"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands........" 1 Thessalonians 4:11

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

A time of busy work.........and then, a time for slowing down..........

..the past few days have been full of work for my husband and I. As you know, I have a small group of tiny chickens..........which I adore. However, when winter starts up.........it is quite an ordeal to move them back and forth from their enclosed kennel and into the big hen house so that they will stay warm on freezing nights.
 Because I can't let them run out in the chicken yard without cover, a hawk can get them and they can get out of the chicken yard fence...........winter comes, and I move them all into the big hen house.......
trying to keep them in and trying  to keep that heavy hen house  door closed without them getting out on me,..........it is a struggle. 
  So one early morning, it was "chicken coop day". My husband and I started to work........stopping only for me to make some lunch, then back out to work...........we finally finished just ......before 5 pm.  We were exhausted.  We took off one panel of the kennel and it slipped perfectly over the hen house.  Then we had to put on the new tarp and cover it all with chicken wire to keep hawks and predators out.
  Now I don't have to chase chickens or usher them into a carrier and haul them into the hen house. They can enjoy their day and go to roost by themselves.

The next day,  I spent re potting plants and large cactus in my collections........and then transporting them all to the greenhouse. I am not as fearless as Ruth Bancroft ( a cactus garden designer I admire). She planted her various collections in the ground to see what would survive through the year........I want to keep  my unique collection a while in the greenhouse.  I did all of this just in time to protect them from the cold front that headed our way that afternoon.  It got down to 35 degrees  the next morning........but then warmed up to the 80s the rest of the week. This is so typical of Texas.  We have a lot of ups and downs before the snow flies.
I dug up some of my rose moss and it is doing so well and is so pretty to see 
in the greenhouse

I also have potted zinnia blooming

As well as my soap aloe.

And my tomato plant is blooming and has small green tomatoes
on it!  It was so worth the effort to move everything!

The next day, my husband trimmed all of the dead limbs from the
mesquite trees that grow around the yard and driveway.
After he cut it all into nice size pieces, we both loaded it and 
stacked it for use in the fireplaces when the weather gets cold
With all of the cooler days and balmy weather, many 
of the outside plants are blooming beautifully.
The rose moss, as I earlier mentioned is so thick at this time.

The wild Prairie Aster that starts in spring, lasts all 
the way through October. 

The 4 o'clock always has sweet smelling blossoms.

The morning glory always blooms better at this time of year.

I love the way the morning glory looks even when it has closed for the day!

The moon flower.....(Jimson weed)
has a sweet scent and so lovely!

my wonderful, sturdy Lantana is also in full bloom.

Which is wonderful because at this time, the Monarch 
butterflies have migrated to our grounds for just a few days.
These flowers will help nourish them and help them along their
way to Mexico. 

There will always be some kind of work to do here........
whether it is autumn or any other season.........
but for now.......
we take an enjoyment from the work of 
the wood gathering and 
sit out and enjoy a late afternoon fire as the 
day goes to slumber.
How about you?
Any snow yet?  What is hanging on in your back yard?
I would love to hear!


happyone said...

That is a nice looking chicken!!
The cactus plant looks like it is alive!

Pink Rose said...

Hi what a lovely post,your chickens are very lucky as you and your hubby care for them very much.
Wow your garden is amazing lots of beautiful plants we are in Spring in our part of the world and looking forward to Summer,hope you have a lovely day xx

Paula said...

You have some beautiful birds, Kathleen! Those roos are very handsome... I'll bet the girls swoon over them every day. LOL Sounds like they have a very good life with you, too. Your flowers still look good~ its been so dry here~ everything is turning brown. No frost yet, either... it was 90 degrees nearly every day of September so I will welcome some cold weather. Take care!

Hill Top Post said...

The plants and critters there are so lucky to have you looking out for them. It seems your flowers are putting on one last show before the cold winds blow.

Prims By The Water said...

So love your flowers especially the rose moss. We had hawks with grammas chickens...ans we called them chicken hawks, The dogs helped by being nearby and the chickens seemed to know they were an asset. They always went in by themselves when it got closer to dark, so no chasing them inside.We always brought them inside. Janice

lil red hen said...

Work, work, work! Transition time brings a lot of chores to finish. No snow here, but we did have frost this week which turned part of the yard grass brown. I've been digging grass from flower beds, preparing them for next spring. After the rough times my lilies had this year when the tree blew over, I've been online shopping for bulbs (tulips, dutch iris, and Asiatic lilies). I hope the hens and chickens plant makes it through the winter. Gotta keep trying.

Nancy J said...

Lantana, my Mum had it growing on the farm where I grew up.I can still smell that glorious scent when I crushed the leaves. Love all that work you both did, and the chicks and hens will all be snug. Today I found 2 lilies sprouting about 10 inches high, they might bloom for Christmas. Bluebells in pink and blue, Ixia and Sparaxis, grape hyacinths, and we have had snow here in 2011!!! I think that was the first fall for about 40 years or so.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Every single season calls for work to be done. Our plants are petering out. The fish in the pond are slowing down and barely eating. We still have green trees with just a few varieties turning colors. Most birds are off somewhere eating from bushes, but they'll be back. Our climate IS changing. Our seasons don't know when to start or when to stop. In the meantime, I'll stay in until the leaves are down.
xx, Carol

Granny Marigold said...

You have such pretty chickens and although they seem like a lot of work it must be worth it. Your plants are all doing well too. I particularly like that pale green snaky cactus. I've never seen any like it.
Most of my flowers have quit blooming and look soggy with all the rain we (finally) received. Last night we had a strong wind and today in the park leaves were strewn about and trees looking bare.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Glad the chickens will have a safe new living arrangement, Kathleen. And the plants seem to be doing very well in your greenhouse and colorful as well. As you know, we no longer have any outside chores to do so living in an apt does have that benefit. But, we do have a rosemary plant, basil plant and a bamboo plant indoors. No winter weather here (yet) just beautiful fall colors and warm days.

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

We have a lot of ups and downs here, too. There is still a lot of bloom here, especially after the rain we have had recently. Love seeing all your pretty plants and flowers!

The Wykeham Observer said...

I'm sure the chickens appreciate having the safer home now. You have so many cacti, they are beautiful. I'm sure very gratifying to have the greenhouse. i would like to build one, but never get started it seems. I really like your blog and all the neat pictures of the place there. I can see why you like it! Phil

Faith said...

charmin little yardbirds..so lucky to have a cozy place to be when the cold blows in. I enjoyed your flower pictures, it's nice to see them in a natural environment rather than a page in a catalog. The blue Aster is pretty...maybe in the spring I'll find some. I don't have too much luck, are soil is clay and very hard. Some things live but don't thrive.

R's Rue said...


Connie said...

Lovely photos! Chicken coop day sounds exhausting. Your rose moss is so pretty.

Sally said...

So many beautiful colors! I remember Mama having many of those flowers in her gardens. Me not so much because "drum roll" GRASSHOPPERS! The bane of my existence. :)


A Casa Madeira said...

How beautiful!
I love birds.
Its flowers are wonderful, some
I didn't know them.

Thank you for visiting at the house; good that
my little house may please the eyes.
Your country has beautiful and exquisite wooden houses.
Have a nice November entry.
Sorry english may not be very good.