"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands........" 1 Thessalonians 4:11

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Not so far away............is a get away of sorts.........

a lake........that I often visited with my parents when I was young......... and now do not live too far away from. I am not into fishing.........but I love the winding road and pretty countryside drive to get there. When I get there...........I love to just walk and enjoy .
This lake...........being in Texas........like many of the lakes........has been extremely low........
but with the unusual amount of rain that we got in this area earlier this year, 
it  filled so much at once that it flooded a lot of areas. It has now gone down a little but is still so very pretty and full of water.

What I love the most about this place is the old lake cabins that are on one side of the lake
Many have broken windows.......no doors.........and are swaying with age..........
left behind and forgotten

once the dream of a perfect summer day

sitting.......in rust..........but as if waiting for the owner to return

I am really fond of this little cottage looking cabin with the large windows in front.......
all broken out.......with no door
I found myself wishing I was 30 years younger.......and had the energy and know how of  Nicole Curtis of  Rehab Addict .......
and I would be brave enough to rescue this place and
"make it beautiful again"!

It still had some of the pretty paint on the outside

the inside was in need of work........but still in pretty good shape

considering how long it has been abandoned.

One side of the lake has a residential area that  is landscaped, mowed, and controlled.
But I love the side that has a natural wildness still to it

where the wet soggy bank has sunken prints from early morning deer and other wild creatures that have come for a drink.

the moss covered , red clay rocks

that have such a striking beauty at the waters edge

and to be able to sit in the stillness and watch a graceful large blue herring glide quietly over the water

to catch it's dinner for the day.
Such a serene and peaceful place to visit............
I often feel this way about my own home.............until..........

this crawled from underneath the water cabinet onto my kitchen floor the other night.
Out of all of the years we have lived here.........we have never had a snake in our home.
The snakes are certainly on the crawl at this time of  year.........but I have no idea how this tiny bull snake got into our house. Thankfully.........it was small enough to scoop up and it is not poisonous. 
Still...........I am now very jumpy when I see an electric cord lying on the floor.
So tell me...........have you visited a favorite or new get away this summer?
What kind of snakes do you have in your area?


Nancy J said...

No snakes here in NZ, and those old cabins and all the other bits and pieces that were with the families who lived there, a lovely place full of beauty and peace.

Sally said...

Ouch - even though it wasn't poisonous that would have given me the creeps. Glad you were able to get rid of it. We've seen two this year, one of which I'm very glad the neighbor saw in our driveway and was able to take care of it for me.

I love visiting places like your photos; old buildings/cabins/cottages, for some reason, fascinate me and make me with I could write about them.

Haven't been anywhere with summer, but I do plan to visit sometime soon over in W. FL where my mom was from. Still have a few cousins who farm.


Elaine/Muddling Through said...

Your lake looks like a step back in time. I can see why you love to visit!

Joseph Pulikotil said...


Very interesting photos wish excellent information.

I am very frightened of snakes.

Your quote at the top is very inspiring. To lead a quiet life and mind our own business is an ideal way to live with peace and happiness.

Best wishes

Connie said...

Old cabins like that always make me wonder what kind of tales they could tell if they could talk. I'd be quite jumpy too if I found a snake in the house, poisonous or not! Yikes!

Sherri Farley said...

Not so far away is a get away of sorts.....so true! Cappy and I often walk down our road, a dead end that takes us to the Swan Creek. This is the same creek I played in as a child. No matter the season, every thing I see soothes my soul. The clean cool water, the rocks, the trees, wild flowers & little critters. Nature is always beautiful and so much to see, if you just look. I loved the abandoned cabin, so much to imagine there. I've only seen one snake this season,(unusual,as we have plenty) a small copperhead. Such a pretty snake but poisonous. We never walk around barefooted and I am always cautious when working around the house. We had a scorpion in the cabin...scared me to death! Beautiful photos & I really enjoyed this post.

Debra said...

What a lovely post...it seemed so nostalgic and dreamy-except the snake! I'm very glad it was not poisonous. I've heard we have rattlers here, but thankfully, I have never seen or heard one. Mostly I see garter snakes, but there are also corn snakes-which can be very big. They eat rodents-so we leave them all alone.

Janet, said...

Oh, I hate snakes - and spiders. We have the usual black snakes around here and the copperheads. We haven't been anywhere this year, but I'm still hoping for a getaway, if just a little one.

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

What a beautiful lake! I love the old cabins. Lovely photos!

letslearnembroidery said...

Beautiful landscape!We have quite a few species of snakes here, both poisonous and not.Whenever I see one, I thought I would faint.Last week, a poisonous baby snake entered our house - the first time I'd seen a snake INSIDE the house.Life is an adventure when you live on a farm.

KathyB. said...

What an interesting and wildly beautiful place. I would be tempted to re-do the little cottage myself . There seems to be something about it just begging for a loving family.

Yes, we have a mountain lake not far from us with magnificent views everywhere you walk. It is a good place for me to walk with my dogs and enjoy being outdoors.

sujata sengupta said...

I loved the name of your blog. I can imagine how beautiful those cottages must have been in their hey days overlooking a lake.