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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Eggs Sales

Remember when I told you all about selling my eggs to a neighbor down the road? Well, she has been such a blessing. She takes any extra dozens I have and sells them at her workplace. She also now drops by the house to pick them up. Such a great help! However, I only have 7 hens and not enough eggs!{: I need to get some more layers. I did not expect people to want them this much. But it's great to know there is a need for them.
One of my dear friends is "eggcited" {: for me and found this little sign in a shop and mailed it to me. I love it. I am going to hang it on the front porch wall by our front door.

She also sent me this cute little container. It's tin and looks to be hand painted. I love the colors. I am trying to decide what to use it for. Any ideas?
As you can see, it is envelope shaped. Maybe I could hang in on the wall for coupons? Maybe out on the porch by the door for messages or letters? What do you think? Well, the weekend is here and as you probably already know, I am off to play in the greenhouse and do a few stitches. So I hope you all have a blessed weekend!


Paula said...

Oh I'm so happy for you Kathleen! You're a "Butter-n-egg" woman now! (All you need is the cow for your butter! LOL)
Love your little sign and your new tin "what-not". I see lots of potential with that.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Jen's Farmily said...

Yay for becoming an egg selling machine!! I wish we needed more chickens for eggs... Mr. C has put a halt on my chicken buying for the time being.

I love the old signs and I think using the pail for mail or coupons is a cute idea.

Farmhouse Blessings said...

I'm so happy for you too! Hurray for you and those darling hens! Love the little egg sign too. It is eggsactly what you needed ~ that was a really bad pun, wasn't it? LOL


joyh82 said...

Love the sign and the little tin
container too. My MIL used to have chickens too. I love the pics of all your furbabies. We have a black cat that will be a year in

Julie said...

Oh, Kathleen!
I think your ideas for the tin are just wonderful! It's so pretty! You could even use it to hold your egg orders!!!

Congratulations on your egg business!!!! I'm just too excited, here! Seriously, I feel as excited as if it were actually happening to me! How are you packing them? Do you have little tags? My mind is just racing, here!
Okay, I'm going to try to go and calm down....
Many Blessings,

Anne Fannie said...

Wow, sounds like you are doing great with your egg business! I want chickens so bad, but I haven't been able to talk hubby into it! Love the tin container, I can see it full of flowers hanging on your patio or front porch...but then I have a thing for flowers.
Keep up the good work!
Love, Ann