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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gathering stones

The property my mom lives on has a section of lake that runs along a little way down the road from her. This is where I have gathered the colorful stone for my greenhouse path. As you have read in previous posts, we are fixing up a pond. So off to my mom's a few days ago, my sweetie and I went in search of the perfect stones to place around the pond's edge.

This is still a public lake and I think a few people gather on the weekends as evidence from the fireplace made on the bank. However, only a handful of people come out here.
I love the clay stones that lay around the waters edge the most. When the stones are dry, their colors are red and gray, when the stones are wet, the gray turns into a turquoise color.

While sweetie was gathering the larger heavier stones, I gathered up small pebble size stones. These are great to fill in the path spaces and for flower beds.
The day was hot and the water cool and inviting. My mom and I slipped off our shoes and waded in the shallow edge.

Here are the stones waiting to be placed around the pond. Each one is so different in size and color. I will be working this weekend and hopefully have pond pictures. However, sweetie thinks there is not enough and that we may have to go back and get some more. I am ready! I promised Sophie she might get to go. She has not been to a lake yet and I can't wait to see how she enjoys running around. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Chris said...

Hi Kathleen! The stones are going to look beautiful around your pond! And best of all, you'll remember a fun day, everytime you look at them. Can't wait to see them in place!

LindaSue said...

Your sweetie is right - with rock - it always takes at least twice as much as you think! Really lovely and I so appreciate seeing the progress of your project - I'm about to jump into doing some container gardening in what has traditionally been my "flower garden" just outside our breakfast room - should be interesting!

Phill said...

Collecting stones is a favorite hobby of mine! My recent project has been collecting stones from all over our area for a border edge in my little shade garden. Thanks for the pics - this is going to look beautiful.

Mel said...

I love stone paths, borders, etc. they just look so inviting... That's going to be beautious when all is done. Collecting them from the shores of nature, is by far, the best way.

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Kathleen , I've enjoyed your blog today so much that I added you to my blog, hope that's okay :o)....I found your projects interesting and cheerful....have a blessed day.Ginny B.

Connie said...

There's nothing like a bit of wading in some cool water! Sounds like your path will be lovely, Kathleen. Have a wonderful weekend! :)

Tipper said...

I collected creek rocks to border all my flower beds. Its so much fun and looks so pretty. Can't wait to see yours all finished up.

Julie said...

Are you digging the pond yourself or having it dug? Or does it already exist?

since we aren't buying the house with the pond and are buying another instead, we would like to dig one ourselves. How did you go about it?

Very neat stones, by the way! Can't wait to see your finished pond!


Paula said...

That's going to look wonderful, Kathleen! I can't wait to see the finished product!

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Thank you all for your sweet comments! Have a wonderful weekend! blessings, Kathleen