"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands........" 1 Thessalonians 4:11

Sunday, March 27, 2022



It is spring! 
A spot of sun casts it's warmth on a portion of the bed and Taboo has
made this spot just right for a good nap, soaking in as much of the warm comfort as he can.
He opens his eyes just long enough, allowing me to take a photo, then closes them again for 
much of the remainder of the chilly morning. 
Outside the wind is already howling as it carries the dust and dirt from the 
neighboring fields across the prairie pastures.  As quiet as March arrived, it seems it
wants to roar as it leaves.
I have changed my mind about closing my embroidery blog, Yesteryear Embroideries
 and thank you to so many who emailed to encourage me to change my mind. 
I am delighted that you enjoy looking at the things I post there.  So if you
go back to visit, you will see a new post on some of the things I have been busy

There have been a lot of deer showing up in the yard just before the sun
ends the day.  They come for a drink of water and to eat the remaining seed
that the wild birds have left in the feeder.
We finally managed to get a dumpster service at our house.
It has been great to have someone come to pick up the trash that
we no longer have to take to a dump. 
However, this has created another problem.
Two times now, we have discovered a raccoon has
gotten into the dumpster, but cannot get out.
We have had to tip the dumpster over, which is not 
an easy feat, and then have to encourage the raccoon to get out.
Each time, they are glad to run away. Now we have to strap down
the lids of the dumpster to prevent them from getting into there again.

Spring is showing up in the blossoms of plants here and there.
The Italian Jasmine usually blooms in January, but
because of the severe drought we are facing, it is just now 
blooming. It is such a cheery plant!
I made a chicken pie for our dinner and decided to take some extra
time to decorate the top.  Do you ever do this?
Has spring started springing up in your back yard?
I hope this finds you are having pretty days and 
warm spring weather!



happyone said...

Wow what a gorgeous crust on your pie. A work of art. It is beautiful.
Winter came back to my area!
So nice to see your yellow forsythia.

Rose said...

I do not know why I forget your blogs...cause I love both. Love to see what you make. It is encouraging to me. I love your table runner. That was such a cool idea. Love your cross-stitch piece, too.

Right now more is going on in my mind than with my hands. I have another blog, Pics & Pieces, that shows what I am working on. I am in the process of making a turtle wall hanging for my granddaughter and it has been a struggle to make decisions. I piece crumbs and bits of fabric in between because it is good for me...also made a birthday card for a friend...stitched. It is on that blog now.

Rose said...

Forgot to say what a perfect name for a cat.

And my daughter had birdseed in a container on the portion of her deck/porch? that is screened in. It had a lid that screwed on. The coons managed to get the lid off and get the seed. I forget what her solution was. But they are determined critters.

Marie Smith said...

I’ve only ever seen one raccoon in the wild in my life. It was a thrill to see it!

The pie looks so good so good.

Julia said...

I used to have a black cat just like your Taboo. She moved into our yard as a kitten one day and never wanted to leave even though we physically carried her back from where she came into our yard. I just named her Kitty. She had a small white patch under her chin and the rest of her was black. She was an amazing cat and super friendly.

Your embroidery is very beautiful. I enjoy seeing your work.

We had 7 deers and many raccoons and even groundhogs, last year devastating our gardens. They ate all my beans and other veggies and they ate the tops of many of my perennials. WE had to put an electric fence around the vegetable garden behind the hedge and they also did a lot of damage in our large vegetable gardens at the farm.

I'm sure the herd will be larger this spring. We may have to put electric fences around the vegetable gardens at the farm also.

Your pie looks special with the fancy decoration. I decorate my meat pies at Christmas by cutting some Christmas trees in the crust, not fancy like yours.


Granny Marigold said...

Your chicken pot pie looks great. I've never made a savoury pie and rarely make sweet ones. When I do I usually make a crumb-type topping.
Raccoons can be a problem. We have a raccoon population in the park and it's not uncommon to see that one has been killed crossing the busy road nearby.
The Italian jasmine is much like forsythia in fact I thought they might be one and the same but I looked it up and I don't think so. Both are such a cheery sight.

Mary, Windy Meadows Farm said...

Oh my that pie is gorgeous...what talent! I love the deer photo. We only see them in the distance back by the woods, they never come close to the house...I'd really love that.

Here, we've always had resident raccoons, and see their little ones in Spring, but they're very polite...never getting in the trash, so I don't have any complaints. We keep our cat food in a really big metal milk can, one morning years ago we did find 3 littles in it, enjoying quite the breakfast! Have a good week...how can it be April already? Mary

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

I am so impressed with your pie crust! It is gorgeous.
I'm glad you are continuing your embroidery blog. I still read it, though I don't always comment.

Hill Top Post said...

The raccoons and foxes are my favorite wild critters. I love your decorated crust. I do sometimes decorate the crust for apple pies. I love the picture of your stitched and folded textiles. I will go now to visit your embroidery blog.

Boyett-Brinkley said...

I went to your embroidery blog, never been there before, and I loved it! Please don’t close it down. As I scrolled through your posts, I ran across the little gate in the brick wall — I love gates — this spoke to me! It made me smile. I look forward to exploring the blog more! Just thought I would let you know.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I feel an affinity with you. Probably because you left the city to live in a peaceful place. You love animals and nature as I do. I also share your love of needlework. I used to enjoy being in the kitchen, but too bad I do not have my own now and my grand daughter-in-law is Cuban and only enjoys a BIT of the midwest (eastern European) dishes I enjoy making. I will admit my grandson misses it.
xx, Carol

Prims By The Water said...

For Thanksgiving I add leaves and pumpkins to my pumpkin pie. I also make homemade chicken pot pie. Love it. Be careful of racoons. They can get ornery, but I do like them. Janice

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

The chick pie looks wonderfully decorative, almost too good to eat, Kathleen, but sure it was enjoyed by your family. I have never decorated any pie crust myself. No spring weather here just chilly and very windy days with rain later in the week. Guess the racoon visitor was looking for any food scraps i the dumpster and hope the tie down keeps him out. The flowers were lovely and reminded me of forsythia.

Vivian said...

As always much joy from your sharing. I am glad you did not close your embroidery blog, although I don't see it as often as I would like, I love looking at all you are stitching and creating. Love. In Joy

Barwitzki said...

We've had snow and rain for 5-6 days, I'm glad because the fields were very dry... when spring comes back... nature will explode in beauty :-)
Your pastries are wonderful. I baked biscuits and made soup... suitable for the weather.
Greetings to you. I will look at your embroidery blog.