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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I visited an old nursery close to the town where I "grew up"

and was just taken in with the abundance of the poinsettia plants that they had.

Every kind of color was there to choose from

and I found myself lost in a sea of color taking it all in.

I was so surprised to see how much in flowers and plants
they had to offer. The areas were unending. It was almost like walking through a park.
Are your local nurseries overflowing as well?

I also checked out the local museum and learned about the mammoth that had been discovered at a local lake where we used to take our young children on camping trips.
How about you?
Any dinosaurs hanging out in your favorite spot?

Sophie has been a good, but somewhat reluctant help in decorating for the holidays.

She is so tired of me doing this to her every year.

But she soon perked up when she discovered that it included a walk down to the road to decorate the gates.
How about you?
Have you gotten the tinsel, the holly, the lights and the stockings all hung?
I would love to hear!


Unknown said...

I just love walking thru greenhouses full of plants, especially during the winter months, planning what I'll do come Spring.
Your Sophie looks quite put out! Looks like she enjoyed her walk though.
Merry Christmas,

Country Gal said...

We had our decorations up for a few weeks now . WOW ! such pretty flowers ! My African violets and even the Geraniums I brought in are blooming , my Christmas Cactus's are done now but it is so nice to have flowers this time of year . Sophie Mama will be done soon lol ! Hoping you and your family have a wonderful Christmas !

jennifer768 said...

What a beautiful pic those poinsettias made,so many colors!Sophie is a darling but I do believe she would rather not have the lights.LOL!I have a few decorations up,certainly less than I have ever had out by now. Merry Christmas,Jen

Celestina Marie said...

Oh, Sophie is a doll. I love seeing her laying down on the job. LOL She is so sweet, I could just give her a big hug.

Looks like your nursery knows they were in need of many poinsettias to sell. It is a gorgeous sight to see in a sea of red, pink and white.
Our garden shoppes look similar.
Have fun with the decorating and enjoying the season.

Merry Christmas, Hugs, CM

romance-of-roses said...

Oh how I love all those gorgeous Christmas flowers. I see Sophie is also ready for the holidays, so cute.
Blessed holiday season...Lu

Anonymous said...

Oh Sophie. Mom means well;-)

We finally added lights, dried orange slices, and a few plain brown ornaments. The most simple tree we have ever had, and we love it.

Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos of the flowers.

blessings, jill

magnoliasntea said...

Our local nurseries only have Christmas trees and a few wreaths for sale right now so I really enjoyed seeing yours. I can't wait until spring!.

Anonymous said...

I am in love with Sophie! You could string lights around and around our golden retriever and he would happily trot off all lit up. :) He sees me putting my walking shoes on and that tail just starts wagging like crazy. That nursery was just gorgeous!

Connie said...

Wow, the greenhouse photos are gorgeous!

Sophie is a dear and patient soul. haha!

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

I haven't been to a greenhouse in years, but that one you visited sure is pretty! We finished our decorating and are expecting a houseful for a family party on Saturday!

Vickie said...

HAHA! Oh Kathleen, look how Sophie is looking at you with a big SIIIGGGHHHHHHH.... "Oh Mom, do you have to do that again?" So cute!

Michaele said...

Funny - my dog has that exact same look when I try to decorate her - or just point the camera in her direction.
I would love to stroll through a greenhouse this time of year : )

lil red hen said...

Beautiful, beautiful! Our local nursery is not so well organized; not much is labeled.

We finally have a tree up, a few village buildings, and a nativity set.

Merry Christmas, Kathleen!

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Inside is up and ready- outside...not so much. I've been very lazy ( and injured) this season. Hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas!

Paula said...

Wonderful greenhouse~ looks like they have a little bit of everything!
Poor, pitiful Sophie... *giggle*

The Farmers Daughter said...

Yet, another smile on my face! Sophie is so sweet to help you. Loved seeing the poinsettias, too. I have a beautiful one for Christmas from my cousin. I treasure it!
Have a wonderful Christmas,

A Colorful World said...

I was a bit late in decorating, but finally got the tree, and got the boxes of decorations opened and started in, with just three days to spare! I actually strung lights on my porch edge for the very first time. I have always wanted to do that, and never had taken the plunge! We had a lovely Christmas eve and Christmas day, and now that it's over, I looked in the refrigerator and discovered two cartons of untouched eggnog....oops.

Hope yours was very special too!