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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I am getting to where I love visiting hardware stores

for their unique building supplies..........and
their greenhouse nurseries. There is always something new to find for any garden.
It's funny,............... I used to never care to walk around in one of these stores...............
I am focusing on the flower beds close to the house this year. A few of these beds are mostly shaded during the day. Even if it is spring..........I still love the colors of fall. I was delighted to discover this perennial

named Coral Bells. The top leaves are a silvery, purple,  with a jewel like tone..........
so beautiful!

Underneath, the leaves are vibrant fall red.

They take light sun, mostly shade..........perfect for the shade gardens this year.

Also, I found this beautiful Coleus in fall colors. Another great shade garden addition.
From the building supply section, I have finally given "playing with cement" a try. 
I have entertained the thought of trying to work with cement off and on for years............but have always felt intimidated to do so .         
But I decided to get a bag and just jumped into it..............I love it!
 I have experimented making cement pots............
they look rather plain..............but I love that look.

I also decided to be a little decorative

by adding rocks found during my walks with Sophie.
The plain color allows the colors of the flowers to show off well. The containers fit perfectly in the cement pots and the high Texas wind has not been able to tip them over.

I also made a path to the entrance of my greenhouse, decorating them with pebble flower mosaics.

I plan to use cement containers and paths in the gardens that I am creating out in the woods.
How about you?  Do you have a favorite hardware store that perks your interests?
Have you found something to create with that you never thought you actually would try?
I would love to hear!


Country Gal said...

Oh it all looks lovely nice work ! I love hardware stores here they have all kinds of gardening things and little nick knacks for your gardens and ours has lots of backyard birdie items to. I just wish our weather was more like spring ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

Sherri Farley said...

Our little town still has the home owned hardware store & that's where we go most of the time for odds and ends. My best friend used to own a hardware store so when we have a travel weekend, we look for flea markets, book stores and the local hardware store! I made a wreath for the porch out of old barbed wire. I love it but, I don't want to make another one!

Connie said...

Oh I love your walkway with the pebbled flowers! You are so creative and talented, Kathleen. You have such an eye too for how to make everything look so nice. I like the plants that you bought too. I hope you are having a good week. :)

Betty Lou said...

Good for you trying out something new to work with. I would imagine that the cement pots would be cooler for the plant roots in the summer than the cheap ones you see in the stores. We do have an old hardware and feed store close.by, it is fun to just wander around and look.

lil red hen said...

Looking good!
I tried using paper clay for modeling a doll's head ~ don't think it's my medium.

Bev C said...

Hello Kathleen,

You are simply amazing. Just love those pots and they certainly won't blow over in the wind. I love browsing garden centres and nurseries. Lots of ideas and of course if we all had an unlimited money and water supply we could purchase everything.

Happy creating.

Nancy J said...

Is your first plant a Heuchera? They are lovely, with super shades. Concrete pots, did you mix peat with cement? like the Hypertufa recipe? The pavers are great, lovely to look at and walk on,I can see a little walkway, set with pavers, inlaid with special stones, leading through the trees. Hardware stores, they are Hugh's delight, I prefer quilting fabric shops!!! Cheers from Jean.

Michelle said...

I really love your pathway!!

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

Kathleen, you continually amaze me with your creativity. I like the concrete pots. Did you use a mold? And the stepping stones are just beautiful. I could use some of those in the back yard.

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Your pots are amazing! I never even considered doing that but they look wonderful as do your pavers. So clever to put the pebble flowers in.....
thanks for the inspiration

magnoliasntea said...

Hi Kathleen!
Those pavers are really cute! I love all the colored rocks you used to decorated them. Don't you love it when inspiration brings you something new to try crafting.
Wishing you a lovely Easter!

Mini said...

That path is so pretty!