"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands........" 1 Thessalonians 4:11

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

"No Matter How Fast Computer and Email Is, " she said,

"Let's Always Write Long Letters To Each Other"
..... although I love the fast response of email...........I agreed with my dear friend,...... 
and every month, or whenever the mood struck..........for years................I would write a long letter to her, describing my day, my life, my world..........the news of children growing too quickly, of ideas and dreams ,of happiness and tears, ....often placing  a pressed flower or leaf from the gardens.........sometimes a feather, dropped from a wild bird,  flying in the woods........... between the pages and then sealing and finding the right stamp ...........and then dropping  it into the mail box........
waiting anxiously for a thick stuffed envelope the following week, in response from her.

I remember the day her daughter called to tell me that she was suddenly gone...........
no more anxious waiting and checking in the mail box.........
no more letters to write.
It's been years since she has passed..............I still have letters that she had once sent........ full and fat,
with words of new job offers, romance and marriages happening,  grand babies on the way, the death of a husband, a promise to come visit soon.......... and flower petals from a brilliant colored rose that once bloomed in her garden. 
Now I am not anxious to wait for the mail.........for a bill, or advertisement.
My old weathered mail box , that was once used before having to chose a post office box.........
seems as lonely as I do for just one more letter.  
I place some of my garden flowers inside of it to cheer us both up.
How about you?  Do you still love pretty stationary and writing pens? Do you have someone to write long letters to ?  Or does your busy schedule lure you to email for fast response?
 I would love to hear.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

In gardening, I always have 2 major problems,

when planting any kind of seed.........in any kind of container, and in any place outdoors......
or inside of the greenhouse.......
mice and rats always dig up the seed. It happens every year.

Now, one problem has been remedied .........so far.  I have had 3 large glass aquariums with wire mesh lids , that my children used to raise toads and lizards in. They have been sitting in storage for a long time.

I have now used each aquarium as a terrarium of sorts for sprouting all of my seed.

The glass walls of the aquarium and the wire mesh lid, keep the rodents completely away from my newly planted seed.  I also tape clear plastic wrap on the inside of the mesh lid to help prevent moisture from evaporating.

Now my greenhouse is full of growing plants 

from pumpkins to all kinds of flowers, 

getting ready to be transplanted into my gardens outside.............

which now brings up the other problem.........rabbits, rabbits, and more rabbits.
There are so many rabbits out on the grounds..........I love them, I do,..........but they mow anything that I have planted down and I lose all of my hard work in just days.

I can fix chicken wire fencing around every garden.........which I really don't want to do..
for time consuming, watering issues , and expense.
But I will, if I have to.........so can any of you , dear readers, 
give me any advice?
Do you have rodent problems in your gardens?
If so, what do you do to make them stay away??
Poison is not an option for me, and I don't have time to trap, re locate, and release.
I hope to start planing by the first week of May.
Any advice you can give me, will be greatly appreciated!

Monday, April 18, 2016

No Matter Where I Serve My Guest..........They Seem To Like My Back Yard Best

In the early morning hours, while feeding the chickens and looking over the gardens, I have been hearing the wild turkey, "gobbling" from somewhere in the woods

this morning, I heard them close to the front yard.

Just a little while later, this tall hungry character shows up only 10 foot away from my back door, enjoying the bird seed . I love the way it's eyes look........don't you?

I carefully and quietly slipped out of the door,  and took it's photos,  and then......
it spotted me and off it ran into the woods.........."making it's gobbling noise as it went"
How lucky I feel to have seen this beautiful creature.
So tell me........any dinner guests at your back door lately?

Friday, April 15, 2016

Someone Stole My Omelet For Saturday Morning Breakfast!

In the late afternoon, I went out to close up the chickens and lying in the hen house was a rattler,,,,,,,,,,
enjoying the eggs.

By the time I got back with my camera to shoot his photo, with my husband right behind me with a gun to shoot the rattler,  it had crawled underneath the edge of the hen house. With a long pole, my husband pushed into the area where  the snake was, and out it came.

I was already jumpy from earlier today.  When I was outside, I saw a skunk inside of my greenhouse.

It came out and my husband shot at it.........he missed, 
  and  the skunk went back into the greenhouse.

We did not want the skunk to get shot and to spray the greenhouse, so we just let it make it's way out. I'm glad it did not have to die.  It pushed it's way through the wire fence and headed off into the woods. It acted very slow and sluggish,  which makes me worry that it is rabid. 
I keep the greenhouse door open during hot days, so now I will fix a  wire grid door to keep everything out.
I am so glad I saw it before I walked into the greenhouse.......
as you might remember earlier, Sophie got sprayed by a skunk and it was horrible.....
Now we are all edgy as we walk out to see who our next visitor might be. 
So tell me...........what is lurking around your back door??

Monday, April 11, 2016

Homer..............the roamer

As most of you remember, a little while back, I posted about this cat that was dropped on me.
I did not want another cat........and he cant be a house cat because my other two house cats will fight with him.
But he has such a heart warming personality and how can I resist those gigantic feet?

