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Monday, June 23, 2008

Out in the garden

We were blessed enough to get the much needed rain we have been needing. Along with that comes the weeds growing faster than any vegetable in the garden. So every morning at dawn, I'm off to take care of the animals, then out to the garden to work.
On the way out, I am greeted by this scary looking creature. A vinegar roan. Not half as mean as he looks. Those big pinchers he basically uses to hang on to his dinner to eat. The worst thing he can do, is spray a good shot of vinegar into any thing's eyes if they mess with him. The odor of vinegar lingers in the air afterwards. I won't spend too much time visiting him.
I just love the blooms of the pea plants. The rain has given them the boost they needed.
The pumpkin vines are looking pretty with their gigantic leaves spreading over the ground. I can't wait till fall!
Something catches my attention while I am weeding. A gentle horse fly has landed on my arm, inspecting my work. I love his colors.
This naughty weevil is hoping I will think he looks like a pretty lady bug on my sunflowers. He is asked to leave immediately!
On the way out, a tarantula comes creeping out from under a bush, looking for something to eat. A day's work done, and another day's work is waiting for tomorrow with more creatures to greet I am sure.{:


Julie said...

Your plants are doing so well!!!!
I'm so happy to hear that you got your rain!
Those garden critters are scary though......


LindaSue said...

I love where I live and don't often want to live in West Texas (I'm big on trees and rain - shortage in W. Tex of both) but I do miss tarantulas -I recall evenings when it was stormy, lightning and seeing dozens of them walking across country roads - like they were all going someplace. Glad you got some rain - it makes all the difference.

Jen's Farmily said...

Ack! If I saw pinchers like that, I'd never walk around barefoot! I've never heard of that vinegar bug, so you taught me someting new today!

And your plants are lookin' great!

Phill said...

Your garden is coming along so nicely! Those creatures are surely fearsome though - I'm going to have to stick to the extreme North! Awesome pics!

Tipper said...

I love it all-except the ginormous spider! Wish we would get some rain too!

Connie said...

Oh my gosh! You have some scary looking critters there! YIKES!

So glad you got some rain! :)

Paula said...

Oh dear Lord I almost passed out over that last picture, Kathleen... *ugh*
And that first critter?
Whew, I'm NEVER coming to Texas now! LOL

By the way- come by my blog... I have something for you!

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Hi Kathleen,
I just came over for a visit from Paula at Fraker Farms. (She's so sweet!) You have a lovely blog and lots of garden guests! I'm not sure I'd like many of them in my yard, though I'm sure they're there.
Patricia :o)