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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Silver bells............it's Christmas time............on the prairie

Sometimes, I am slow to realize that all of you  probably get very tired of seeing prickly brush, icy woods, and brown, golden shrub............. on my blog.............no matter how much I always consider it to be  pretty.
So I decided to give you some Christmas cheer to give your eyes a vacation from all of that.
I put our tree up today...............by myself.
Years ago, this used to be the exciting part of our Christmas celebration. I would make hot cocoa, pop popcorn, and have decorated sugar cookies on the table, as my 3 young children would happily pull each and every ornament out of the box and display it on the tree.
My husband was the one to apply the strings of lights.
Now our 3 children have grown and flown away from these childhood fancies, my husband is busy away at work............so Burl Ives  is my assistant as he sings Christmas tunes to me.

I also did not use our vintage balls this year. They have been a part of our tree every year for 30 years, but last year, they started showing their fragile-ness, so I have decided to decorate

with new balls and little silver bells.

One thing that will always be the same on our tree is our Christmas angel. She has been on every tree even when my husband and I were dating and fixed a tree together. She was the one we picked out. I think she came from Gibson...........do any of you remember this store?
She has had her head glued back on, her dress puffed back out and her wings straightened, yet she still smiles down as she sits on her tree top.

My camera cannot cope with the flashing lights so the best shot of my tree is a little blurry, but full of cheer. It is really pretty to go outside when it is dark and look in at it through  the window.
How about you?
Do you have vintage balls from years and years to adorn your tree?
Or can you not resist the pretty new ones with the festive designs?
Hope you enjoy this cheery break from the west Texas scenery!



Las navidades son fiestas para celebrar,pero también las nostalgia nos invaden

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks, Kathleen, for showing your tree and decorations. Yes, we also have favorite decorations we put on year after year. This year, we will not have a tree as we each need to be in different states during Christmas week. I will miss our not decorating and being home, so appreciated your sharing.

magnoliasntea said...

Kathleen, your prairie is always a welcome sight for your readers. It's nice to see it through your eyes, especially. When I was growing up Burl Ives was always in the background during the month of December. Have a great week!

lil red hen said...

Your tree is beautiful, Kathleen! I won't put up a tree until closer to Christmas and yes I have very old decorations. Our treetop angel is one made by the oldest daughter, years ago. She's made from felt and a toilet paper roll :) and definitely showing her age, but like you said, she looks down on us each year.

Debbie said...

Same here. What used to be a family project each year belongs now to me and Handyman. He usually puts the tree together and applies lights; I do the decor. Christmas changes when the kids are gone. I'm ok now, but the first few years were tough.It gives us opportunity to celebrate it in a different more thoughtful way as we have time and quiet to do it.
Your tree is beautiful, and I love the decor you chose. I do have some older glass balls I'm placing in a bowl on the table, and I do go out and look through the window like I did as a kid.
Merry Christmas Kathleen.

Betty Lou said...

Your tree is beautiful. I also cherish the days when the whole family picked out the li e tree, brought it home and everyone participated in decorating. Now it is up to us but I still enjoy the process---------it is the taking it down that is a chore. Son and grandson will get ours down from the attic this weekend, just brought hubby home from the hospital, he had pneumonia. He can supervise.

Mini said...

Good to see your tree is up & I wish you happy times this festive season.

Debra said...

I still love your landscape-it's beautiful.
What a sweet post-it brought back memories of my newly flown chick helping his Dad and I decorate our trees-of course we are happy he has his beautiful wife to share his life with, but those sweet times of the past sting just a little bit-a part of me longs for them again.
We haven't put a tree up yet-will probably have a real one and our fake one. I will put my old ornaments on them, and remember sweet times-and look forward to more...
Love, Debra

Dreaming of Vintage said...

Hi Kathleen! Lovely tree! A couple of years ago, my mom gave me a few favorite ornamanets I liked when I was a kid to put on my own tree. Brings back happy memories! BTW, I never get tired of looking at your beautiful nature and landscape photos.

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

Oh, I just love your Christmas tree. The ornaments are very pretty. You've done a beautiful job decorating for the holidays and I enjoyed your festive posting a lot. I always love your blog.

Connie said...

It's lovely, Kathleen! You did a wonderful job with it, and yes it is quite cheery! I love Burl Ives too. :)

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Beautiful tree! I love the vintage ornaments, but yes they are fragile. I love them even when they get tarnished. I have seen them displayed in a crystal bowl or safely displayed in a tall glass cylinder. I have to decorate alone too, but I think I will have my 4 yr. old grandson help me this year!
Cowgirl V

Patty H. said...

What a beautiful tree! I was fortunate to have my daughter home last week so she helped me with the tree. Our tree top angel was made by my son when he was smaller.

Sherri Farley said...

Beautiful tree with so many wonderful memories for you. I love all your prairie photos, it's so different than my neck of the woods.
In my case it's Nat King Cole's, Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire.

Paula said...

Oh~ it is so beautiful!!! I love the angel~ I'm glad she has made it through all these years. :)