Convincing me even more to let him stay, he has proven himself to be quite a good farm cat, catching all of the rats that have been attacking the wires in my car. 
So in the beginning, I named him Hobo........but soon changed his name to Homer.........
after Homer Laughlin........my favorite vintage dishware. 
He agreeably stays in the chicken house with my chickens to stay safe from predators at night and for shelter during harsh weather. He and the chickens get along wonderfully.

If any of you have ever had an independent tom cat..........you know how they love to roam.
Homer has been disappearing for a day...........coming back either extremely late at night or showing up in the early morning.................worn out.
These past two weeks, he has been coming home with severe injuries.  His nose has such a huge gash on it. I thought it was from another cat.....that he possibly got into a fight with.............

but the next couple of days he came home limping with a hole in one back  foot and the pad of his front foot sliced.  It looks that maybe he has fought himself out of a metal trap.
Still unsure, there is nothing I can really do, but treat his wounds and patiently wait for the next
" free neuter" day that comes once a year.......in May,  in  a local town.
Hopefully that might cure his appetite for roaming and it might keep other tom cats from fighting him. 
Friends tell me ..........
"not likely"

Whether it does or not.........it is certainly more healthy for him.

He is such a loving  cat and deserves to get some TLC and protection
whether he wants it or not.
Do you have a roamer? ..........or do you have a lap cat that never leaves the house?
I would love to hear.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Change.........such a small word.........

but so big that it can cause such great size worry and uncertainty.
We are going through that worry and uncertainty at this time.
I have always held on to the phrase " that when God closes a door, he will open a window"
Our door of security...........is closing.

After 25 years of long hours, hard work, always being at his workplace when needed, and really looking forward to his retirement in just a few short years......... 
my husband has learned that his place of work has made the decision that it will be closing it's doors later this year. 
It is hard on anyone..........at any age,  to lose a job and to have to go back out there .......and look for another one.
But when you are close to retirement age, and the nearest town of opportunity is a small, somewhat limited town........
it is worrisome at the highest.
I glanced out at my husband yesterday, sitting outside, looking  towards the horizon.............
lost in deep.......worried thought.

So the biggest question on our minds........what do we do now?
We have possibilities........other options.........but
how much.........we don't want it.
Just like a new day dawning, 
bringing either beauty or havoc
change can be good......or unpleasant......
it's the uncertainty that makes it such a dread........

until the day has set .......and we find ourselves grateful for such a beautiful day.......
and that is what we will choose to do.
We will just take one day at a time......
enjoying the good that comes out of it
and dealing with the unpleasantness as it shows itself

and no matter what dark clouds gather,
we will look for a silver lining through it all.
It is certain that none of us are immune to change of some kind or another ,
it is how we deal with it that makes the journey through it much easier.
We get complacent in our wonderfully made cocoons and don't want to be nudged out to the change and transformation.
so with this............I am hoping that this change will be a good thing. 
How about you?  How do you face the ever constant changes in your life?
I would love to hear!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Some very unusual dinner guests arrived at my front door

first, grabbing the screen door to knock, 

and being brave enough to stay when I opened the door to them.
Curious about  me and very hungry.

There were actually 4 of them.  They scurried away, allowing me to place dinner scraps onto the porch

as I stepped back inside, they hurried back and enjoyed their meal.

Of course, all of this, excited Taboo as he watched from the safety of the locked screen.
I know it is not really wise to feed these wild creatures........but once in awhile, it is a delight to be able to watch them.

The very next day, as I was working my gardens, I noticed a road runner coming out of my greenhouse. I had the door opened for the day to allow the spring air into the plants.

In no time at all, the road runner ran back into the greenhouse with a stick in it's beak.

She was a little concerned with me taking her photo...........I was concerned that she was going to topple and bust every plant that I have in there. If you look just behind her, in the top photo, 
you will see a large black container that has no plant, but still full of potting soil.

She had plans that day on making herself a nice cozy nest.  As much as I would have loved to have this new nursery.......the greenhouse is not the safe place she thinks it is. I have to keep the doors closed at night because raccoon and the neighbors dogs,  have in the past, gotten into the greenhouse and destroyed everything.  
She soon realized that I would be too nosy for a serene nest sitting period and soon left. 

During this time of year, there is a sweet fragrance to the air from the wild blossoming Algerita Berry bushes that grow abundantly across the prairie and ranch land.

The ranch land has a barbed wire fence post.........so aged with time, and has many of these beautiful bushes clinging to it .  

They are so sweet smelling that the honey bees are working all over them
These bushes will soon produce vibrant red berries that are wonderful to eat, but better to make jelly from........if you can gather them before the hungry birds eat them up.
I am thinking about digging up a few of these in the winter to transplant onto the damaged meadow that I recently posted about.
The meadow..........still lying in wait for planting..........still a bit of distress for me because of having to still deal with the people of the electric company......though as nice as they can be.
When it all boils down to the end.......
never, never, never, trust and sign papers with anyone to be on your land..........
did I say NEVER?

If you love meatloaf........and want to try a different flavor to it.........
stop by my cooking blog for this wonderful recipe.
Instead of the usual tomato sauce topping, this is an upside down topping, that is made from brown sugar, cranberry sauce, and orange zest.
Unusual sounding I know.........but so delicious. 
It is a recipe from the 1930's from one of my favorite cookbooks
The story of the author will also be on my post.
You can find it all here