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Monday, January 7, 2013

The holiday season is over, but I am sure that many of you

still have a pretty poinsettia plant in your home.
I have a beautiful pink one this year. I have still not accomplished keeping one alive. I made it to April last year.
I have been letting this one sit out in the coolness of the front porch on calm days.
I always thought that it is because of the hot Texas climate why I cant seem to keep one alive, however, I have been handed down some wonderful advice on keeping these plants alive.........even in harsh environments.
To keep your plant cool and happy............place about 3 to 4 ice cubes on top of the soil of the potted plant. Continue to do this every day. When the cold season passes and the weather gets hot, transplant your poinsettia outside in a cool shady spot. Keeping it moist when needed.  I am told it will live or come back up when the cold weather returns.
I have been using the ice cubes every day and my plant is vibrant. I am not placing it into the ground because I have too many rodents that will dig it up. Instead, I am placing it into a container and then placing it into a cool shady spot when winter is over.
I hope this will work.
Along the grounds I still have pansies blooming, although the temperature has dipped down to 19 degrees.
Other plants like the Stock flower, Italian Jasmine and Larkspur
are starting to bud and bloom.
Here are a few garden tips for the month of January, that I hope you may find  helpful in your winter garden.
Use this month to check your houseplants: divide and re-pot any pot-bound plants.

Plan your garden and make a diagram drawn to scale before placing your spring order.

Organize, clean, oil, and sharpen garden tools. A splash of bright paint on tool handles will make them easier to spot out in the yard

Prune fruit trees now. The prunes can be gathered up into bundles to be used for kindling after they’ve dried.

Order seed catalogs early in the month. Research plants. Consider edible varieties that are drought-tolerant or disease-resistant.

Start ordering seeds. Do not wait until late in the winter, as varieties may sell out early.

Fertilize your houseplants with a water-soluble fertilizer and remember to water them.

Remember to wash and sterilize seed-starting containers before planting seeds. Use 1 part bleach to 9 parts water.

If you want to give your vegetables an early start, use season-extending devices such as cold frames or hot beds
How about you?
Are you successful in keeping poinsettias alive and growing?
Are you looking forward to a  spring garden even though it is freezing outside?
I would love to hear!


Faith said...

I do have a pointsetta, actually what I have is a Christmas Rose, which a variation on the original. Usually I don't have alot of problems with mine, this year I've had a yellow leaf or two. I've never tried the ice cubes before. The lady at the greenhouse told me some people do that. She also said they like to be on the drier side and drafts are a no no. I'm hoping to over winter it, I'll just keep it inside. I am looking forward to startting some seeds and maybe looking into a growing bulb.

Unknown said...

Hi there, I enjoyed your gardening tips, I posted about planting this week too! I guess I'm just enjoying looking at all the seed catalogs coming in the mail.
Your pansies are so pretty, I always smile when I see them in bloom.
What did you line your old trunk with, it sure turned out pretty, I have one I might like to try to line.
Have a great week,

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

Your pansies are so pretty. Thanks for sharing these tips how to keep a poinsetta and how to set it out. I was wondering if you could set them out in the yard. This is great news. Thanks!

magnoliasntea said...

Hi Kathleen!
Thank you for the great ideas to prepare for gardening season. I really need to get going on a seed order. Have you seen the Back to Eden film? I just watched it for the first time this week and intend to work in that direction for a sustainable garden.
Have a great week!

aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

Thanks for sharing about the ice cubes!! I had mine lost year live till about April too. It was only the salks left no leaves.. It was a pitiful site.. lol It put it out of its misery. I just got my seed catalogs in the mail last week.. I have been ahing over them...

nancy huggins said...

I don't have many plants because of our Cats and Dogs and the Poinsetta is poision if they eat it. I just have mostly Roses and other bushes out side and they do pretty good where we are now. I will either be digging them up and selling them or may try and take some with when we move. I do like the winter Panseys but didn't see ant to buy this year. There is always this spring and summer for me to get more plants planted. Your's look great

peggy said...

Now I wish I had brought home a ponsettia!

Connie said...

Oh I love your pansies, Kathleen! I've got a poinsettia here from Christmas 2011! It has gotten huge, but stayed green this year. I just recently started reading about how to take care of it. Apparently, I was supposed to have pruned it back last year. haha! Ooops! I didn't do that, and now I wonder if it is too big to do that and have it come out right. I think it probably gets too cold here for me to plant it outside. I also read that in Mexico the poinsettia can grow into a shrub that's 10 feet high!!

jennifer768 said...

Beautiful plants!Thanks for the tips.Hugs,Jen

Sunny said...

Very pretty, all of them. I had learned of the ice cube trick for poinsettas vefore, but never tried it. I'll be looking to see how it does for you.

Pearl said...

Ahh! Outdoor plants!

We'll have that here in MN in about three months now. :-) Very exciting.


Dreaming of Vintage said...

Your plants are gorgeous!

lil red hen said...

The ice cube tip is interesting! But I don't have a poinsetta ;(
There may not be many flowers in my beds this year because of dogs. I'm already dreading the thoughts of having them ruin everything!

Paula said...

These were all wonderful tips, Kathleen!!
I've been daydreaming about this years' garden ever since I received my seed cataloq in the mail... *sigh*

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Never tried to keep a poinsettia plant in bloom in all the previous years that I did buy one. But, I have heard stories of folks who did and they re loomed for the next holiday season, sort of like the Christmas cactus plant. We are starting to see plants coming through the mulch bedding as it has been a warm winter here on the VA eastern shore so far.

A Colorful World said...

All such good advice! I can't wait to start gardening again!