"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands........" 1 Thessalonians 4:11

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Snow fell ,only slightly, the other day

and I loved watching the large lovely flakes
softly float across and down onto the ground.
it never accumulated and it melted away quickly,
and even though the days have gotten much colder,
I  still have a tomato vine, growing  and crawling 
wildly along the green house fence.

Ripe tomatoes along with green ones, still hanging on in 
I gathered a good bunch for the day's lunch

The lantana, even though it is still green, knows that winter is
coming and now has it's green pods that soon will turn black.
I have no idea  why they produce these.........they do not sprout
from these pods..........or perhaps, I am just not successful at
getting them to sprout that way
Yet, among the remaining green........the end of summer and
the time for everything to go into slumber, is starting to show up.

The oak tree out back has gone from vibrant orange
to a darker red........it's leaves are starting to fall.

The pomegranate tree leaves have all turned yellow and gold

So I finally bid farewell to summer 
and enjoy the glow of the fireplace

as well as  the cheery Christmas tree in the window.

Christmas is almost here.........

and I am ready for a table full of family.
How about you?  Do you have a blanket of snow
in your yard?  Is any plant still hanging on your gardens?
I would love to hear!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

The wind is roaring outside and beating on the door and walls of the house

as a cold front pushes itself in for a couple of days........
It is a good day to make a pie and some bread for the day's lunch..........
In the center of my kitchen, I have an old wood  table,
it reminds me of the one my grandmother use to have in her
and it serves as an "island" of sorts to 
make all kinds of dishes
and great for rolling doughs out on. 
What kind of workspace do you like to use?
When I am not baking, I like to use the table for a morning brunch
and I keep a baked dessert or cake on it
for the day's nibblers to enjoy
My stove is another great space........not just for cooking and baking,
but is wonderful to warm and to get bread dough to
rise, especially on cold days as today.

I have made some dinner rolls for lunch and some "hamburger buns"
for a later dinner.
This time of year, I get anxious about the weather because
I want Thanksgiving day to be a pretty and comfortable day.
I have guests who are driving and flying in......
so I  do not want snowy weather.
I have checked the weather report for the next few days and 
it looks like we will have temps at 66 for the day.
Not too hot.........not too cold
sounds like a perfect and comfortable day!
After a large meal, everyone can take a nice walk
or go outside to catch up with visiting!
How about you?  Are you cooking the Thanksgiving meal this year?
Do you have a large workspace or table to make your treats?
What kind of weather do you like...........and what kind of 
weather are you anticipating for Thanksgiving?
Whether it's just a few folks at your table........or more
Whether it be freezing weather or pleasant,
here's wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Placed away............for years.............

my fingers taken up with a needle and thimble, 
my hands busy with chickens and gardening,
my guitars have waited in the quite dark..........
That all changed the other night when this almost 80 year old
set of hands brought one of my guitars back into the light
and woke up it's strings.
There is a line of musical talent that runs along in 
my family tree........not worldly known......
only known to family..........and friends.
Aunts, uncles, and grandparents........playing and singing.
I bought my first guitar at the age of 14 .........
dreamed of being as good as John Denver
and dreamed of going to Nashville.
While in college......I joined a singing group and
bought a guitar, which took me 8 weeks to slowly pay off...........
Didn't go to Nashville......... instead, 
became a "wedding singer"..........
and then turned into a "lullabye singer"
and eventually put my dreams and guitars
far away on the back shelf.
Later my dear aunt gave me my late uncle's guitar
which I played.......but also placed away.
It has been years since I have seen my aunt Fern.
While visiting, this week, she asked if I still had the old guitar.
I dug it out of it's dark place...........a bit ashamed at 
how ragged and worn the case was ........
and handed the dusty instrument over to the 
aged, talented hands.........that has played along
with bluegrass and country pickers.
As a mother would straighten her child's hair and brush lint off of his clothes,
my aunt gently wiped down the guitar and tuned it's strings. 
Wonderful old forgotten songs sprang forth
from those aged fingers that strummed and picked.
The next day.........our home was filled with the 
sound of those well loved hymns from our old piano, 
by that same pair of aged, talented hands.
What a blessing and what a sense of joy she brought to 
our home!
My aunt inspired me not only  to pick up and peck out 
a note or two..........someday perhaps.
She taught me most to not completely forget 
the other things that I love to do, even if life has swayed
me to another path.  
There is joy in everything  that we try to accomplish.
Now, I have found  a new place instead of a dark closet
for these guitars to rest.......
ready for someone to pick them up and 
fill the house with music once again.

