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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

In the early morning, I noticed a shadowy form

in the backyard pine tree.

I quietly walk up and realize it is a large screech owl......
very tired from a busy night. 

as I get closer, I talk to it...........as you can see, 
it wanted me to quit my chatter and to let it go back to sleep. (just look at that face)
As soon as I finished taking it's photo, I heard a baby 
rabbit squealing nearby and I see "mother rabbit" running.

I hurry over and .........I find a baby bunny with a coachwhip snake
curled around it. I run up to the snake, yelling at it.........
it drops the baby and, terrified of me,  scurries up a small mesquite tree......

and also not very happy for me to show up this early morning, 
for I ruined it's chance for bunny breakfast. (just look at that face)

The baby bunny ran so fast, I did not get it's photo,
but "mother rabbit" is very happy that I showed up so 
early in the morning. 

Some of you have asked about the little trees from Arbor Day Foundation and 
about the rose cuttings I was trying to sprout with potatoes.
As you can see the trees are growing well 

and putting on leaves.  The rose cuttings did not sprout.
I think it was too cold and I may have watered them too much.
I am going to try one more time with them. 

Also in the greenhouse my Devil's Claw cactus are all doing well 

and blooming.  I love these beautiful round cactus.  Ranchers do 
not like them because they are bad for cattle and horses to step on.
I have a small garden of ones that I have found in the woods, dug up 
and re planted.  These in the photo are in large containers,  which they do well in.  .I dig them up, especially when they are in the yard
because my husband mows over them causing great damage to them.
I want to keep them safe. 

At this time, the prairie and the fields are full of wildflowers

giving me much inspiration for my embroidery work

It is also a time  for long walks and hand picked bouquets with the 
one I love.
So tell me..........
what is hanging around your backyard?.....
Any wildflowers making their appearance? 
What is your favorite?
I would love to hear!


Granny Marigold said...

That Owl certainly did have a disdainful look on its face!! And I'm glad you were able to save the little bunny.

We don't have many flowers blooming yet as Spring is very slow in arriving. I'm trying very hard to if not enjoy all the rain at least to have a better attitude about it. It's is quite relentless from Fall through Winter and no doubt will continue until it stops. Then within 3 weeks the city will have water restrictions in place. ( Our soil tends to be sandy and not retain water for long).

Anonymous said...

I love the photos of the owl. So sweet. Thank goodness you saved the little bunny. I enjoyed seeing your embroidery and all the pretty flowers. Currently, the woods around us are full of dogwoods, azaleas, sweet shrub, and wisteria. (and pollen) lol

Nancy J said...

On our back lawn, hundreds of Cabbage tree leaves, after gale winds last night, at the front a few golden day lilies, the last ones to bloom, some self sewn snap dragons, and on the cherry trees ,leaves are turning red and gold. An early cold snap yesterday saw freezing temps.,snow to low levels, ( not at our place ) and road and airport closures nation wide. What a long snake, and a lucky bunny and Mum. Love your flower post, bright and so beautiful.

happyone said...

Great captures of all the animals.
Good for the bunny that you saved him from the snake. Can't help but think of the snake too though, now he doesn't get to eat. : )

Prims By The Water said...

YIkes that snake looked angry. I hope it is not poisonous as I am not familiar with these where we live. Bunnies are my favorite so am glad you saved the baby...but it probably might not make it as the snake will go back again. I love owls and that screech one is amazing! Thanks for sharing. Janice

Debra said...

Fantastic owl photo!!!Ugh-that awful snake again! But I couldn't help laughing at his 'face'! He does look a bit perturbed at you! I hope the owl comes back. Please let us know if he does!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

We have a Screech Owl in our neighborhood but I have never seen him. The first time I heard him I though a woman was being attacked!! I hate snakes, absolutely. I'm so glad you saved the bunny. We have an area...1/4 of our almost acre that is fenced to keep the dogs from the pond area and other nature things. We always have bunnies nesting there. I love watching them and they sure know to stay on THEIR side of the fence away from the dogs. Flowers are no where in sight in Northern Indiana.
xx, Carol

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

First to let you know, Kathleen, that nothing much is blooming around my area as the weather has been so fickle and not warm at all. So, it was lovely to see your lovely blooms especially the colorful flowers. I really enjoyed the owl and bunny shots, but NOT the snake and so glad you were able to save the baby rabbit.

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

I tried the potato rooting medium for roses. It did not work for me. Hope you have success next time around.

Janet, said...

Oh,no! I am so glad you saved the bunny. I don't like the looks of that snake. Love the owl pic. I've heard plenty of them, but never seen one around my house. From my front porch I can see deer, birds a plenty, ducks and geese. And - the flowers are coming up too soon. I am afraid they will be killed by our crazy weather.

Connie said...

I love your photos and the stories you tell about all the creatures you have around you. I'm glad you saved the baby bunny. I would have been terrified of that snake! Your flowers are so pretty.

Karen said...

I love that you saved the dear little bunny and your owl is beautiful! Those cactus flowers are gorgeous and so is your basket of flowers embroidery!

CIELO said...

How lucky you are to live in the country and be able to see all these wonderful creatures. I miss our days in the country and now that we're back to life in the city and a house surrounded by two story houses, more than ever I dream of going back to simplicity and nature! Enjoy every moment!


Haddock said...

Wow.... that must have been a very exciting morning for you.....and you were quick with your camera.

Sally said...

I love your story about the bunny, and the photo of Mother! :)

While I was over home in W FL, I found a wild rose in one of the cemeteries. I took a cutting and brought it home to root. However, I don't think it's going to and that makes me sad. I sure wish I'd taken a photo of the bush, it was beautiful.

I do love wildflowers but no success with them as yet. Going to try again this year but was kind of waiting to see if we're going to have another freeze.

Sorry to be late here, Kathleen. :)


Sally said...

I also meant to say I love your embroidery; it's beautiful!

Lisa Richards said...

Hi there! I found your blog through Granny Marigold's blog. :) I'm loving it! If you would like to learn more about your owl, I do believe it's a barn owl, rather than a screech owl. Yeah, I'm a know-it-all. Sorry. ;) The only reason I know is that I draw and paint owls a lot, so I've come across them often. They are beautiful birds and you are so blessed to have one so close...and so friendly! Country living is the best!

Pam said...

Thank goodness you came along when you did and saved that baby bunny. I am sure the snake was not at all happy with you.....to bad, he just needs to move on down the rd.