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Saturday, April 19, 2014

It's not the Easter Bunny that has shown up here on the grounds.............

it's these vibrant and beautiful Yellow- headed Blackbirds. They come to visit every year. These are the males. The females are plain black and smaller and show up two weeks earlier than the males. 

They fill the pine tree above my shop and I can hear their chatter and singing.....

(click on photos for a better view)
bringing much cheer and beauty to the whole area.

Even the bare  mesquite tree at this time of year, 
has a touch of beauty as they sit and chatter away in it's barely budding branches.

The feeder usually looks like this...............

but now looks like this. They are a hungry bunch to feed.

It's just one of those things in life..........that I call "God's present for the day" that makes me grateful and thankful for where I live .
They are so beautiful to watch............

Salem thinks so.............

he is mesmerized by them............

He can't seem to be quick enough to gets his paws on one yet..
So he just lies on the porch..........wishfully thinking about them.
When he naps, his mouth quivers and his tail thumps as he dreams of catching his prize.
How about you?
Along with the Easter Bunny, what has shown up at your bird feeder?
Do you have these kinds of birds in your tree?
What is the common bird of your area?
I would love to hear!


Debra said...

Happy Easter! Oh you are so lucky to have those birds! We don't have them here, but I love the red wing black birds. They are busy making nests, and visit my feeder and the suet constantly. I also love our grackles. They are funny too-they bow their heads, and 'blow up' their feathers while they raise their heads. Wacky! I love the beautiful colors of them-they are so black that they look blue.
Always love to visit you here!

Connie said...

What pretty birds! I've never seen these or heard of them before. We have red-winged blackbirds around here quite frequently.

Happy Easter to you!

Unknown said...

Hello hun:)
Very lovely post,love your blog:)
Maybe we could follow each other? Let me know on my blog!:)

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

Wow! Those a beautiful! I've never seen any like that. We used to see the red-winged blackbirds all the time, but I haven't seen one of them for years.

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

We have many a blackbird here but none so beautiful as yours.
Salem will be entertained for quite some time.
Wishing you and yours a very lovely Easter.
It is a quiet occasion for me now but I can still remember the sweet new Easter dress I would get to accompany my Gramma to church in the morn or hiding eggs for my daughter to find as she toddled about...
Hope your memories are as delightful.
Susan x

lil red hen said...

I don't think I've ever seen this kind of bird in our area. We have mockingbirds, bluebirds, sparrows,finches, and bluejays; and crows, of course. Usually we have purple martins, but for some reason, they came this year but seem to have left. Your birds look big, almost like a crow?

Hope you have a Happy Easter!! I've made a pineapple upside down cake!

Yael said...

Wow, I never saw this bird, how beautiful! Your photos are wonderful, thank you for showing them to us. The many yellow/black birds on the trees - awesome!
Wishing you happy festivities! :-)

Karen said...

I have never seen even a picture of those birds, they are very pretty. It was nice to see a picture of Salem, he's gorgeous!

peggy said...

We don't have any unusual birds here in Michigan at least in the city. I do have some favorite cardinals. Your birds are beautiful, they were made to decorate your mesquite tree.

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

What a sight, what a gift!
every year we have the bushes full for a few days with cedar wax wings, and also once a year great blue heron hunts here too,
one flew over my shoulder just a few days ago, very large and graceful.

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

I've never seen yellowheaded blackbirds. They are beautiful birds. I can imagine the cat would like to have one for a snack. I love these photos!