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Friday, March 31, 2017

In my hand.......soft and warm......new farm babies have arrived

I was able to only take a couple of photos of these sweet 
little kittens
until Belle, the cat I have told you about in recent posts,
caught me......and did not approve.  
She had 8 in all!!  One died from her accidentally lying on it,
but still there are 7, that I need to find homes for.
And after she caught me taking photos.......she moved them all
and I have still not found them!  However,
she now has gained trust in me and allows me to pet
her.  I hope she will soon bring her kittens so that I can tame 
them for new homes.

Spring is upon us.....with my daffodils making the announcement first

The bluebonnets....Texas state flower.......fill the roadsides in their
brilliant blue and white waves

The woods here have turned green and the floor of the mesquite woods
is full of white miniature daisies

so full and white 

in little bouquets. 
then, there is the ox-eyed daisy......much larger with a pretty scent...
growing in bouquet clusters

on the other side of the woods.........in the prairie/meadow
it is a full carpet of yellow daisies that one can smell the fragrance from
yards away.  
These daisies are large headed and rugged enough to grow in almost any 
kind of ground

There are actually a lot of different yellow daisies here......
pretty dainty petally ones

long skinny and bright ones

the only red vibrant flower here is the Indian Blanket.
It is such a lovely flower

most abundant here is the Prairie Aster, growing in thick rows along the grounds

this little dainty purple flower has the prettiest leaves

and most would call this flower a weed.........
but for me.......it is a flower........
they all will always be a flower!
So tell me.........what is growing in your backyard!
I would love to hear!


lil red hen said...

Eight babies to take care of!! One of my cats gave birth to eight babies late last summer. Two were runts and starved to death, so I started mixing powdered calf milk for them, then gradually included purchased cat food to soak up enough milk to make it easier for them to eat. Five of them made it through the winter and are looking like "teen age" cats. I love cats.

What a beautiful assortment of flowers! Fields here are covered with purple henbit and soon the yellow buttercups will be a show. I also have violets in the yard.

Nancy J said...

Love the daffy boxed beds, and the kitties, what gifts. I am sure there will be loving homes waiting. Bluebonnets, golden flowers, you have spring up there for sure.

Hill Top Post said...

I used to dream about driving across Texas when the bluebonnets were blooming, but... So, I always enjoy this time of year when you post pics of your beautiful native flowers. My favorite is the Indian Blanket, which I once had in my flower garden. ~~~ Sweet little kitties! It has been several years since we have had newborn kittens here on the farm.

Sally said...

Love the different colors! I'd think I was in Heaven if my backyard was filled with wildflowers! :)

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

Thank you for taking pictures of those sweet little babies (even though Mama cat was not impressed). It takes me back to my childhood, finding spots where kittens had been hidden in the barn. Beautiful wildflowers! -Jenn

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

If it has a flower, it is a flower!! My Father In Law used to kill wild violets in his lawn. Me...I always try to transplant them!!
xx, Carol

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

It was certainly lovely, Kathleen, to see all this burst of colorful flowers that are in and around your yard and on the prairie, especially when I am looking at snow falling here in Nashua, NH on April 1 (no fooling).

Granny Marigold said...

It's obvious that Spring has arrived for you. I am envious because so far I haven't seen much in the way of blooms except for a few of my Daffodils. Not sure why so many have leaves but no buds.

Karen said...

What precious little babies! You are so much farther along in spring than us, we still have nothing but brown grass and dirty mounds of snow. I just love those miniature daisies!

Debra said...

I love those kittens~You were lucky to get to hold one! Such lovely flowers too-your part of the world is flowering, where we are still brown and just starting to have a few crocus blooming. But spring is here, and I hear blue birds almost every day.

Henny Penny said...

How adorable those kittens are. I wish you could put one or two in the mail to me today. :) Just recently, my husband said, if I die first, you can have all the cats you want, but as long as I am still here, no more cats. We have three rescue cats, and he really does loves all three. Do all those pretty flowers grow wild there? All of them are so pretty.

Sherri Farley said...

The kittens are adorable! Beautiful flowers in a rainbow of colors. Our redbud and dogwood trees are flowing, so pretty to see them in the woods. I love spring!

Connie said...

The kittens are so sweet. I hope you will be able to find homes for them. Your spring flowers are amazing. What we have mostly here so far are daffodils and tulips and not much else.

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

Oh, my, what a bountiful show of flowers you have there on the grounds! Just beautiful. That's a large little for your cat, kittens (and puppies) are so sweet.

KathyB. said...

The wildflowers are so beautiful. I am always amazed such beautiful flowers thrive in harsh conditions , making them all the more precious.

Kittens !!! Ooohhhhh, I want to hold them and snuggle them. I hope you find them and tame them enough for them to get good homes. What fun ( and what a challenge ! ).