"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands........" 1 Thessalonians 4:11

Monday, December 19, 2016

With this year quickly coming to an end

I find myself filled with  " hope" of what I can accomplish
in the new coming year. I always use the previous year as
a reference to what I did right..........or not so right.....
in just about every area of my life...........
especially when it comes to gardening and raising flowers.......or............
trying to tame a wild and ever growing area.
Some things I have learned to grow in the most uncommon places........
this large bed of zinnia flourished underneath and alongside
the crooked and bent mesquite trees that take over this land

Other areas I have cleared and enjoyed.......but am 
always struggling in just a few weeks to clear it all again........
it is very persistent in staying wild and un-manicured......
yet, I wear myself out trying to keep it the way I want
this area is a little into the mesquite woods........if it is clear where I can see where I am walking, 
I love to come out to this spot to just sit for a while

When we first moved out here so many years ago..........I was over joyed
with all of the acreage that I was going to cast flower seed on and let grow..........
I have learned that many things here.......although the ground is good for growing.......
fall victim to predators that dig up roots and eat the plants.......
and get destroyed by every kind of bug and flying insect there is........or get blown away by the wind
I have learned to make raised beds

blocked off from the wind.............and  I invest a small fortune for a lot of wire and fencing to 
keep these pests out. 

Some bulbs like daffodils, I can plant into the ground
and they come up each spring.......but other bulbs,
such as tulips, anemones, and freesias .........
I plant in raised beds or containers.
This fall I have planted over a 100 bulbs of the above mentioned
some in my flowerbed in front of my greenhouse

some in deep pots in an arrangement on the patio.
I am hoping that they all sprout and bloom at the same time......
but am pretty sure that they will sprout in their own separate time. 

My biggest project I am working for this coming spring........
is my new flower garden.  If you see the arrow in the photo........
that is where the antique archway was setting...........I placed it out there a couple of years ago.
But the lesson I learned.......I could not enjoy seeing it unless I was way out there.
Now I have dragged it up to a corner in the back yard (in the middle of the photo) where I can see it and walk through it
as I work in the country flower garden I am planning for it.
My Christmas present from my husband this year is a roll of antique fencing and the posts to place it 
around this new garden site.  I am still thinking on what kind of flowers to grow and where they will be placed.

 One more thing I am starting to work on.......are handmade items for my home.........
for every room.........but that is another story on my embroidery blog
if you would like to read it.......click onto this link

So tell me..........what have you learned in the years past???
What are your plans for the new year??


Granny Marigold said...

It does take a lot of hope and and hard work to maintain a garden in spite of the weather, predators and pests that seem to be part of this world we live in. I am afraid I will have lost a number of perennials this winter because our harsh weather came on so suddenly that the plants had no time to acclimatize. Oh well, come spring I'll watch for new growth and enjoy those that made it through the winter. I think you have a lot of spunk to keep taming your large area.

Debra said...

I didn't have a nice garden this year because it was so unusually dry here. Even some of our visiting birds left early because of the drought. So I think I have learned that a heavy mulch is a good idea, and to prepare for the worst kind of weather-which I didn't do.
You have such nice gardens, and I like it that you drag things around and change stuff. I do that too....Would like to do more stone work next year-don't know if my back will like that though!
Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

Connie said...

You have beautiful zinnias. I love their bright colors. You always seem to have something wonderful to see there. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

Sherri Farley said...

I always enjoy your flowers and critters, a joy to come here. Last year my husband had neck surgery, and my brother had a stroke, so I spent the winter taking care of them. I learned I am lucky to have them both and not to sweat the small stuff. Family is the most important thing we have. I actually already knew that, but it sure did bring it to the forefront!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

It's beautiful to see the colors you bring to a desolute looking landscape.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Kathleen, wanted a quick visit with you this morning, errands today, and perhaps a few thrifts shops; always enjoy reading and seeing what you are doing. A reminder of this year, 'never assume anything' God is faithful.
Talk to you soon
In Joy

p.s. I hit anonymous because I do not have the other.