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Friday, August 3, 2012

I have an update on Cherry Divinity Candy

That I posted on my cooking blog. I had not yet made it, because I was out of corn syrup, but I wanted to share it anyhow. A few days later, I was contacted by one of my readers who stated that she had made it, and although it tasted good, it turned out flat.

So today I made it, after getting my missing corn syrup and ...........oh my.........
how wonderful it is!!
It held it's shape, was not too hard to make, and tastes wonderful.
I cannot think how much money I have spent over the years buying this wonderful treat and paying so much for it at craft shows. It only takes a handful of ingredients, and  a little patience in waiting for it to reach a certain temperature.
I can't wait till Christmas.............or Valentines day to make this for all of my special ones.
If you would like to make this, I posted the recipe, but also the update with helpful tips on how to make this come out light and fluffy.
Just click onto
How about you?
Do you like to send cookies or candy at holiday time.........or do you like to receive cookies or candy at holiday time?
I would love to hear!


halloweencouple said...

I love giving and recieving, nothing makes the holidays more special than having home made baked goodies :)

Connie said...

Oh that looks so yummy, Kathleen. My mom used to make divinity candy at Christmas time every year.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

We like making chocolate chip cookies at Christmas and take along separate packages to give to family. The problem is not eating them first, so we make sure to make a batch for ourselves to take along for the road trip. I've never tasted divinity candy, but am intrigued enough to try making it based on your post.

Ladybug said...

Kathleen I have made Divinity for
years, Always tradition holiday
candy as kids growing up, My Mother had a candy making business
during the holiday times, and I was
little side kick hhehhe..

Love Handcrafted/Homemade gifts its
what we were taught as kids, Giving from the heart to othersIts
a labor of "love"
Nothing is more meaningful

Many Blessings
hugs Ladybug

Debra said...

My grandma made this candy, so I'm going to use your recipe to make it.

I like making microwave fudge-it's so easy-and incredibly good! Over the years I've made all kinds of fun stuff for gifts-molasses taffy, lollypops, bowl shaped gingerbread...I'm looking forward to Christmas!

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

This cherry divinity candy looks so delicious. I want to try this recipe. It looks so yummy. This would be perfect for Christmas. I can hardly wait to try out the recipe.

Terry and Linda said...

I'm heading over to get the recipe! It looks divine!


Paula said...

Mmmmm~ I love cherry divinity!
I haven't had it in years, though... my grandmother used to make it and no one got her recipe before she passed. Thanks for sharing, Kathleen!