Monday, September 11, 2017

I look out the window and realize that there is not a bird.......anywhere

at the feeder where I just placed fresh feed in..........
I glance over to the watering trough and realize why.
This thirsty and tired hawk

was thoroughly enjoying itself............stomping 
around in the water, and splashing

I think hawks are truly a very pretty birds!........
don't  you?  
The other birds and myself, patiently waited 
for it to get finished..............
then it opened it's large wings and flew away.

I headed on outside to work on painting my old broken shovels
They are rusted and do not have handles........but
they can be made into such pretty things!

I love to paint them and place them out in my gardens

or along paths and up against old fences

They brighten any corner they are placed in

and they add whimsy to my gardens.
How about you?
Do you have any large birds hanging around  your feeders?
Do you decorate your gardens with 
shovels.....statues......or rocks?
I would love to hear!

Friday, August 25, 2017


I love them!  I have tried to grow them through the years............
starting off with a pretty, healthy plant,
then within weeks, the blossoms drop off........
the plant dies.
Friends have told me that the grounds here are too acidic and the heat
in our area is too intense for Azaleas to withstand. 
In the photo above.......these Azaleas
are now on my front porch...........

yet, these will never drop their blossoms, 
and they will never die........
they are made of silk!
This lovely arrangement arrived at my door today
from the 
Commercial Silk Company  (click on to visit)
Aren't they  the prettiest??
They came in a lovely box as well!

I love to send flowers........but when these arrived to me
in such a pretty box.........I realized I love to receive flowers 
as well!
And  I can just imagine the reaction of someone if 
I were to send a box of these lovelies to them! 

The Commercial Silk Company specializes in creating lovely lifelike 
silk flower arrangements

with decorative containers.........
( I chose a vintage metal container above) 
They also have artificial trees, bushes, topiaries,  succulents, 
boxwoods, and much more!  
It took me a few cups of coffee and and hour or two to 
look through all that they have to offer!
They also have a good varying price range to fit anyone's budget. 
I had the hardest time making a final decision on 
what I wanted..........everything was beautiful.......I wanted it all! 
As you know, I have posted about our front porch before,
and I love to spend time out on it on lovely days.
I have been wanting to freshen it up a bit........

that is why I chose this Azalea arrangement.  It gives 
such a nice touch to any area of the porch...........
I then had a hard time deciding on the right spot 
to place it. 
I tried it here first............the sitting area

then I placed it here.........so that it could be seen
when one approaches the porch

but I finally decided here.........when
walking up to the door,
it can be seen 

and the right amount of light shows
off the color of the blossoms.

Now the front porch has a 
welcoming touch to it.......
don't  you think?  
and I now have lovely Azaleas.........to last!
These flowers and the container are of such good quality!
I tugged at the flowers as I was spreading them open...........
not one petal or leaf came off.  
The metal container is also very well made and sturdy.
I know that this arrangement will last and  stay lovely on my
front porch for a long time.
So grab yourself a cup of coffee and visit 
Commercial Silk Company  (click on to visit)
Now tell me.........do you love to 
send flowers and revel in the 
excitement and surprise that the person 
you sent them to feels..........
or do you love being surprised 
when someone sends you flowers?

What would your favorite silk flower be?.....and what color??
I would love to hear!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

In the early morning hours, I sit quietly with my morning coffee,

 and watch the busy traffic.......... streaming from the woods...
large groups of shell quail............in a constant flow and hurry

to the local watering hole
The bobwhite quail also hurry in, 

the long billed and short billed birds

all flying in for a drink and a bite to eat.

The small owls who have taken up residence in the trees 
watch from their tall perch

as a hungry and thirsty rabbit hops along the patio

to come to the same spot,
to the small cement feeders and shallow water containers 

  After the road runner enjoys a cool drink, 


it spots a cement planter and decides to make a bed

enjoying the moist dirt inside

constantly scratching to make it just right.

Then it hops out

and enjoys the warmth of the sun 

that is making the cool of the morning disappear. 

In no time, it is up and on it's way. 
Throughout the day, there is always some kind of bird
or creature, stopping by to rest at the feed and water.
A constant flow of traffic...........but 
one that is without honking horns, road rage or stress.
A road much traveled........
but much more enjoyable!
So tell me,
what traffic is running past your back yard?
I would love to hear!