! We are still having cold weather and are behind in our planting because of it, and here you have radishes already!

Cologne for a little boy and a big boy, the scent of a hamburger, think the cologne companies are missing something here?

DayPhoto said...

I miss home, I miss doing things on my own time, stuff for myself.

But time is winding down for me, next year I will be 62 and I plan on retiring at that time.

Texas is beautiful in the spring time.


Lanny said...

Too funny, I thought it was bad for me when my dog wanted to eat me after working at the burger place at the state fair but none of my human family ever said I smelled good!

Nancy M. said...

When I worked, I only wanted to come home and nap, lol! I'm glad you're still liking your job. Your son is too funny!

Vickie said...

Hey Kathleen - wow your radishes look great. I should have planted some of mine! My onions do look like yours, however, and we've been snacking on them with our meals at supper time. Nothin' like fresh green onions with whatever you're eatin'!

I miss being home. I stayed home with my kids until they were all in high school and the end of junior high. I was very blessed. I miss all the painting I used to do, I even miss housework - I have to let things slide alot. I miss most of all the time spent with my mother and/or dad. They are getting older. I used to so spend a whole day with them before I went back to work. We'd have lunch, and Daddy was always piddling on some project that I'd help him with (the garden). Or mom and I would go shopping. They won't be able to keep up before too much longer. I sometimes sit at work and think about all the fun we used to have....

Julie said...

Hi, Kathleen!
I was just reading through your last few posts (I haven't been on the computer in a while) and trying to catch up.
I didn't know that you had gone back to work. In your first posts about it, you were so excited, but today's post - you sound so tired. I'm so very sorry for that. You are so sweet and it's just heartbreaking to think of you feeling down.
Do know that you are doing a wonderful thing for both your family and the people you provide a wonderful breakfast and lunch for daily. I know that they ALL appreciate your sacrifices and your work even if they might not be able to tell you.
I'm thinking of and praying for you as you are going through this period of adjustment.
I'm so happy for you that you're still able to see all the beauty around you - your flowers and plants are just lovely. I'm still so jealous of that green thumb of yours! You're always so encouraging to me (even though we both know that I kill silk plants!)but you make me want to keep trying. So I don't give up...
I pray that you always keep seeing the good that is to come for yourself, as well!
Many Blessings,

Kelly said...

Hi Kathleen,I know what you mean about getting a lift from coming home. I have been an ICU nurse for about 26 years and get that feeling every time I get home. At one time I felt fulfilled and complete working. Now, I just want to stay on the farm. I would love to spend my days home and working. There are jobs that pay the bills. If farming would just pay what working outside the home does we would all choose a different occupation. I'm glad that you get out early enough to enjoy your afternoon.

Anonymous said...

You smell like a hamburger brought the biggest smile to my face. Thanks for sharing and for sharing the lovely photos of wild flowers.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I love home. There are things I do like about my job, but at this time in my life, I am tired and I want a quieter, simpler life. I work with disabled kids, which involves a lot of caretaking. My eldest daughter has health issues and I help a lot with her 3 (soon to be 4) kids. I feel I've paid my dues. I want to water my flowers and sit on the porch with my cats and dogs and look at my garden. I want to be available to help with my grandkids. I want to sew and garden and take a few trips--even if I have to camp! But I also need health and dental insurance so I have to keep working full time. At least I do get the summers off. I worked in school catering, so I know how grueling it can be. Still, I did enjoy it most of the time. It's just the dailiness that gets one down! V.

Bev C said...

Hello Kathleen,thank you for the beautiful flowers it is great to see what is in flower in other countries. I know what you mean about smelling like your job. My eldest daughter used to work in a chicken place,gosh her clothes smelt like chicken. Glad to see your seeds are coming up. The radishes look so fresh. Stay rested.Have a great week.

commoncents said...

Thank you for posting this! I find you blog VERY interesting!!

Common Cents

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Jody Blue said...

Your wild flowers are oh so pretty. When our Grace lived at home and worked at Subway the boys always loved the way she smelled when she came home...they loved it even more when she brought them a sub:)