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Monday, June 29, 2015

From The Best Banana Bread..........To The Best Banana Peel Plant Fertilizer

It's almost the July 4th holiday.......a time for the gathering of family, friends
and the table full of wonderful foods.  Especially banana pudding and banana bread.
This is one of my most requested desserts and recipes You can find it here at this link to my cooking blog   Cream Cheese Banana Nut Bread with Orange Pecan Topping
But what do you do with all of those banana peels and eggs shells??
Don't throw them away! 
They are full of wonderful things to make your garden blossom in brilliant colors.
Banana Peels contain
Potassium (Contains 42% when dried)
All the things that make your plants happy and healthy! 
By adding a few egg shells and Epsom Salt .......
you can make a cheap and chemical free fertilizer spray.
Here is the recipe:
Banana Peel Plant Fertilizer Spray
Spray Bottle
4 Banana Peels
1 tablespoon Epsom Salt
3 Egg Shells
Lay banana peels and egg shells on a tray and place them in a place where they will dry out completely.
After they are completely dry, place shells and peels into blender and pulse until they are a fine powder.
Add the shell/peel powder and the Epsom salts to a large spray bottle.
Add water to the bottle and stir or shake the contents until all is dissolved and mixed well.
because this is a fertilizer spray,  don't use too much at one time or you could burn your plants.
Do not spray directly onto plants that are in full sunlight, spray into the soil around the plants.
As in all things, test carefully with each different plant to adjust to each individual need.

I found this recipe a little while back and so far my plants have been happy with it.
Best of all it is non toxic to the environment..


Lady Jane said...

This banana bread sounds really good and I love the topping. I will have to make this for my grandson as he is crazy about banana bread and this has a different twist. I usually throw my banana peels and egg shells into my compost pile, but love the idea for the fertilizer. Hugs, LJ

Bev C said...

Hello Kathleen,

Thanks for the recipe, I usually dig in the peels beside my roses. If we have a big lot of peels I soak them in a bucket of water and use this for the roses. Your cake looks lovely, Banana cake always goes down a treat.

Happy days.

Laurie said...

Well I'm writing this one down! Easy, and have bananas and egg shells in abundance here! Along with the banana bread, I'm all set!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Thanks for the recipes!

The banana bread sounds wonderful and I plan to make that soon.

The recipe for plants sounds good too. I have put banana peels and water in a blender, blended them up and fed them to roses before.

Have a nice holiday weekend ~ FlowerLady

Sherri Farley said...

Happy 4th to you. I love banana bread.....gonna try this one!

Connie said...

That bread looks so delicious, especially with the pecans on top. Your flowers look great!

lil red hen said...

Interesting ~ have never heard of using the peels this way, so mine just go into the compost pile. May be that I've just found a new use for them. Thanks!

Sally said...

We love banana bread, and yours looks so GOOD!

Thanks for sharing the recipe; I'm going to try that.

Have a great evening.


letslearnembroidery said...

The banana bread looks yummy.You're right, banana peels are great fertilizer especially for roses.

Debra said...

Bananas are fantastic-your bread look so good!!! Wish there was smell through the computer screen! have a wonderful holiday!

Paula said...

Mmmmm~ your banana bread photo has made me hungry!!! :) It looks delicious. Wonderful tip on using the peels for fertilizer!!

Hill Top Post said...

The raccoons may not be happy if I take away their banana peal treats! No matter, I have written the recipe in my gardening notebook. Thanks! And, wow does that banana bread look delicious!

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

This banana nut bread looks delicious. I would love to have a slice. Thanks for sharing the banana peeling fertilizer. This is a great recipe to save and use on your gardens.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Lots of great info here.